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  • The Congress • de Ari Folman • Israel • Luxembourg • United States - 2012 - 02h03m00
    Robin Wright  •  Harvey Keitel  •  Jon Hamm  •  Paul Giamatti  •  Danny Huston  •  Kodi Smit-McPhee  •  Sami Gayle  •  Michael Stahl-David  •  Ed Corbin  •  Michael Landes  •  Christopher B. Duncan  •  Sarah Shahi  •  Evan Ferrante  •  Don McManus  •  John Lacy  •  Jörg Vincent Malotki  •  August Wittgenstein  •  Matthew Wolf

    Actress Robin Wright is getting older, so her movie studio wants to digitize her. The first part of the movie is done in classic live action, showing Robin struggling with the moral dilemma of being “dematerialized” and giving herself over completely to studio bosses. The movie then leaps forward to the 2030's: Robin is invited to a congress and enters the «strictly animated zone»...

  • de William Friedkin • United States - 2010 - 01h42m00
    Matthew McConaughey  •  Emile Hirsch  •  Juno Temple  •  Thomas Haden Church  •  Gina Gershon  •  Marc Macaulay

    Chris 22 years, finds himself in considerable debt. His solution is to murder his mother and collect the insurance money to pay off his debts. Therefore, Chris calls upon the aid of Killer Joe, police detective by day and contract killer by night.

  • Después de Lucía • de Michel Franco • Mexico - 2012 - 01h43m00
    Tessa Ia  •  Hernán Mendoza  •  Gonzálo Vega Sisto  •  Francisco Rueda  •  Tamara Yazbek Bernal  •  Paloma Cervantes  •  Juan Carlos Berruecos  •  Diego Canales  •  Carmen Beato  •  Humberto Busto  •  Marco Treviño  •  Monica Del Carmen  •  José Maria Torre  •  Nailea Norvind  •  Maria E. Sandoval  •  Ireri Solís

    After his wife Lucia has died in a car accident, Roberto and his 17 year-old daughter Alejandra, decide to move from Puerto Vallarta to Mexico City in an attempt to rebuild their lives. Once they arrive, Alejandra seems to start getting along with her new friends at school, being invited to parties. But soon she becomes the victim of her colleagues’ atrocities, transforming her life forever.

  • de Nicola Bellucci • Switzerland • Germany • Italy - 2010 - 01h25m00

    A touching, poetic exploration of the relationship between mind, body and sound, and a cinematic journey to the borders of communication. The extraordinary story of Wolfgang Fasser, a blind musician and soundscape artist who works with severely disabled children, helping them to find a place in a world not made for them.

  • de Chen Zhuo • China - 2012 - 01h46m00
    Qiang Li  •  Bingbin Wu  •  Yaning Ying

    Teenaged Xiao Jing lives in a tucked away town in Hunan Province, isolated by both geography and her deafness. That slightly awkward hobby gives rise to a minor scandal involving the uncle, which results in Jing being packed off to the city to live with her resentful father, cop Haoyang. Rounding out the makeshift family is Haoyang's pregnant girlfriend Xiao Mei, an aspiring rock star.

  • de Léa Pool • Switzerland - 2008 - 01h37m00
    Céline Bonnier  •  Laurent Lucas  •  Marianne Fortier  •  Gabriel Arcand  •  Paule Ducharme  •  Elie Dupuis  •  Antoine Desrochers

    Summer 66, time to enjoy summer vacation. But as she becomes more aware of the dreams, sorrows and lies of the people closest to her, Élise sees her mother's sudden abandonment thoroughly disrupt her family.

  • de Laurence Ferreira Barbosa • France - 1999 - 02h00m00
    Isabelle Huppert  •  Frédéric Pierrot  •  Lolita Chammah  •  Juliette Andrea  •  Jean-Pierre Gos  •  Robert Kramer  •  Aurélien Recoing  •  Marc Rioufol  •  Jeremie Korenfeld  •  Téo Saavedra  •  Jacques Spiesser

    A woman who wants a child, a teenager in difficulty, a man who seems to have lost everything... Everyone of us has a story to tell. No matter if our name isn't at the top of the bill: a story is a life, it is enough to catch the flame that drives us and the human being who dwells us... to become "the story".

