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  • de Nicolas Philibert • France - 2012 - 01h39m00
    Jean-Claude Ameisen  •  Jean-François Achilli  •  Thomas Baumgartner  •  Alain Bédouet  •  Joël Colado  •  Jean-Claude Carrière  •  Éric Caravaca  •  Marie Richeux

    Come and take a glimpse into the studios of Radio France and discover what is usually hidden to the eyes of the listeners. A documentary that makes sound visible. From the director of Cannes nominated documentary “Etre et avoir”.

  • I vardia tou pelekanou • de Lea Binzer • Greece - 2011 - 01h07m00
    Christos Dalmiras  •  Nikos Pelekanos  •  Paris Sigalas

    A small community on the island of Santorini has a unique duty: that of preserving the tradition of vine growing. The issue arising is that of defining tradition, true love, and the role of god in it all.

  • Nicolas Bouvier, écrivain-voyageur • de • Switzerland - 1996 - 00h50m00
    Nicolas Bouvier

    Travelling is an adventure, writing is another. Writing of the world needs considerable attention; that is why Nicolas Bouvier writes very slowly. Because the world deserves many respects. In order to tell it, words have to be adjusted.

  • de Sanford McCoy • Switzerland - 2011 - 00h04m00
    Charles Schneider  •  Marion Aubin

    Alpha takes place in a bar, a client exposes a waitress to the underground world of Betta fish fighting. In a battle of the sexes, the waitress does what she can to save the bar's Betta from it's supposed destiny...

  • de Rolf Lyssy • Switzerland - 2011 - 01h26m00
    Ursula Bodmer  •  Anita Utzinger

    How does Ursula’s reality look? “Where” does she live? Ursula Bodmer, born deaf and blind, is an enigmatic being. Five decades ago she began caring for the young Anita Utzinger as a foster mother. Since then – and still today – her steadfast love has served as the bridge between reality and Ursula’s world without sight or sound.

  • de Urs Schnell • Switzerland - 2011 - 01h30m00
    Peter Brabeck  •  Maude Barlow  •  Denise L. Carpenter  •  Hannah Warren  •  Shelly Gobeille  •  John Harris  •  Ahmad Rafay Alam  •  John O. Egbuta  •  Sabiha Khan  •  Umar Hayat  •  Ehsan ul Haque

    Do you know how to turn ordinary water into a billion-dollar business? In Switzerland there's a company which has developed the art to perfection - Nestlé. This company dominates the global business in bottled water.

  • de Erwin Wagenhofer • Austria - 2008 - 01h47m00
    Terry Le Sueur  •  Mark Mobius  •  John Perkins  •  K. Sujatha Raaju  •  Werner Rügemer  •  Hermann Scheer  •  Anton Schneider  •  Martin Walker

    Erwin Wagenhofer and Lisa Ganser analyze and show who pays for the profits gained by investors in the international financial system. They visit investment objects, financial services providers, critics and victims around the world.

  • Vibrato • de Jacqueline Veuve • Switzerland - 2012 - 01h10m00
    Philippe Savoy  •  Lauriane Beffa  •  Julien Jauquier  •  Fabien Panchaud  •  Elsa Piller  •  Charles Sudan  •  Jean-Thomas Vacher

    Every year, the choir of the Collège St-Michel in the canton of Fribourg attracts around fifty young people from the most diverse backgrounds. Following their concert rehearsals for a year, we discover a world on its own: a world in which singing means a physical experience, the opportunity to forge close friendships, and oneness with the music.

  • de Stéphane Goël • Switzerland - 2012 - 01h07m00

    Switzerland was one of the world's last countries to grant women the right to vote and to elect representatives. This film illustrates a century of Swiss history in the footsteps of some women who fought to get out of their kitchen - until equal rights were obtained, which in reality still seem rather fragile sometimes.

  • The Psycho Legacy • de Robert V. Galluzzo • United States - 2010 - 01h27m00

    This documentary is a collection of interviews with various producers, actors and directors connected with the Psycho franchise. All give appropriate credit to the original Psychose (1960) for setting the stage of modern slasher films, with only limited information on other aspects of film's originality.

