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  • The Oranges • de Julian Farino • United States - 2012 - 01h30m00
    Hugh Laurie  •  Leighton Meester  •  Catherine Keener  •  Oliver Platt  •  Adam Brody  •  Alia Shawkat  •  Allison Janney

    The enduring friendship between the Walling and Ostroff families is tested when Nina, the prodigal Ostroff daughter, returns home for the holidays after a five-year absence and enters into an affair with David, head of the Walling family.

  • de Sylvain Monod • France - 2000 - 01h25m00
    Eric Elmosnino  •  Muriel Solvay  •  Camille Japy  •  Isaac Sharry  •  Judith Rémy  •  Françoise Lebrun  •  Gilles Arbona  •  Jean-Claude Frissung  •  Catherine Rétoré

    Jean doesn't feel like doing anything anymore. Despite his wife's attempts to help him getting back to the top, he is obliged to stay in a psychiatric hospital during three weeks. When he gets out, he has only one desire: to reintegrate into society. As a proof of good will, he decides to offer her a microwave oven.

  • de Rolf Lyssy • Switzerland - 1978 - 01h44m00
    Walo Lüönd  •  Emil Steinberger  •  Beatrice Kessler  •  Wolfgang Stendar  •  Hilde Ziegler  •  Silvia Jost  •  Claudio Caramaschi

    Max Bodmer and Moritz Fischer, the leading characters in this ironic, satirical comedy dealing with becoming - and living as - a Swiss citizen, are members of the Cantonal Police entrusted with the delicate task of examining foreigners who are candidates for Swiss citizenship. This cult film is still number one of the Swiss box office!

  • Hope Springs • de David Frankel • United States - 2012 - 01h36m00
    Meryl Streep  •  Tommy Lee Jones  •  Steve Carrel  •  Elisabeth Shue

    Even the most devoted spouse has her limits. Kay Soames stood by long enough as her 31-year marriage to Arnold slowly drained itself of passion and tenderness in the idyllic coastal town of Hope Springs. They've slept in separate rooms for years, her anniversary presents are things like a new fridge and neither of them remembers when they last had sex.

  • de Jean-Claude Biette • France - 2002 - 01h32m00
    Jeanne Balibar  •  Jean-Christophe Bouvet  •  Jean-Marc Barr  •  Micheline Presle  •  Michèle Moretti  •  Marilyne Canto  •  Ysé Tran  •  Pascal Cervo  •  Frédéric Norbert  •  Hanns Zischler  •  Philippe Chemin  •  Ima de Ranedo  •  Noël Simsolo

    The title reflects the brand of a financial institution, the bank of the Saltim family: Frederic, the younger brother, runs the family bank; his brother Bruno rejected the position of executive director, and chose to fund a theatrical company.

  • de Emmanuelle Bercot Fred Cavayé , Alexandre Courtès , Jean Dujardin , Michel Hazanavicius , Gilles Lellouche , Eric Lartigau , Jan Kounen • France - 2012 - 01h49m00
    Jean Dujardin  •  Gilles Lellouche  •  Lionel Abelanski  •  Bastien Bouillon  •  Guillaume Canet  •  Sandrine Kiberlain  •  Isabelle Nanty  •  Mélanie Doutey  •  Géraldine Nakache

    Two men in their forties who share a love of screwing around go out together night after drug-fuelled night to cheat on their significant others. As they give each other alibis reassure their nervous spouses, their adolescent philandering is matched only by their obsession for any women that moves.

  • de Matt Ross • Switzerland • United States - 2016 - 01h58m00
    Viggo Mortensen  •  George MacKay  •  Nicholas Hamilton  •  Frank Langella  •  Samantha Isler  •  Shree Crooks  •  Annalise Basso

    In the forests of the Pacific Northwest, a father devoted to raising his six kids with a rigorous physical and intellectual education is forced to leave his paradise and enter the world, challenging his idea of what it means to be a parent.

  • de Lorraine Levy • France - 2017 - 01h53m00
    Omar Sy  •  Ana Girardot  •  Alex Lutz  •  Sabine Azéma  •  Pascal Elbé  •  Audrey Dana  •  Michel Vuillermoz  •  Christian Hecq  •  Rufus

    It will make the villagers believe that they are not as healthy as they might think. It is thus that he will find in each one an imaginary symptom, or not, and thus will be able to exercise his profession lucratively. Under his seductive looks and after gaining the confidence of the village, Knock is on the verge of achieving his ends.