  • de Kim Nguyen • Canada • Congo - Brazzaville - 2011 - 01h30m00
    Rachel Mwanza  •  Alain Bastien  •  Serge Kanyinda  •  Mizinga Mwinga  •  Ralph Prosper  •  Jean Kabuya  •  Diane Uwamahoro  •  Jupiter Bokondji  •  Starlette Mathata  •  Alex Herabo  •  Sephora Françoise  •  Marie Dilou

    Rebel soldiers attack a village in Subsaharan Africa and massacre its inhabitants. 12-year-old Komona is forced to kill her parents before being taken away to apprentice as a solider. But one day, Komona escapes with the Magician, an albino soldier who treats her like a big brother. Will she be able to live a normal life again?

  • de Michel Drach • France - 1973 - 01h40m00
    Marie-José Nat  •  Jean-Louis Trintignant  •  David Drach  •  Gabrielle Doulcet  •  Michel Drach  •  Nathalie Roussel  •  Paul Le Person  •  Noelle Leiris  •  Luce Fabiole  •  Guy Saint-Jean  •  Christian Rist  •  Yves Afonso

    For many years, filmmaker Michel Drach wanted to tell the story of his childhood during World War II and his family's escape from the occupying Nazis. The film explores his bittersweet memories, inter-cutting between his quest to make the film and the past.

  • Los Mejores Temas • de Nicolàs Pereda • Mexico - 2012 - 01h43m00
    Gabino Rodriguez  •  Teresa Sanchez  •  José Rodríguez López  •  Luis Rodríguez  •  Francisco Barreiro  •  Luisa Pardo  •  Carmen Elena Villacorta

    Emilio, a man in his fifties, shows up at the family home after fifteen years of absence. His wife and his twenty-eight year old son receive him with bitterness and confusion. After a couple of days they decide to kick him out, only to find out that he has left on his own accord. The son ends up tracking down Emilio and spends a couple of days hanging out with him in his apartment.

  • de Benh Zeitlin • United States - 2012 - 01h33m00
    Quvenzhané Wallis  •  Dwight Henry  •  Levy Easterly  •  Lowell Landes  •  Pamela Harper  •  Gina Montana  •  Amber Henry  •  Jonshel Alexander

    Faced with both her hot-tempered father's fading health and melting ice-caps that flood her ramshackle bayou community and unleash ancient aurochs, six-year-old Hushpuppy must learn the ways of courage and love.

  • de Jean-Jacques Zilbermann • France - 2013 - 01h44m00
    Julie Depardieu  •  Johanna Ter Steege  •  Suzanne Clément  •  Hippolyte Girardot  •  Mathias Mlekuz  •  Benjamin Wangermée

    1960. Three women who were all in Auschwitz, but who haven't seen each other since the war, get together at Berck-Plage. This break of a few days will offer Hélène, Rose, and Lili many firsts: their first real meal together, their first ice cream, their first swim... There will be laughter, song, along with arguments, love affairs, and friendship.

  • de Marc Décosterd • Switzerland - 2012 - 01h12m00
    Renaud Berger  •  Caroline Althaus  •  Marc Décosterd  •  Yannick Merlin  •  Jean Winiger  •  Marie-Aude Guignard  •  Yannick Rosset  •  Virginie Meisterhans

    Erwan is back, he has settled down with his girlfriend Sandra and is done with guns and crime. He now lives peacefully with Sandra, they have a child together. When his friend Harry gets out of prison, Erwan will soon be tempted by one last heist - for the fun of it and to get some college money for his young boy, Gordon.

  • de Muriel Coulin Delphine Coulin • France - 2011 - 01h30m00
    Louise Grinberg  •  Juliette Darche  •  Roxane Duran  •  Carlo Brandt  •  Florence Thomassin  •  Noémie Lvovsky  •  Esther Garrel  •  Frédéric Noaille  •  Yara Pilartz  •  Arthur Verret  •  Solène Rigot

    Inspired by events that took place in Massachusetts, Delphine and Muriel Coulin's provocative debut focuses on a group of bored teenage girls who all make an irrevocable pact. When Camille (Louise Grinberg) accidentally becomes pregnant, she encourages her friends and fellow high school classmates to follow suit. It's only a matter of time, before 17 girls in the high school are pregnant…