  • The Greatest Movie Ever Sold • de Morgan Spurlock • United States - 2011 - 01h30m00
    J.J. Abrams  •  Quentin Tarantino  •  Peter Berg  •  Noam Chomsky  •  Brett Ratner  •  Jimmy Kimmel  •  Donald Trump  •  John Wells  •  Paul Brennan

    A documentary about branding, advertising and product placement that is financed and made possible by brands, advertising and product placement. The premise behind the production is that the documentary itself would be entirely paid for by sponsors, thus being a form of metafilm. The film's slogan is "He's not selling out, he's buying in".

  • More Than Honey • de Markus Imhoof • Switzerland - 2011 - 01h31m00
    Fred Jaggi  •  Randolf Menzel  •  Fred Terry  •  Boris Baer  •  Joseph MacIlvaine  •  André Maritz  •  Robert Schneider  •  Eric Robinson  •  Elisabeth Schild  •  Tiffany Bate  •  Rodolfo Jaffe  •  Liane Singer  •  Heidrun Singer  •  John Miller  •  Zhao Su Zhang  •  Layne Pauly

    From a small beehive in the Swiss Alps to the huge almond fields tended by an agribusinessman in California (to whose ears the buzzing of bees is “like the sound of freshly printed money”), everyone is concerned by the decline in the population of hives. Which is why Markus Imhoof, grandson of a bee keeper, traveled around the globe with camera in hand.

  • de Luis Nieto • France - 2006 - 00h04m00

  • The Agronomist • de Jonathan Demme • Haiti • United States - 2003 - 01h30m00
    Jean Dominique

    A profile of Haitian radio journalist and human rights activist, Jean Dominique. It includes: historical footage of Haiti's vivid and tumultuous past; interviews with Dominique, himself and with Michele Montas--his heroic wife, life-long love, and extraordinary partner; and incorporates footage shot before Dominique's assassination on April 3, 2000.

  • El Bulli: Cooking in Progress • de Gereon Wetzel • Germany - 2010 - 01h48m00
    Ferran Adriá  •  Oriol Castro  •  Eduard Xatruch  •  Eugeni de Diego  •  Aitor Lozano

    The Catalan restaurant El Bulli has long become a legend and is now history. Archeologist and filmmaker Gereon Wetzel was allowed into the kitchens during two six-month cycles of experimentation and operations for a unique look at Ferran Adrià and his famous restaurant

  • de Olivier Zuchuat • Switzerland • France - 2008 - 01h14m00

    April 2006. 13,000 members of the Dajo ethnic group have taken refuge on the plain of Gouroukoun in eastern Chad. They are all survivors of the Darfur conflict. Secluded in the camp they have constructed, they create their own way of life and means of survival.

  • de Marcel Schüpbach • Belgium • Switzerland • France - 2002 - 01h35m00

    With shooting lasting from February to June 2001, Marcel Schüpbach's film follows Maurice Béjart through the labyrinth of creating a new show, a ballet entitled “Lumière”. He let his passion for life spring up in a work that brings together the music of artists who left a deep mark on his life: Bach, Brel and Barbara.

  • de James Toback • United States - 2008 - 01h30m00
    Mike Tyson  •  Mills Lane  •  Trevor Berbick  •  Cus D'Amato  •  William Cayton  •  Don King  •  Evander Holyfield  •  Lennox Lewis

    Welcome to the no-holds-barred epic portrayal of the life of former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson. Tyson: The movie will take you on an incredible journey into the legendary boxer's life, from his days as a teenage drugdealer and thief in New York, to his meteroic rise to fame as the champion of the world, and finally through to his shocking, outrageous decline.

  • À l'ouest du Pecos • de Stéphane Goël • Switzerland - 1993 - 01h12m00

    In 1891 a large number of Swiss emigrated to the Pecos Valley, a desert region in New Mexico. Intensive proaganda by a group of businessmen from Geneva had convinced them they could make their fortune there. More than 200 Swiss settlers - farmers, winegrowers and adventurers from good families - set out to seek the dazzling wealth they had been promised.

  • de Philippe Calame Maria Nicollier • Switzerland • Germany • United States - 2006 - 00h52m00

    The film is shot in Nassau Bay, the elegant residential area in Houston where Claude has lived for the past 25 years. Whilst his colleagues continue to dream of travelling in space, Claude prepares for a more earthbound life in Europe.

