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  • de Philippe Faucon • France - 2011 - 01h18m00
    Rashid Debbouze  •  Yassine Azzouz  •  Ymanol Perset  •  Mohamed Nachit  •  Zahra Addioui  •  Kamel Laadaili  •  Keltoume El Hanafi  •  Habib Bejaoui

    Ali, Nasser and Hamza, societal misfits in their early twenties, meet Djamel who not before long becomes their role model. Knowing their weaknesses, hopes and fears, ten years older charismatic and sharp-tongued Djamel skilfully manipulates and subjugates them. Rejected and disappointed by the mainstream French society, Ali, Nasser and Hamza soon become susceptible to his persuasion.

  • Two-Legged Horse • de Samira Makhmalbaf • Iran - 2008 - 01h41m00
    Ziya Mirza Mohamad  •  Haron Ahad  •  Gol Gotai Karimi  •  Khojeh Nader  •  Yasin Tavildar

    A father who has a young son with one leg and no other household members must go to India for some weeks. He hires another boy for a dollar a day to carry the son around on his back, to the school or to whatever whims may occur to the son.

  • de Adil El Arbi Bilall Fallah • Belgium - 2015 - 01h35m00
    Martha Canga Antonio  •  Aboubakr Bensaihi  •  Emmanuel Tahon  •  Axel Massudi  •  Natascha Boyamba  •  Théo Kabeya  •  Brandon Masudi  •  Jérémy Zagba

  • de Tony Gatlif • Germany • France - 1998 - 01h20m00
    Romain Duris  •  Rona Hartner  •  Ouassini Embarek  •  Christine Pignet  •  Marc Nouyrigat  •  Muse Dalbray  •  Suzanne Flon  •  Daniel Laloux

  • de Nadia Farès • Tunisia - 1996 - 01h20m00
    Slim Larnaou  •  Naji Najeh  •  Amel Ledhili  •  Samia Mzali  •  Nozha Khouadra  •  Lara Chaouachi

    MIEL ET CENDRES sheds light on the story and fate of three women trapped between tradition and modern life in North Africa today. Naima, a doctor, Amina, a graduate, and Leila, a young student, are pursuing their individual routes to an independent life when their paths cross.

  • de Hassan Legzouli • Morocco - 2004 - 01h20m00
    Aure Atika  •  Roschdy Zem  •  Mohamed El Majd  •  Abdou El Mesnaoui

    Nordine, son of an immigrant, has no choice but to travel to Morocco in order to accompany his father's casket on its final journey. This beautifully observed road movie traces a journey that begins as obligation and ends as revelation.

  • El Sheita Elli Fat • de Ibrahim El-Batout • Egypt - 2011 - 01h34m00
    Amr Waked  •  Salah Hanafy  •  Farah Youssef  •  Moataz Mosallam

    25 January 2011 changed Egypt forever. The activist Omro, the journalist Farah and the government security officer Adel – individuals whose pasts will be resurrected and whose stories and destinies will collide as they struggle to remove the obstacles between a man and himself, all the way to the fall of Hosni Mubarak.

  • de Nouri Bouzid • Tunisia - 1991 - 01h40m00
    Ahmed Ragoubi  •  Abdellatif Kechiche  •  Jacques Penot  •  Ghalia Lacroix  •  Sondes Belhassen  •  Manfred Andrae  •  Abdel Boukakdida  •  Claire Jouvet  •  Najoua Hafdhe  •  Jamel Sassi  •  Mustapha Adouani

    Fred is a French photographer who works in Tunisia. He wants to do a story about the bezness, the young gigolos who sell themselves to the tourists. He is protected by Roufa, a good-looking young man who sells his body to survive and dreams to travel to Europe. Very permissive with his "customers", he remains repressive with his family, especially with his girlfriend.

  • de Raja Amari • Tunisia - 2001 - 01h40m00
    Hiam Abbass  •  Hend El Fahem  •  Salah Miled  •  Nadra Lamloum  •  Abou Moez El Fazaa  •  Monia Hichri  •  Maher Kamoun  •  Faouzia Badr

    After the death of her husband, Lilia's life revolves solely around her teenage daughter, Salma. She thinks Salma lives a "dangerous relationship" with a musician in the cabaret "Red Satin". A subversive and unsettling first long feature film.

  • de Sharunas Bartas • Lithuania • Morocco - 1999 - 01h36m00
    Valentinas Masalskis  •  Fatima Ennaflaoui  •  Axel Neumann  •  Corey Large

    In Marocco, Dizzy, Rotamon and Fabia, three drug dealers, are pursued by the police after a failed operation. When Rotamon goes on his own way, Dizzy and Fabia must work as team. Distrustful of one another, they spend time observing each other. Their wandering leads them from camps to oasis until Dizzy commits a murder...