  • de Danièle Dubroux • France - 2002 - 01h46m00
    Catherine Frot  •  Isabelle Carré  •  François Berléand  •  Julie Depardieu  •  Melvil Poupaud  •  Eva Ionesco  •  Emmanuelle Riva  •  Claire Nebout  •  Jacques François  •  Marc Andréoni  •  Marina Tomé

    Claire, a girl coming from a good family, leaves her husband for a young film critic. He decides to get her back. So when a mysterious bawdy house opens its doors and proposes an intensive shock therapy, everybody wants to experiment it.

  • de Guillaume Canet • France - 2010 - 02h34m00
    François Cluzet  •  Marion Cotillard  •  Benoît Magimel  •  Valérie Bonneton  •  Louise Monot  •  Jean Dujardin  •  Laurent Lafitte  •  Pascale Arbillot  •  Anne Marivin  •  Gilles Lellouche  •  Maxim Nucci  •  Hocine Mérabet  •  Joël Dupuch  •  Néo Broca

    Every year, Max, a successful restaurant owner, and Véro, his eco-friendly wife invite a merry group of friends to their beautiful beach house to celebrate Antoine's birthday and kick-start the vacation. But, this year, before they all leave Paris, their buddy Ludo is hurt in a serious accident, which sets off a dramatic chain of reactions and emotional responses.

  • El Bulli: Cooking in Progress • de Gereon Wetzel • Germany - 2010 - 01h48m00
    Ferran Adriá  •  Oriol Castro  •  Eduard Xatruch  •  Eugeni de Diego  •  Aitor Lozano

    The Catalan restaurant El Bulli has long become a legend and is now history. Archeologist and filmmaker Gereon Wetzel was allowed into the kitchens during two six-month cycles of experimentation and operations for a unique look at Ferran Adrià and his famous restaurant

  • de Chantal Akerman • Belgium • France - 2003 - 01h50m00
    Sylvie Testud  •  Aurore Clément  •  Jean-Pierre Marielle  •  Natacha Régnier  •  Elsa Zylberstein  •  Lucas Belvaux  •  Dominique Reymond  •  Christian Hecq  •  Gilles Privat  •  Anne Coesens  •  Olivier Ythier

    Charlotte is a writer trying to accomplish an erotic novel while living with her widowed, piano teaching, mother in a cramped apartment. In a desperate attempt to finish the novel, Charlotte is trying to find eroticism in pretty much everything and battles writers block, unpacked boxes and piano lessons held by her mother.

  • Un cuento chino • de Sebastián Borensztein • Argentina - 2011 - 01h33m00
    Ricardo Darín  •  Ignacio Huang  •  Muriel Santa Ana  •  Enric Cambray  •  Iván Romanelli  •  Vivian El Jaber  •  Javier Pinto

    In China, Jun watches his fiancé die in front of him, crushed by a horse fallen from the sky. On the other side of the world in Buenos Aires, Roberto, an anal retentive hardware store owner who lives a very ordered life, loves to collect strange stories from the newspapers

  • de Gerard Johnstone • New Zealand - 2013 - 01h47m00
    Morgana O'Reilly  •  Rima Te Wiata  •  Glen-Paul Waru  •  Ross Harper  •  Cameron Rhodes  •  Ryan Lampp  •  Mick Innes  •  Bruce Hopkins

    Kylie Bucknell is forced to return to the house she grew up in when the court places her on home detention. Her punishment is made all the more unbearable by the fact she has to live there with her mother Miriam - a well-intentioned blabbermouth who's convinced that the house is haunted. Kylie dismisses Miriam's superstitions ... but not for long ...

  • de Benoît Mariage • Belgium - 2013 - 01h20m00
    Benoît Poelvoorde  •  Marc Zinga  •  Tatiana Rojo  •  Tom Audenaert

    José loves to go to the Ivory Coast, where he feels at home. He’s a hit with Ivoirian women, but he always manages to avoid love. José is actually there to scout the local soccer fields for talent, which he finds in Yaya, and so he calls for backup. But unfortunately for José, his superior falls for the first young woman who charms him and sends back a negative report on Yaya.

  • de Catherine Corsini • France - 2002 - 01h39m00
    Jane Birkin  •  Emilie Dequenne  •  Pierre Richard  •  Clovis Cornillac  •  Amira Casar  •  Pierre Laroche  •  Laurent Grévill  •  Jérémie Elkaïm

    Renée is Laurence's grandmother and she intends to show her how to make rich men fall in love with her, in order to get their life insurance's money. Both women will meet several men in the course of the movie. Even the cynical Renée will fall deeply in love again.

