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  • de Adam Elliot • Australia • United States - 2009 - 01h32m00
    Toni Collette  •  Philip Seymour Hoffman  •  Barry Humphries  •  Eric Bana  •  Renée geyer  •  Bethany Withmore

    In the 1970's, Mary is a lonely ugly-looking young Australian girl with many hang-ups. Her biggest dream: find a friend. To quench her thirst for knowledge, Mary decides to write to an American, which she randomly selects from the phone book. The lucky target: Max Horowitz, an obese and psychologically fragile forty-something Jewish New-Yorker whose only companions are his neuroses and his pets.

  • Habitación en Roma • de Julio Medem • Spain - 2009 - 01h49m00
    Elena Anaya  •  Natasha Yarovenko  •  Najwa Nimri  •  Enrico Lo Verso

    Dasha (Natasha Yarovenko), a young Russian woman on vacation in Rome, goes for a drink by herself. Alba (Elena Anaya) , a young Spanish woman on a business trip in Rome, also goes for a drink by herself. It is each woman's last night in Rome.Everything will change for them that particular night...

  • Kelin • de Ermek Tursunov • Kazakhstan - 2009 - 01h22m00
    Gulsharat Zhubyeva  •  Turakhan Sadykova  •  Erzhan Nurymbet  •  Kuandyk Kystykbaev  •  Nurzan Turganbayev

    A woman is led by her family to her new husband's home, to live with, presumably, his elderly mother and younger brother. Despite being forced into the marriage, she discovers that he is not such a bad catch after all but domestic bliss does not last long.

  • Los Abrazos Rotos • de Pedro Almodóvar • Spain - 2009 - 02h07m00
    Penélope Cruz  •  Lluís Homar  •  Blanca Portillo  •  José Luis Gómez  •  Rubén Ochandiano  •  Tamar Novas  •  Ángela Molina

    Passion, obsession, wealth, jealousy, family, guilt, and creativity. In Madrid, Harry Caine is a blind screenwriter, assisted by Judit and her son Diego. The past comes rushing in when Harry learns of the death of Ernesto Martel, a wealthy businessman...

  • The Extra Man • de Shari Springer Berman Robert Pulcini • United States - 2009 - 01h48m00
    Kevin Kline  •  Paul Dano  •  Katie Holmes  •  Alicia Goranson  •  Lynn Cohen  •  John Pankow  •  Victoria Barabas  •  Marisa Ryan

    A naive and sensitive young gentleman, Louis Ives fancies himself a budding writer, wishes he had lived in the 1920s of F. Scott Fitzgerald, and secretly yearns to don ladies' undergarments. After an embarrassing incident that cuts short his career as a New Jersey English lit instructor, he makes his way to Manhattan to “find himself” — accompanied by a literary voiceover that tells us as much.

  • Valhalla Rising • de Nicolas Winding Refn • Denmark - 2009 - 01h30m00
    Mads Mikkelsen  •  Maarten Steven  •  Jamie Sives  •  Ewan Stewart  •  Gary Lewis  •  Gordon Brown  •  Alexander Morton  •  Gary McCormack

    The film takes place in 1000 AD and follows a Norse warrior named One-Eye and a boy named The Boy as they travel with a band of Christian Crusaders in pursuit of a Crusade. Instead, they find themselves in an unknown and unfamiliar land.

  • de Mathieu Amalric • France - 2009 - 01h51m00
    Mathieu Amalric  •  Miranda Colclasure  •  Suzanne Ramsey  •  Linda Marraccini  •  Julie Ann Muz  •  Angela De Lorenzo  •  Alexander Craven  •  Damien Odoul  •  Ulysse Klotz  •  André S. Labarthe  •  Aurélia Petit  •  Pierre Grimblat  •  Anne Benoît  •  Jean-Toussaint Bernard  •  Julie Ferrier  •  Florence Ben Sadoun  •  Antoine Gouy  •  Joseph Roth  •  Simon Roth

    In his early forties, Joachim Zand returns to France from self-imposed exile in the United States. Zand left behind him a career in television which was initially brilliant, but made him enemies with subsequent failures. He returns to his homeland to promote a troupe of American «new burlesque» dancers.