  • de Julio Medem • Spain - 2015 - 01h51m00
    Penélope Cruz  •  Luis Tosar  •  Asier Etxeandia  •  Àlex Brendemühl  •  Teo Planell  •  Silvia Abascal

  • Nobody Walks • de Ry Russo-Young • United States - 2012 - 01h23m00
    John Krasinski  •  Olivia Thirlby  •  Dylan McDermott  •  Rosemarie DeWitt

    Martine has just arrived in Los Angeles when she moves into a wealthy family's pool house, and begins working to complete work on her film. Meanwhile, Peter, a laid-back father of two, agrees to his wife's request to help their young guest complete the project. The more time Martine spends with her surrogate family, the more apparent it becomes no one will walk away from this situation unchanged.

  • de Alix Delaporte • France - 2013 - 01h23m00
    Romain Paul  •  Clotilde Hesme  •  Grégory Gadebois  •  Candela Peña  •  Tristán Ulloa  •  Farida Rahouadj  •  Farid Bendali  •  Mireia Vilapuig  •  Víctor Sánchez

  • de Mathieu Amalric • France - 1997 - 01h15m00
    Jean-Yves Dubois  •  Adriana Asti  •  Jeanne Balibar  •  László Szabó  •  Clotilde Mollet  •  René Ehni  •  Jean-Claude Biette  •  Malka Ribowska  •  Sava Lolov  •  Claire Duhamel

    A man staying in Paris for work arrives at his mother's, a book reviewer who lives alone in a huge house filled with books. Waiting for his new job to begin, the son has to extend his stay for one more week...

  • Teddy Bear • de Mads Matthiesen • Denmark • Thailand - 2012 - 01h32m00
    Kim Kold  •  David Winters  •  John Winters  •  Lamaiporn Hougaard  •  Barbara Zatler  •  Elsebeth Steentoft

    The 38-year-old bodybuilder Dennis would really like to find true love. He has never had a girlfriend and lives alone with his mother in a suburb of Copenhagen. When his uncle marries a girl from Thailand, Dennis decides to try his own luck on a trip to Pattaya, as it seems that love is easier to find in Thailand.

  • Bowling • de Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar • France - 2012 - 01h30m00
    Catherine Frot  •  Mathilde Seigner  •  Firmine Richard  •  Laurence Arné  •  François Bureloup  •  Mathias Mlekuz  •  Geneviève Mnich  •  Frédéric Noaille

    Mathilde, midwife, Firmine, nursery nurse, and Louise, owner of the Tenpin bowling and Catherine, messenger to restructure the hospital and close the maternity hospital: four women who are going to form a quartet strong in humanity and in humor to defend this maternity hospital. The life, the love, the friendship, Brittany and the tenpin bowling!

  • de Géraldine Doignon • Belgium - 2012 - 01h28m00
    Christian Crahay  •  Mathylde Demarez  •  Yoann Blanc  •  Raphaële Germser  •  Jean-François Rossion  •  Anne-Pascale Clairembourg  •  Pedro Cabanas

    Henri needs to change life after his wife death. He has to sell his hotel but cannot tell the truth to his 3 children. The arrival of a young pregnant woman called Alice will change everything. She becomes his confident and make him keeping the hotel.

  • de Sacha Feiner • Belgium - 2015 - 00h15m00

    «The World is made of floors, connected by stairs, and made of rooms». This is the vision of a child and his siamese head, bricked up by their mother in the family manor since they were born… until one day, when, after seeing a strange light, they swear to find… the end of the World.

  • Inheritance • de Hiam Abbass • France • Israel - 2011 - 01h28m00
    Hafsia Herzi  •  Hiam Abbass  •  Yussef Abu Warda  •  Ashraf Barhoum  •  Ruba Blal  •  Clara Khoury  •  Makram Khoury  •  Khalifa Natour  •  Tom Payne  •  Lina Soualem  •  Mouna Soualem  •  Ali Suleiman  •  Ula Tabari  •  Ghazi A. Wasi

    As a new conflict opposes Israel and Lebanon, Hajar, a young Palestinian student, returns to her native village in Galilee on the occasion of a wedding in the family. Just before the ceremony, she goes to see her father, patriarch Abu Majd, who has always encouraged her to learn and to discover the world.

