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  • de Mathieu Kassovitz • France - 1994 - 01h35m00
    Saïd Taghmaoui  •  Hubert Koundé  •  Vincent Cassel  •  Karim Belkhadra  •  Mathieu Kassovitz  •  Edouard Montoute  •  François Levantal  •  Solo Dicko

    The film follows three young men and their time spent in the French suburban "ghetto," over a span of twenty-four hours. Vinz, a Jew, Saïd, an Arab, and Hubert, a black boxer, have grown up in these French suburbs where high levels of diversity coupled with the racist and oppressive police force have raised tensions to a critical breaking point.

  • The Doom Generation • de Gregg Araki • United States - 1994 - 01h25m00
    James Duval  •  Rose McGowan  •  Johnathon Schaech  •  Cress Williams  •  Parker Posey  •  Lauren Tewes  •  Amanda Bearse  •  Nicky Katt

    The Doom Generation is a 1995 comedy thriller film written and directed by Gregg Araki. The film stars Rose McGowan, James Duval, and Johnathon Schaech as two teenagers and a 21-year-old punk drifter who become involved in a ménage à trois.

  • de Michel Spinosa • France - 1994 - 01h26m00
    Karin Viard  •  Antoine Basler  •  Irina Buzhilova  •  Inês de Medeiros  •  Didier Bénureau  •  Bruno Putzulu  •  Jean-Pierre Moulin  •  Eric Savin  •  Stanislas Gaczol  •  Agnieszka Kumor  •  Mariana Cywinski  •  Clément Sibony

    At the station buffet, two soldiers chat up Sophie. She does nothing to discourage them. On the contrary, she drags to a small hotel. But what a surprise for her to discover that the receptionist is Vincent, her former great love, that she has not seen for two years! They start a new affair together. Which will soon prove destructive...

  • de Rachid Bouchareb • France • Vietnam - 1994 - 01h27m00
    Gilles Chitlaphone  •  Daniel Guyant  •  Yann Roussel  •  Léon Outtrabady  •  Eric Nguyen  •  Jéhan Pagès  •  William Low  •  Lin-Lam Siu

    Based on a true story, after the US withdrawal and the fall of South Vietnam to the communist forces in 1975, many people are sent to reeducation camps. Several desperate boys in one of the camps begin planing their escape.

  • de Marian Handwerker • Belgium - 1994 - 01h31m00
    Marie Gillain  •  Aurore Clément  •  Stéphane Ferrara  •  Margarida Marinho  •  Alessandro Sigona  •  Sabrina Leurquin

    Marie (Marie Gillain) is a young pregnant woman who lives in a world where her mother feels nothing for her and her boyfriend's abandoned her. So she decides to start afresh in Brussels and hitches a ride with a friendly drug-pusher. However, when in Brussels she discovers 7-year-old Toni, a young boy abandoned by his father, and so she becomes resolved to re-unite him with his mother in Portugal.

  • N'oublie pas que tu vas mourir • de Xavier Beauvois • France - 1994 - 01h58m00
    Roschdy Zem  •  Xavier Beauvois  •  Chiara Mastroianni  •  Pascal Bonitzer  •  Bulle Ogier  •  Cédric Kahn  •  Jean Douchet  •  Emmanuel Salinger

    Benoit has planned out his life. Unfortunately he has forgotten the military duty. After he is called to duty he tries everything to get around. The story gets even worse as he is told by a military doctor that he is HIV positive. Then he goes to Italy and meets Claudia . Things seem to improve, but only for a short time...

  • de Youssef Chahine • Egypt - 1994 - 02h08m00
    Mahmoud Hemida  •  Youssra  •  Khaled El Nabaoui  •  Michel Piccoli  •  Safia El Emary  •  Ahmed Bedir

    The biblical tale of Joseph is told from an Egyptian perspective in this interesting character study. In this film, Joseph is called Ram. Ram, tired of his family's backward superstitious life, and tired of being picked on by his brothers, wants to go to Egypt to study agriculture.