  • de Bruno Collet • France - 2009 - 00h08m00
    Bastien Colin

    A rare Bruce Lee action figure, still sealed in its original packaging, is exposed to some special incense that fills the toy with the spirit of the dragon. The plastic Bruce Lee comes to life, breaks out of the box, and prepares himself to live the life of a tiny warrior.

  • Gake no ue no Ponyo • de Hayao Miyazaki • Japan - 2009 - 01h41m00

  • Aanrijding in Moscou • de Christophe Van Rompaey • Belgium - 2008 - 01h42m00
    VMMa  •  Anemone Valcke  •  Jurgen Delnaet  •  Johan Heldenbergh  •  Julian Borsani  •  Sofia Ferri  •  Barbara Sarafian  •  Camille Friant  •  Bob De Moor  •  Jits Van Belle

    Matty is a 41-year old troubled married woman. Or, as she puts it, her husband is going through a midlife crisis, her oldest daughter is in puberty, her youngest daughter thinks she's in puberty and her son can't find his way into puberty. And, after an accident when leaving the parking lot of the local supermarket, her car needs a repair...

  • de Niki Caro • France - 2009 - 02h00m00
    Jérémie Renier  •  Keisha Castle-hughes  •  Vania Vilers  •  Éric Godon  •  Patrice Valota

    A winemaker is coached by a wise spirit in this fantasy set in the early 19th century, based on a novel by Elizabeth Knox. Sobran Jodeau is a poor but hard-working man who helps the Comte de Vully grow grapes but hopes to someday oversee his own vineyard and make world-class wine. Sobran is also deeply in love with Celeste, a lovely women whose family has been touched by emotional instability.

  • La Horde • de Yannick Dahan Benjamin Rocher • France - 2009 - 01h33m00
    Claude Perron  •  Jean-Pierre Martins  •  Eriq Ebouaney  •  Aurélien Recoing  •  Doudou Masta  •  Antoine Oppenheim

    Protocol and the law go out the window for a police crack team who find themselves teaming with with a criminal gang so that they might fight their way out of a high rise building that has become over-run with hordes of the un-dead.

  • de Alain Resnais • France - 2009 - 01h44m00
    Sabine Azéma  •  André Dussollier  •  Emmanuelle Devos  •  Mathieu Amalric  •  Anne Consigny  •  Michel Vuillermoz  •  Annie Cordy  •  Sara Forestier  •  Jean-Noël Brouté  •  Nicolas Duvauchelle  •  Roger Pierre  •  Rosine Cadoret  •  Vladimir Consigny  •  Edouard Baer  •  Dominique Rozan

    Marguerite Muir, an exuberant forty-something single woman, is mugged and her handbag stolen. A few hours later, Georges Palet finds her wallet by chance, lying at the foot of his car in the parking lot of the mall. This mysterious married man decides to meet Marguerite.

  • Prud'hommes • de Stéphane Goël • Switzerland - 2009 - 01h25m00

    Thousands of labour disputes are handled every year by a specific body: the labour court, which was established in the 19th century to settle disputes between employees and employers. Paradoxically, despite being increasingly in demand and, hence, often inundated with work, the labour court remains little known and hardly ever appears in the media.

  • de Luis Miñarro • Spain - 2009 - 01h15m00
    Francesc Herrero  •  Luis Miñarro

    A touching documentary that looks back at the lives of the director Luis Minaro's parents as they sit for a family portrait by artist Francesc Herrero, and reveal through intimate idscussions a stunning tapestry of family history, marked by the heavy impact of Catholicism and the Spanish Civil War.

  • de Andrew Kotting • Switzerland - 2009 - 01h40m00
    Capucine Aubriot  •  Manon Aubriot  •  Aurélia Petit  •  Xavier Tchili  •  Jacob Auzanneau  •  Adélaïde Leroux  •  Jean-Luc Bideau

    Part nightmare, part fantasy, "Ivul" tells the tale of Alex, who bizarrely moves out onto the roof of his house and refuses to come down after a false abuse accusation. From there, he watches the family he loves, but can't live with, as it destroys itself from the inside out.