  • de Florence Quentin • France - 2016 - 01h41m00
    Catherine Deneuve  •  Gérard Depardieu  •  Chantal Ladesou  •  Grégoire Ludig  •  Guillaume de Tonquédec  •  Benjamin Voisin  •  Françoise Lépine  •  Blandine Bellavoir  •  Jérémie Covillault

  • Vi är bäst! • de Lukas Moodysson • Sweden - 2013 - 01h42m00
    Mira Barkhammar  •  Mira Grosin  •  Liv LeMoyne  •  Johan Liljemark  •  Mattias Wiberg  •  Jonathan Salomonsson  •  Alvin Strollo  •  Anna Rydgren

    Three girls in 1980s Stockholm decide to form a punk band. Despite having no instruments-or discernible musical talent... With tender affection for his young characters and the period in which his film is set, Moodysson paints an ebullient and sharply observant portrait of DIY spirit and growing up different.

  • de Daniel Calderon • Switzerland • France - 2012 - 01h01m00
    Michel Viala

    Michel Viala is one of the most well-known living authors from French-speaking Switzerland who has strongly influenced its literature, theatre, and film. Viala is an author, actor and painter and has worked as co-screenwriter on the film “L’invitation” by Claude Goretta. His career is impressive. Viala’s work is unclassifiable, free. In the chaos of his current crises, it acquires a new energy.

  • de Grand Corps Malade Mehdi Idir • Switzerland • France - 2016 - 01h50m00
    Pablo Pauly  •  Soufiane Guerrab  •  Moussa Mansaly  •  Nailia Harzoune  •  Franck Falise  •  Yannick Renier  •  Jason Divengele

    After a catastrophic accident, Ben is sent to a physiotherapy center to learn how to live with his injuries. After some of the patients become friends with him, they all work together to find the strength to live again.

  • de Isabelle Broué • France - 2003 - 01h22m00
    Marie Gillain  •  Julien Boisselier  •  Brigitte Roüan  •  Garance Clavel  •  Catherine Ferran  •  François Marthouret  •  Arié Elmaleh  •  Laurent Bateau  •  Tsilla Chelton  •  Marie Mergey  •  Philippe Duclos  •  Lionel Abelanski  •  Véra Landès  •  Patrick Catalifo  •  Idit Cébula  •  Aurélien Wiik  •  Andrée Damant  •  Françoise Bertin

    Panic ! On the eve of introducing her boyfriend to her parents, Louise finds out she doesn't feel sexual pleasure anymore. Where is her clitoris? Louise asks this question to anyone who will listen...

  • de Mathieu Kassovitz • France - 1992 - 01h35m00
    Mathieu Kassovitz  •  Julie Mauduech  •  Hubert Koundé  •  Vincent Cassel  •  Jany Holt  •  Tadek Lokcinski  •  Lydia Ewandé  •  Marc Berman  •  Jean-Pierre Cassel  •  Rywka Wajsbrot

    Lola is pregnant. But she does not know who the father is : Jamal, the black muslim, son of diplomats, or Felix, the pennyless jewish messenger. Jamal and Felix meet at Lola's, and the race begins. First long feature film by Vincent Kassovitz.

  • Paulette • de Jérôme Enrico • France - 2013 - 01h27m00
    Bernadette Lafont  •  Carmen Maura  •  Dominique Lavanant  •  Françoise Bertin  •  André Penvern  •  Ismaël Dramé  •  Axelle Laffont  •  Paco Boublard

    Paulette a xenophobic old lady lives alone in a banlieue and her pension is too small to get along. But she hears there is much money to be made in dealing cannabis. She visits a known criminal named Vito and asks him for work. Instead of just distributing sheer cannabis she starts to sell cakes and biscuits spiced with cannabis. Soon there is a huge demand for her elaborate pastries.

  • Maggie's Plan • de Rebecca Miller • United States - 2015 - 01h32m00
    Greta Gerwig  •  Ethan Hawke  •  Julianne Moore  •  Bill Hader  •  Maya Rudolph  •  Travis Fimmel

  • Etienne! • de Jeff Mizushima • United States - 2009 - 01h28m00
    Etienne Hamster  •  Richard Vallejos  •  Megan Harvey  •  Caveh Zahedi  •  Rachel Stolte  •  Solon Bixler

    After Richard's best and only friend, a dwarf hamster named Etienne, is diagnosed with terminal cancer, he decides to take him on a bicycle road trip up the California coast to show him the world before he must put him to sleep.