  • Capitaine Thomas Sankara • de Christophe Cupelin • Switzerland - 2014 - 01h30m00

  • L'harmonie • de Blaise Harrison • France - 2013 - 01h00m00

    The marching band of the small French town of Pontarlier comprises amateur musicians of all ages and from all walks of life. Pitched somewhere between a poignant account and a dreamlike soap opera, 'Harmony' takes us to the heart of this microcosm against a backdrop of down-to-earth music with orchestral arrangements and rock'n'roll.

  • La conquête du temps libre • de Alex Mayenfisch Madeleine Denisart • Switzerland - 1992 - 00h52m00

    Switzerland is renowned for its work ethic, which has become a national character trait. In the aftermath of World War II, a novel concept - leisure time - gathered pace and began to turn things upside down with regard to how Swiss people regarded themselves and their priorities.

  • Campagne perdue • de Stéphane Goël • Switzerland - 1997 - 00h54m00

    Facing the crisis of their lives, six young farmers from a small village decide to pool their livestock in an enormous community stable. Unthinkable in normal times in such an individualistic society, this novel solution shows just how much people have been forced to change their ways. This tender and ironic film chronicles the three years it took to complete the project.

  • Les gymnastes • de Gilles Monnat • Switzerland - 2014 - 00h52m00

    Every six years, tens of thousands of gymnasts gather on the occasion of the Federal Gymnastics Festival to celebrate their sport, their values and the national cohesion. The film follows four bands during the months of preparation and training that precede this great gathering in Biel.

  • Eviction of Intellect (part 1) • de Eberhard Büssem • Austria - 2008 - 00h45m00

    World-famous chemist Carl Djerassi refers to himself as “mother of the pill“, but is also an art collector and writer. He speaks of himself as an intellectual polygamist. The film follows him around to the important milestones of his life and work. The 88-year-old scientist, restlessly travels all over the world, gives scientific lectures, comes to see the performances of his plays.

  • de Lucy Walker Karen Harley , Joao Henrique Vieira da silva jardin • Brazil • United Kingdom - 2011 - 01h38m00
    Vik Muniz

    For two years, the artist Vik Muniz photographed people who live from separating garbage, with the idea of turning their work into a crazy project: transforming refuse into art and thereby money. In Jardim Gramacho, the largest dump in the world on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, 3000 people recycle 200 tons of stinking garbage every day. How can art change their lives?

  • Der Banker: Master of the Universe • de Marc Bauder • Austria - 2013 - 01h30m00
    Angela Merkel  •  Rainer Voss

    Rainer Voss, a former trader who worked in banking for 10 years, is interviewed in a Frankfurt bank that’s been closed for six years. He unravels the tangled ball of string that is finance, from the origins of the financial crisis (deregulation and simultaneous digitization of the markets) to by-products developed to neutralize all kinds of risk.

  • Return to Goree • de Pierre-Yves Borgeaud • Switzerland • France • Luxembourg • Senegal • Swaziland - 2007 - 01h48m00

    The musical road movie, tells of African singer Youssou N'Dour's epic journey following the trail left by slaves and by the jazz music they invented. Youssou N'Dour's challenge is to bring back to Africa a jazz repertoire and to sing those tunes in Goree, the island that today symbolizes the slave trade and stands to commemorate its victims.

  • de Sonja Schenkel • Switzerland - 2009 - 00h58m00

    Globalization makes us long for roots and Saudade is a feeling that describes this longing, this nostalgia. We feel Saudade because we love. In this film, we go on a journey to explore the "Saudades do Brasil". We follow mariners as they cross the ocean from Europe back home to Brazil. Then, we peer into a hidden convent near Rio de Janeiro.

  • de Pierre Morath Nicholas J. Peart • Burkina Faso • Benin • Switzerland • Ghana • Togo - 2006 - 01h18m00

    Documentary which tries to demonstrate that the football and politics make only one. It deals with the geopolitics of the football, and more exactly within the framework of the selection of the team of Togo in the world.