  • de Christophe Blanc • France - 2009 - 01h35m00
    François Cluzet  •  Louise Bourgoin  •  Olivier Gourmet  •  Jonathan Zaccaï  •  Bouli Lanners

    Maxime has everything to be happy: high-end manager of a prosperous concession of vehicles, he is married to a delicious young woman and lives in a comfortable villa. Everything falls over when Simon, his partner, is murdered by gangsters' band. Been anxious to be accountable in the latter, Maxime calls in for help to his brothers, been used by the small tricks.

  • de Philippe Blasband • Belgium - 2009 - 01h21m00
    Aylin Yay  •  Philippe Résimont  •  Anne Girouard  •  Chloé Struvay  •  Benoît Verhaert  •  Didier De Neck  •  Nathalie Laroche  •  Diego Dalmans  •  Cédric Juliens  •  Florence Roux-Kanzi  •  Benoît Vandorslaer

    Viviane (Aylin Yay) is a 42-year-old nursery director who has just experienced the loss of her mother. Even though they maintained a distance from one another, it has taken a toll on Viviane, as she now receives frequent visits from her mother’s ghost (Anne Girouard), which may prove a chance to put right the things that kept them apart for so long.

  • de Claire Denis • France - 2009 - 01h42m00
    Isabelle Huppert  •  Christophe Lambert  •  Nicolas Duvauchelle  •  Isaach de Bankolé  •  William Nadylam  •  Adèle Ado  •  Michel Subor

    Denis revisits Africa, this time exploring a place rife with civil and racial conflict. A white French family outlawed in its home and attempting to save its coffee plantation connects with a black hero also embroiled in the tumult. All try to survive as their world rapidly crumbles around them.

  • Etienne! • de Jeff Mizushima • United States - 2009 - 01h28m00
    Etienne Hamster  •  Richard Vallejos  •  Megan Harvey  •  Caveh Zahedi  •  Rachel Stolte  •  Solon Bixler

    After Richard's best and only friend, a dwarf hamster named Etienne, is diagnosed with terminal cancer, he decides to take him on a bicycle road trip up the California coast to show him the world before he must put him to sleep.

  • de Vincent Pluss • Switzerland - 2008 - 01h30m00
    Céline Bolomey  •  Gabriel Bonnefoy  •  Frédéric Landenberg

  • de Eileen Hofer • Switzerland - 2009 - 00h15m00
    Patricia Nammour  •  Nasri Sayegh

    War is imminent, but pregnant Nour refuses to admit it. Her husband, more rational, persuades her to leave. Convinced they will be able to return shortly, they bring with them only the bare necessities. Little do they know that they are leaving behind the fond memories of a paradise lost. The dramatic reconstruction of a key day in the life of a couple who has since emigrated.

  • de Daniel Schweizer • Switzerland - 2009 - 01h16m00

    Today an incredible sanitary and ecological disaster is taking place in the heart of the Amazonia in an overseas department of France, on the border between Suriman and French Guyana. «Dirty Paradise» shares the story of a thousand Indians who are trying to survive the devastation caused by 10, 000 illegal gold-seekers who hide in the forests.

  • de Sonja Schenkel • Switzerland - 2009 - 00h58m00

    Globalization makes us long for roots and Saudade is a feeling that describes this longing, this nostalgia. We feel Saudade because we love. In this film, we go on a journey to explore the "Saudades do Brasil". We follow mariners as they cross the ocean from Europe back home to Brazil. Then, we peer into a hidden convent near Rio de Janeiro.

  • de Denis Dercourt • France - 2009 - 01h36m00
    Vincent Perez  •  Jérémie Renier  •  Aurélien Recoing  •  Anne Marivin  •  Gérald Laroche  •  Françoise Lebrun

    Mathieu, a piano virtuoso, goes home to help his brother Paul to take care of their sick mother. Paul is into reenacting old battles, dressing up and getting into character, even dueling if necessary. Mathieu gets involved in this world and play becomes real.