  • La Fille du 14 juillet • de Antonin Peretjatko • France - 2012 - 01h28m00
    Grégoire Tachnakian  •  Vimala Pons  •  Vincent Macaigne  •  Marie-Lorna Vaconsin  •  Thomas Schmitt  •  Serge Trinquecoste  •  Esteban  •  Philippe Gouin  •  Lucie Borleteau  •  Pierre Méréjkowsky  •  Bruno Podalydès  •  Nicolas Moreau

    Since Hector encountered Truquette at the Louvre on July 14, he's had only one thing in mind: to seduce this girl who he's mad about. The best way to do so is to take her to the seaside.Off they go, down France's back roads, where there is no money in the banks. That's normal, because there's an economic crisis on. But the government decides to cut short the national vacation period by a month.

  • de Quentin Dupieux • France - 2012 - 01h35m00
    Alain Chabat  •  Jonathan Lambert  •  Jon Heder  •  Elodie Bouchez  •  Kyla Kenedy  •  Eric Wareheim  •  John Glover  •  Matt Battaglia

    Jason, a quiet cameraman, dreams of directing his first horror movie. Bob Marshall, a wealthy producer, accepts to finance his movie on one condition : Jason has 48 hours to find the best scream in the history of film. During his search, Jason gradually gets lost in a nightmare.

  • de Frédéric Choffat Vincent Lowy • Switzerland • France - 2011 - 00h44m00
    Jean-Luc Godard  •  Marcel Ophüls  •  André Gazut  •  Francis Kandel  •  Vincent Lowy

    On October 31st, 2009, two giants meet on the stage of the Théâtre de St-Gervais in Geneva: Jean-Luc Godard and Marcel Ophüls. Their conversation draws us inside the history of cinema and into History in itself.

  • de William Friedkin • United States - 2010 - 01h42m00
    Matthew McConaughey  •  Emile Hirsch  •  Juno Temple  •  Thomas Haden Church  •  Gina Gershon  •  Marc Macaulay

    Chris 22 years, finds himself in considerable debt. His solution is to murder his mother and collect the insurance money to pay off his debts. Therefore, Chris calls upon the aid of Killer Joe, police detective by day and contract killer by night.

  • de Michel Leclerc • France - 2005 - 01h28m00
    Kad Merad  •  Elsa Zylberstein  •  Claude Brasseur  •  Patrick Chesnais  •  Lise Lamétrie  •  Vinciane Millereau  •  Jocelyne Desverchère  •  Sara Martins  •  Liliane Rovère  •  Husky Kihal  •  Jean-Pierre Monnier  •  Isabelle Petit-Jacques  •  François Toumarkine

    Paul is a dreamer, which does not help his situation at home. One day, Paul stumbles into an idea about a product he wants to patent. Not having the money for the registration, he turns into his father-in-law, who sees the possible profit from the production and marketing of the holder for grocery bags, which unknown to him, has already been in the market...

  • de Eric Toledano Olivier Nakache • France - 2011 - 01h52m00
    François Cluzet  •  Omar Sy  •  Anne Le Ny  •  Audrey Fleurot  •  Clotilde Mollet  •  Cyril Mendy  •  Alba Gaia Bellugi

    Driss is young, black, from the Parisian banlieue, and his last six months were spent in prison. And so he stands out quite significantly on the list of candidates for the job of providing health care to Philippe, a rich quadriplegic man.

  • de Philippe de Chauveron • France - 2016 - 01h30m00
    Ary Abittan  •  Medi Sadoun  •  Cyril Lecomte  •  Slimane Dazi  •  Reem Kherici

  • de Pierre Pinaud • France - 2010 - 01h26m00
    Karin Viard  •  Nicolas Duvauchelle  •  Nadia Barentin  •  Patrick Fierry  •  Catherine Hosmalin  •  Jean-Noël Brouté  •  Dani  •  Elise Otzenberger  •  Adèle Bonduelle  •  François Bureloup

    40-year-old Mélina is a host of an evening radio programme where she resolves listeners emotional and sexual problems on the air with cheekiness, humor, and frankness. Everyone knows her voice, but no one knows her face. In everyday life, she avoids all contacts and lives on her own in a chic part of town. Despite her success and apparent integrity Mélina deals with major psychological issues.

  • de Romain Levy • France - 2011 - 01h40m00
    Manu Payet  •  Clovis Cornillac  •  Douglas Attal  •  Benjamin Laverhne  •  Pascal Demolon  •  Côme Levin  •  Zita Hanrot  •  Jacky Ido  •  Ana Girardot  •  Sam Karmann  •  Laurent Bateau

    When his emotional and professional life falls into disarray, Ben, drops his dream of becoming a comic in New York and moves back to Paris. Soon he is hired by a popular radio station to work on their Breakfast Club.