  • Aisheen (Still Alive in Gaza) • de Nicolas Wadimoff • Israel - 2010 - 01h25m00

    War is hell for everyone, especially for kids. That's been the message of countless documentaries over the decades, and "Aisheen (Still Alive in Gaza)" is the latest addition to the roster. A glimpse into the plight of those trying to get by in what director Nicolas Wadimoff has called 'the world's largest prison'.

  • La nuit qu'on suppose • de Benjamin d'Aoust • Belgium - 2013 - 01h13m00

    A journey into the everyday lives and sensations of Brigitte, Danielle, Hedwige, Saïd & Bertrand, who, after once being able to see, have lost their sight. From Hedwige's very last visual perceptions to Bertrand's complete lack of visual memory, the differences between the protagonists reflect the idea that blindness, like every perception, is relative.

  • Yasuni - Two seconds of Life • de Leonardo Wild • Ecuador - 2010 - 01h30m00

    In Ecuador, the Yasuni National Park is one of the sites with the greatest biodiversity on our planet – and it also holds a big part of Ecuador´s oil reserves. Ecuador´s president Rafael Correa has made an extraordinary proposal: If the world will pay for protection of it‘s green lungs, Ecuador will leave the oil in the ground and will invest in renewable energy.

  • Eine ruhige Jacke • de Ramòn Giger • Switzerland - 2010 - 01h14m00

  • Pink Floyd : Behind the Wall • de Sonia Anderson • United Kingdom - 2011 - 01h19m00

    Selling over 200 million records worldwide, Pink Floyd has produced some of the most celebrated music in Rock history. Pink Floyds music was inimitable, psychedelic and utterly astounding. Throughout a career spanning nearly four decades, Pink Floyd have produced innumerable masterpieces and enjoyed tremendous success. This is a tale of the rise of one of the greatest rock bands in the world.

  • de Fabienne Godet • France - 2005 - 00h53m00
    Dominique Loiseau  •  Michel Vaujour  •  Paulette Loiseau  •  Michel Naudy

    Dominique Loiseau, accused of being the sixth man of a gang of renegade police, is sentenced in 1991 to 12 years of prison. The counter-inquiry led by the journalist Michel Naudy allowed Loiseau to be pardoned in 1993 by François Mitterrand. Meanwhile, in prison, the honest cop became friends with Michel Vaujour, an "escape artist".

  • No Quarto da Vanda • de Pedro Costa • Portugal - 2000 - 02h50m00
    Vanda Duarte  •  Lena Duarte  •  Zita Duarte  •  Pedro Lanban  •  António Moreno  •  Paulo Nunes  •  Fernando Paixão

    The film follows the daily life of Vanda Duarte, a heroin addict in Lisbon, and the community she lives in. For a year, director Pedro Costa has filmed Vanda's life, main actress of his previous movie, "Ossos", drug addict and fruit seller.

  • de Mirjam von Arx • Switzerland • United States - 2012 - 01h27m00

    Evangelical Christians are calling out for a second sexual revolution: chastity. As a counter-movement of the attitudes and practices of today's culture, one in six girls in the US has vowed to remain 'unsoiled' until marriage.

  • Sâdhu • de Gaël Métroz • Switzerland - 2012 - 01h30m00
    Suraj Baba

    In Hindi, Sâdhu means he who is in search of truth. To this end, the bespectacled sâdhu Suraj Baba has spent eight years at 3200 meters in a cave at the source of the Ganges. But peace is hard to find. And so he decides to go on a pilgrimage to Kumbhamela. He soon realizes he can't have anyone imposing a code of conduct on him. In search of himself, he makes his way to the sacred lakes...

  • de Jean-Michel Bertrand • France - 2010 - 01h15m00
    Jean-Michel Bertrand  •  Charles Berling

    Hidden under a rock or still in his shed, Jean-Michel Bertrand tries to disappear. He invites us behind the scenes of a solitary shoot, up in the mountains. Only patience and discretion will allow magic to happen.

  • La moitié de la gloire • de Alex Mayenfisch Claude Muret • Switzerland - 1995 - 00h45m00

    At the beginning of the 50s, Everest occupies the center stage: the conquest of the mythical third pole of the Earth is for the agenda. It is to the Swiss Foundation for the alpine explorations that returns the possibility of organizing the first attempt of the post-war years. They entrusts the mission to a group of Genevan climbers.

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