  • Räuberinnen • de Carla Lia Monti • Switzerland - 2009 - 01h24m00
    Nina Bühlmann  •  Myriam Muller  •  Mathis Künzler  •  Sabine Timoteo  •  Antoine Monot Jr.  •  Sascha Ley  •  Celine Wenger  •  Hans-Peter Ulli  •  Nils Althaus  •  Cynthia Coray  •  Alexandra Prusa  •  Delphine Clairet

    Robber Girls is an absurd journey through the goings-on of a modern-day forest. It follows two young rifle-wielding girls, Emily and maid-turned-fugitive Trizi, as they escape from the threats of a hideous sexually deviant sovereign. In a desperate attempt to save themselves from his grasp, and in Emily's case, the horror of her arranged marriage to his rich nephew.

  • Szelíd teremtés : A Frankenstein-terv • de Kornel Mundruczó • Hungary - 2009 - 01h45m00
    Rudolf Frecska  •  Lili Monori  •  Kornel Mundruczó  •  Kitty Csíkos  •  Miklos B. Székely  •  Diána Kiss  •  Natasa Stork  •  Ági Margitai

  • Venkovský ucitel • de Bohdan Sláma • Czech Republic - 2008 - 01h57m00
    Pavel Liska  •  Zuzana Bydzovská  •  Ladislav Sedivý  •  Tereza Vorísková  •  Milos Cernousek  •  Zuzana Kronerová  •  Miroslav Krobot  •  Miloslav Vokatý  •  Zdena Kucerová  •  Jaroslav Vlcek  •  Frantisek Prosek

    A biology teacher decides to leave his clockwork life in Prague and exile himself to a small country village. Despite a heavy secret, the young bachelor cannot help bond with his new neighbours, in particular a woman abandoned by her husband and her 18-year-old son.

  • de François Ozon • France - 2009 - 01h30m00
    Isabelle Carré  •  Louis-Ronan Choisy  •  Pierre Louis-Calixte  •  Melvil Poupaud  •  Jérôme Kircher  •  Marie Rivière  •  Claire Vernet  •  Jean-Pierre Andréani  •  Nicolas Moreau

    Mousse and Louis are two middle-class lovers hooked on heroin. When Louis overdoses, a less drugged-out Mousse is taken to the hospital, where the doctors tell her she is pregnant. At a loss, she escapes to her country house in Pays Basque, which she considers her refuge. When Louis' brother Paul arrives, the two grieve together in this natural setting.

  • de Edouard Gétaz • Austria - 2009 - 00h15m00
    Michael Goldstorm  •  Aria Alpert  •  Meg Gibson  •  Rob Besserer  •  Scott Cohen  •  Jerry Matz  •  Frédéric Polier  •  Emerie Snyder  •  Joy Shatz

    Vienna, 1884. Young Sigmund Freud is convinced that his research on his “magic powder” – otherwise known as cocaine – will advance his reputation and allow him to marry his love. Instead, it leads to an unexpected revelation that will ensure his name in the history books forever. In this short film, director Edouard Getaz paints an unexpected portrait of Freud in his late 20’s

  • Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky • de Jan Kounen • France - 2009 - 01h54m00
    Anna Mouglalis  •  Mads Mikkelsen  •  Elena Morozova  •  Natacha Lindinger  •  Grigori Manoukov

    Paris 1913. Coco Chanel is infatuated with the rich and handsome Boy Capel, but she is also compelled by her work. Igor Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring is about to be performed. The revolutionary dissonances of Igor's work parallel Coco's radical ideas.

  • Io sono l'Amore • de Luca Guadagnino • Italy - 2009 - 01h58m00
    Tilda Swinton  •  Alba Rohrwacher  •  Pippo Delbono  •  Marisa Berenson

    Saved by him from a hard life in Russia, Emma is the wife of Tancredi Recchi, an Italian tycoon who has just been appointed joint head of the Milanese family's textile business. Sharing the power is his own son Edoardo Jr., who would rather open a restaurant with his friend Antonio, a talented chef.