  • de Léa Pool • Switzerland - 2008 - 01h37m00
    Céline Bonnier  •  Laurent Lucas  •  Marianne Fortier  •  Gabriel Arcand  •  Paule Ducharme  •  Elie Dupuis  •  Antoine Desrochers

    Summer 66, time to enjoy summer vacation. But as she becomes more aware of the dreams, sorrows and lies of the people closest to her, Élise sees her mother's sudden abandonment thoroughly disrupt her family.

  • A Liar's Autobiography: The Untrue Story of Monty Python's Graham Chapman • de Benjamin Timlett Jeff Simpson , Bill Jones • United Kingdom - 2012 - 01h25m00
    Philip Bulcock  •  Graham Chapman  •  Terry Gilliam  •  John Cleese  •  Cameron Diaz  •  Terry Jones  •  Michael Palin  •  André Jacquemin  •  Justin McDonald  •  Carol Cleveland

    A Liar’s Autobiography is an animated film based on the reading of Graham Chapman’s fanciful autobiography, recorded shortly before he died. Like the many facets of the man and his travels, both personal and in the world of showbiz, the various animation techniques take us back to the funny and unbridled style of the legendary comedy troop Monty Python.

  • de Gitta Gsell • Switzerland - 2010 - 01h18m00

    A fast-paced film about people whose feet are their primitive and powerful instrument of artistic expression. Beginning with “bödele” in Central Switzerland, this film journeys from tap dance and flamenco to Irish dance.

  • Vibrato • de Jacqueline Veuve • Switzerland - 2012 - 01h10m00
    Philippe Savoy  •  Lauriane Beffa  •  Julien Jauquier  •  Fabien Panchaud  •  Elsa Piller  •  Charles Sudan  •  Jean-Thomas Vacher

    Every year, the choir of the Collège St-Michel in the canton of Fribourg attracts around fifty young people from the most diverse backgrounds. Following their concert rehearsals for a year, we discover a world on its own: a world in which singing means a physical experience, the opportunity to forge close friendships, and oneness with the music.

  • de Dorothée Sebbagh • France - 2012 - 01h10m00
    Sophie Cattani  •  Moussa Maaskri  •  Gérard Dubouche  •  Aurélie Vaneck  •  Franck Libert  •  Laurent Lacotte  •  Frédéric Restagno  •  Cyril Lecomte  •  Christophe Carotenuto

    On New Year's Eve night, while drinking a bottle of champagne, 35 year-old Emilie goes on the Internet to subscribe on an online dating site. This new year's resolution will be : to find love. And the range of choices is indeed rather large : there are cynical or comical ones, funny chaps or even romantic men. However, Emilie doesn't know what is yet to come in the « real life ».

  • The Extra Man • de Shari Springer Berman Robert Pulcini • United States - 2009 - 01h48m00
    Kevin Kline  •  Paul Dano  •  Katie Holmes  •  Alicia Goranson  •  Lynn Cohen  •  John Pankow  •  Victoria Barabas  •  Marisa Ryan

    A naive and sensitive young gentleman, Louis Ives fancies himself a budding writer, wishes he had lived in the 1920s of F. Scott Fitzgerald, and secretly yearns to don ladies' undergarments. After an embarrassing incident that cuts short his career as a New Jersey English lit instructor, he makes his way to Manhattan to “find himself” — accompanied by a literary voiceover that tells us as much.

  • de Tonie Marshall • France - 2003 - 01h35m00
    Karin Viard  •  François Cluzet  •  Judith Godrèche  •  Bernard Menez  •  Nathalie Baye  •  Hélène Fillières  •  Micheline Presle  •  Valérie Bonneton  •  Julien Lucas  •  Noémie Lvovsky

    Stars of a teleshopping show and married together, France and Oliver note a decrease in sales and feel the end of their relationship. They prepare a live show which should save them. But their new partner has only one goal: to cause their fall in order to get their airtime! A new comedy by the director of "Vénus beauté".

  • Bowling • de Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar • France - 2012 - 01h30m00
    Catherine Frot  •  Mathilde Seigner  •  Firmine Richard  •  Laurence Arné  •  François Bureloup  •  Mathias Mlekuz  •  Geneviève Mnich  •  Frédéric Noaille

    Mathilde, midwife, Firmine, nursery nurse, and Louise, owner of the Tenpin bowling and Catherine, messenger to restructure the hospital and close the maternity hospital: four women who are going to form a quartet strong in humanity and in humor to defend this maternity hospital. The life, the love, the friendship, Brittany and the tenpin bowling!

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