  • Fill the Void • de Rama Burshtein • Israel - 2012 - 01h30m00
    Hadas Yaron  •  Yiftach Klein  •  Irit Sheleg  •  Ido Samuel  •  Razia Israeli  •  Hila Feldman  •  Renana Raz  •  Yael Tal  •  Michael David Weigl  •  Chayim Sharir  •  Neta Moran  •  Melech Thal

    In Tel Aviv, the family of 18-year-old Shira is celebrating Purim with tradition and joy. Her mother has prepared a grand feast and her father is receiving the poor to give them alms. Then her pregnant sister Esther loses consciousness. Although she dies in the hospital, the baby is saved. Esther's husband Yochay soon decides to remarry. Shira's mother suggests that Shira marry her brother-in-law.

  • de Justine Triet • France - 2012 - 01h34m00
    Laetitia Dosch  •  Vincent Macaigne  •  Arthur Harari  •  Marc-Antoine Vaugeois  •  Virgil Vernier

    May 6, 2012, the second round of french presidential elections. Laetitia, TV journalist, must cover the event in the heart of the crowd, rue de Solférino. This is also the day when Vincent, her ex, arrives, sure of his right to see their two young daughters...

  • de Mia Hansen-Løve • France - 2008 - 01h50m00
    Chiara Caselli  •  Louis-Do de Lencquesaing  •  Alice de Lencquesaing  •  Alice Gautier  •  Manelle Driss  •  Eric Elmosnino  •  Sandrine Dumas  •  Dominique Frot  •  Djamshed Usmonov  •  Igor Hansen-Løve

    Gregoire, a movie producer of great charm, owner of Moon Films, keeps his studio going while one project hemorrhages money and creditors circle. In another hand, Sylvia, his wife, tries to hold the family together. She meets with a banker, a temperamental Swede. Clémence, the oldest daughter, goes on her own search. Debt can crush; how does a family pick up the pieces?

  • Podslon • de Dragomir Sholev • Bulgaria - 2010 - 01h28m00
    Tzvetan Daskalov  •  Silvia Gerina  •  Irena Hristoskova  •  Jurii Rahnev  •  Kaloian Siriiski

    While they have been changing TV channels, making pickles or discussing politics, the parents of 12-year-old Rado have missed their son's growing up. Now they cannot understand why, after disappearing for two days, he isn't sorry for the nightmare he has caused them and why is he ready to run away from home with the first junkies he has met on the street.

  • The Butler • de Lee Daniels • United States - 2013 - 02h10m00
    Forest Whitaker  •  Oprah Winfrey  •  John Cusack  •  Robin Williams  •  Terrence Howard  •  Lenny Kravitz  •  Alan Rickman

    Forest Whitaker is Cecil Gaines – who went from working in cotton fields in the 1910s to serving the leaders of America in the White House as a butler. Along the way, he experiences first hand the development of attitudes and laws in favor of equality among all US citizens, especially African Americans, as he waits on each president over a period of 50 years.

  • de Hugo Santiago • France - 2001 - 02h12m00
    James Faulkner  •  Anna Mouglalis  •  Gérard Watkins  •  Valérie Dréville  •  Lizzie Brocheré  •  Louis-Do de Lencquesaing  •  Dominique Valadié  •  Alain Françon  •  Luís Miguel Cintra

    Lew Millar, private detective of the west US coast, goes to Biarritz in order to ensure the protection of Nick Nemo, an old american billionaire settled in Biarritz for twenty years and threatened with death. Millar is not a bodyguard anymore. But he has a good reason for accepting this contract...

  • de Tamer Ruggli • Switzerland - 2012 - 00h08m00
    Manuela Biedermann  •  Maximilien Mori  •  Ruth Niethammer

    An obsessive mother, on the verge of a nervous breakdown. A father, carefully blotted out from all the family photos and a dreadful child-psychiatrist with unconventional methods - This is the summary of young Hazel's life, secretly attracted to boys...