  • de Marcel Barelli • Switzerland - 2009 - 00h08m00

  • Little Alien • de Nina Kusturica • Germany - 2009 - 01h34m00
    Nura Bishar  •  Jawid Najafi  •  Ahmed Khodadadi  •  Khalil Karimi  •  Zahra Ibrahim

    They are teenagers who fled crisis regions and undertook an extremely dangerous journey to Europe, all alone, hoping for one thing: to live. After arriving here, they fight to live normal lives, struggling against a system that demands they sacrifice their youth to an uncertain future.

  • de Wolfgang Murnberger • Austria - 2009 - 01h57m00
    Josef Hader  •  Josef Bierbichler  •  Birgit Minichmayr  •  Christoph Luser  •  Pia Hierzegger  •  Simon Schwarz  •  Ivan Shvedoff  •  Stipe Erceg  •  Dorka Gryllus

    Off in the countryside to repossess a car, weary detective Simon Brenner discovers some strange goings-on at an inn, whose meat grinder seems to be getting a little too much action. While smitten by one of the inn's employees, Brenner gets caught up in a plot that involves a creepy solution to a meat shortage and some very nasty characters.

  • Die Tür • de Anno Saul • Germany - 2009 - 01h43m00
    Mads Mikkelsen  •  Jessica Schwarz  •  Valeria Eisenbach  •  Thomas Thieme  •  Tim Seyfi  •  Stefan Gebelhoff

    A successful artist loses control of his life after his young daughter's death. His wife left him for his daughter's former music teacher. Five years later, the opportunity to start a new life is offered to him. One day, he finds a door that allows him to go back five years ago. But in the past, appearances are deceiving...

  • de Nathan Miller Claude Miller • France - 2009 - 01h27m00
    Vincent Rottiers  •  Sophie Cattani  •  Christine Citti  •  Yves Verhoeven  •  Maxime Renard  •  Olivier Guéritée  •  Ludo Harlay  •  Gabin Lefebvre  •  Quentin Gonzales  •  Chantal Banlier  •  Thomas Momplot

    Given up for adoption as a toddler, troubled teenager Thomas becomes obsessed with tracking down his birth mother. After years of searching, Thomas finds her single, with a small child, living in a nearby suburb and begins a relationship with her which slowly drives him to an act of madness.

  • de Georges Schwizgebel • Switzerland • France - 2009 - 00h05m00

  • Somewhere between here and now • de Olivier Boonjing • Belgium - 2009 - 01h14m00
    Lucie Debay  •  Arieh Worthalter  •  Anaël Snoek  •  Antonio Otero  •  Andres Cifuentes  •  Mathieu Besnard  •  Pierre Van Heddegem

    After three years of travel through South-East Asia, a young woman, Louise comes back home. Brussels, Belgium. Adrian is just about to leave everything behind. She thought her journey was over, he believed his hasn't begun yet.

  • de Jean-Louis Porchet • France - 2009 - 00h08m00
    Irène Jacob  •  Pierre Blondeau  •  Simone Blondeau

    Irène Jacob has been invited by Pierre, a film enthusiast, who runs the cine-club that has organised the screening of the film “Trois Couleurs Rouge”. She observes that while Pierre’s wife Simone keeps her eye on the screen, her mouth is constantly at her husband’s ear. After the film, Irène Jacob notices that this elderly film aficionado is in fact blind.

  • Hard(ys) life • de Rolf Lyssy • Switzerland - 2009 - 01h06m00
    Hardy Hepp  •  Polo Hofer

    Looks in the life of a mouth craftsman. Hardy Hepp - husband, head of a family, painter, writer, philosopher, musician, composer, arranger, Singer - Songwriter, amateur gardner... A thoroughbred's survivor par excellence.

  • de Darren Aronofsky • France • United States - 2008 - 01h49m00
    Mickey Rourke  •  Evan Rachel Wood  •  Marisa Tomei  •  Todd Barry  •  Wass Stevens

    At the end of the 80s, Randy Robinson is a real legend of the professional fight. Twenty years later, he leads a miserable existence New Jersey, where he fights for derisory sums. In the term of a particularly bloody fight, he is a victim of a cardique stop. He has to stop the wrestling.

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