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  • de Nadia Farès • Tunisia - 1996 - 01h20m00
    Slim Larnaou  •  Naji Najeh  •  Amel Ledhili  •  Samia Mzali  •  Nozha Khouadra  •  Lara Chaouachi

    MIEL ET CENDRES sheds light on the story and fate of three women trapped between tradition and modern life in North Africa today. Naima, a doctor, Amina, a graduate, and Leila, a young student, are pursuing their individual routes to an independent life when their paths cross.

  • de Nouri Bouzid • Tunisia - 1991 - 01h40m00
    Ahmed Ragoubi  •  Abdellatif Kechiche  •  Jacques Penot  •  Ghalia Lacroix  •  Sondes Belhassen  •  Manfred Andrae  •  Abdel Boukakdida  •  Claire Jouvet  •  Najoua Hafdhe  •  Jamel Sassi  •  Mustapha Adouani

    Fred is a French photographer who works in Tunisia. He wants to do a story about the bezness, the young gigolos who sell themselves to the tourists. He is protected by Roufa, a good-looking young man who sells his body to survive and dreams to travel to Europe. Very permissive with his "customers", he remains repressive with his family, especially with his girlfriend.

  • de Raja Amari • Tunisia - 2001 - 01h40m00
    Hiam Abbass  •  Hend El Fahem  •  Salah Miled  •  Nadra Lamloum  •  Abou Moez El Fazaa  •  Monia Hichri  •  Maher Kamoun  •  Faouzia Badr

    After the death of her husband, Lilia's life revolves solely around her teenage daughter, Salma. She thinks Salma lives a "dangerous relationship" with a musician in the cabaret "Red Satin". A subversive and unsettling first long feature film.

  • de Peter Snowdon • Bahrain • Egypt • Libya • Syria • Tunisia • Yemen - 2012 - 01h19m00

    The Uprising shows us the Arab revolutions from the inside. It is a multi-camera, first-person account of that fragile, irreplaceable moment when life ceases to be a prison, and everything becomes possible again.This feature-length documentary is composed entirely of videos made by citizens and long-term residents of Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Libya, Syria and Yemen.