  • Westen • de Christian Schwochow • Germany - 2012 - 01h42m00
    Jördis Triebel  •  Alexander Scheer  •  Tristan Göbel  •  Jacky Ido  •  Anja Antonowicz  •  Ryszard Ronczewski  •  Andreas Nickl  •  Polina Voskresenskaya

    East Germany. Summer, late 70's. Three years after her boyfriend Wassilij's apparent death, Nelly Senff decides to escape from behind the Berlin wall with her son Alexej, leaving her traumatic memories and past behind. Pretending to marry a West German, she crosses the border to start a new life in the West. But soon her past starts to haunt her...

  • de Guillaume Nicloux • France - 2013 - 01h52m00
    Pauline Étienne  •  Isabelle Huppert  •  Louise Bourgoin  •  Martina Gedeck  •  Françoise Lebrun  •  Agathe Bonitzer  •  Alice de Lencquesaing  •  Gilles Cohen  •  Marc Barbé  •  Garance Clavel  •  Fabrizio Rongione  •  François Négret  •  Lou Castel  •  Nicolas Jouhet  •  Pascal Bongard  •  Pierre Nisse  •  Jean-Yves Dupuis  •  Héloïse Jadoul

    Forced to take the veil, an illegitimate girl named Suzanne must dedicate her life to Jesus. By the will of the mother superior who tries to convince her of the merits of this decision, she submits to bullying, humiliation and abuse from the day she officially asks to leave. Suzanne suffocates in the habit and veil imposed on her. But leaving the convent is not a simple thing.

  • de Lynne Ramsay • United States - 2010 - 01h50m00
    Tilda Swinton  •  John C. Reilly  •  Ezra Miller  •  Jasper Newell  •  Rock Duer  •  Ashley Gerasimovich  •  Siobhan Fallon  •  Alex Manette  •  Kenneth Franklin

    Kevin's mother struggles to love her strange child, despite the increasingly vicious things he says and does as he grows up. But Kevin is just getting started, and his final act will be beyond anything anyone imagined.

  • de Alexis Michalik • France - 2014 - 00h19m00
    Evelyne El Garby Klaï  •  Stéphanie Caillol  •  Anne Loiret  •  Cyril Gueï  •  Marie Diallo  •  Laurent Mentec  •  Guillaume Bouchède  •  Ludovic Marchand  •  Régis Valée  •  Lani Sagoyou  •  Geoffrey Parant  •  Elodie Serra  •  Yann Lerat

    Évelyne must go to London for the burial of her mother. At the airport it is impossible to find the papers for her baby, impossible to go any further. With the help of Stéphanie, a young stewardess, Évelyne is going to dispute the wheels of government and, maybe, take off in time.

  • The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things • de Asia Argento • United States - 2003 - 01h32m00
    Asia Argento  •  Jimmy Bennett  •  Peter Fonda  •  Ornella Muti  •  Winona Ryder  •  Cole Sprouse  •  Dylan Sprouse  •  Jeremy Renner

    The dysfunctional twenty-three years old Sarah takes her six years old natural son Jeremiah from the home of his beloved foster parents with the support of the social service to live with her. Along the years, the boy shares her insane and lowlife style and is introduced to booze and drugs and mentally, physically and sexually abused by Sarah, her lovers and her religiously fanatic family.

  • de Nathan Miller Claude Miller • France - 2009 - 01h27m00
    Vincent Rottiers  •  Sophie Cattani  •  Christine Citti  •  Yves Verhoeven  •  Maxime Renard  •  Olivier Guéritée  •  Ludo Harlay  •  Gabin Lefebvre  •  Quentin Gonzales  •  Chantal Banlier  •  Thomas Momplot

    Given up for adoption as a toddler, troubled teenager Thomas becomes obsessed with tracking down his birth mother. After years of searching, Thomas finds her single, with a small child, living in a nearby suburb and begins a relationship with her which slowly drives him to an act of madness.

  • de Guillaume Gallienne • France - 2012 - 01h25m00
    Guillaume Gallienne  •  André Marcon  •  Françoise Fabian  •  Nanou Garcia  •  Diane Kruger  •  Reda Kateb

    Mrs. Gallienne, a rather temperamental upper middle-class lady, has three children, two of whom she considers as her sons and another she calls Guillaume. Logically indeed, the latter teenage creature does not picture himself as a boy, rather as a girl or at best as a homosexual. But how can a mother act in such an objectionable way? And why?

  • de Katell Quillévéré • Switzerland • France - 2016 - 01h40m00
    Anne Dorval  •  Tahar Rahim  •  Emmanuelle Seigner  •  Monia Chokri  •  Alice de Lencquesaing  •  Bouli Lanners  •  Kool Shen  •  Alice Taglioni  •  Finnegan Oldfield  •  Théo Cholbi  •  Galatéa Bellugi  •  Dominique Blanc  •  Danielle Arbid

    A single devastating event intertwines inextricably the lives of an unfortunate teenager, a weary woman with a critical degenerative heart condition and a team of compassionate doctors; all perfect strangers, perfectly interconnected.

  • Die Fremde • de Feo Aladag • Germany - 2010 - 01h59m00
    Sibel Kekilli  •  Nizam Schiller  •  Derya Alabora  •  Settar Tanriögen  •  Tamer Yigit  •  Serhad Can  •  Almila Bagriacik  •  Florian Lukas  •  Nursel Köse  •  Alwara Höfels  •  Orhan Güner  •  Ufuk Bayraktar  •  Blanca Apilánez  •  Rosa Enskat  •  Gümec Alpay  •  Ayla Arslancan  •  Ynci Sen  •  Turgay Tanülkü  •  Hayrullah Evrenos

    German-born Umay flees her oppressive marriage in Istanbul, taking her young son Cem with her. She hopes to find a better life with her family in Berlin, but her unexpected arrival creates intense conflict. Her family is trapped in their conventions, torn between their love for her and the traditional values of their community. Ultimately they decide to return Cem to his father in Turkey.

  • de Paolo Virzi • Italy - 2010 - 01h51m00
    Valério Mastandrea  •  Micaela Ramazzotti  •  Stefania Sandrelli  •  Claudia Pandolfi  •  Marco Messeri  •  Fabrizia Sacchi  •  Aurora Frasca  •  Giacomo Bibbiani  •  Giulia Burgalassi  •  Francesco Rapalino  •  Sergio Albelli  •  Isabella Cecchi  •  Emanuele Barresi  •  Dario Ballantini  •  Paolo Ruffini

    Beautiful Anna turns all the men's heads without realizing it, which makes her husband incredibly jealous. When he throws her out, she and her two children stay with various men. But wherever they go, Anna's beauty and charm lead to misunderstandings and nasty gossip. Her son suffers so much that he breaks off contact with her, not returning until he is an adult and she is on her deathbed.

  • Wadjda • de Haifaa Al-Mansour • Saudi Arabia - 2012 - 01h38m00
    Waad Mohammed  •  Reem Abdullah  •  Abdullrahman Al Gohani  •  Ahd  •  Sultan Al Assaf  •  Alanoud Sajini  •  Rafa Al Sanea  •  Dana Abdullilah  •  Rehab Ahmed  •  Mohammed Albahry  •  Mariam Alghamdi  •  Ali Algorbani  •  Sara Aljaber  •  Mohammed Alkhozain  •  Mariam Alkhozaim  •  Ibrahim Almozael  •  Saud Alotibi  •  Faoziah Alyaaqop  •  Noura Faisal  •  Sami Hazim  •  Talal Loay  •  Ahmad Noman  •  Saud Olojayvan  •  Nouf Saad  •  Alanoud Sajini  •  Dima Sajini  •  Tahany Yusef  •  Mohammed Zahir

    Every day Wadjda passes a toy store window showing a beautiful green bicycle. Although it is forbidden for girls to ride bicycles, Wadja concocts a plan to earn enough money to afford the bike. She takes part in a Koran competition and with her slyness and cunning mind she tries to find a way to rise above her fellow competitors to make her most cherished dream come true... the green bicycle.

  • de Siddiq Barmak • Afghanistan - 2002 - 01h22m00
    Marina Golbahari  •  Zubaida Sahar  •  Arif Herati  •  Mohammad Nadir Khwaja  •  Gul Rehman Ghorbandi  •  Mohamad Haref Harati  •  Hamida Refah  •  Khwaja Nader

    The Taliban are ruling Afghanistan, they being a repressive regime especially for women, who, among other things, are not allowed to work. This situation is especially difficult for one family consisting solely of three women representing three successive generations. All the males in their family have died in various Afghani wars.

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