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Category : Films (3)
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  • Kandidát • de Jonáš Karásek • Switzerland • Slovakia - 2013 - 01h46m00
    Marek Majeský  •  Monika Hilmerová  •  Michal Kubovcík  •  Michal Dlouhý  •  Pavel Slabý  •  Ján Jackuliak  •  Roman Luknár

  • Rudý kapitán • de Michal Kollar • Czech Republic • Slovakia - 2015 - 01h55m00
    Maciej Stuhr  •  Oldrich Kaiser  •  Marián Geisberg  •  Martin Finger  •  Michal Suchánek  •  Zuzana Kronerová  •  Helena Krajciová

    This is what happens to detective Richard Krauz (played by Maciej Stuhr, the son of legendary Polish actor Jerzy Stuhr), when he is handed a case of a mysterious body, found in the course of the reconstruction of a cemetery. The body has a nail stuck in its skull, indicating the person did not go silently into the night.

  • Fair Play • de Andrea Sedlackova • Czech Republic • Slovakia - 2014 - 01h40m00
    Judit Bárdos  •  Anna Geislerová  •  Roman Luknar  •  Eva Josefíková  •  Ondrej Novák  •  Roman Zach  •  Tatjana Medvecká  •  Igor Bares  •  Ondřej Malý  •  Jiří Wohanka  •  Zuzana Mistriková

    Set in Czechoslovakia in 1983, the film tells the story of Anna, a sprinter who is hoping to compete in the Olympics, and is selected into the national team. She is placed in a special state-run medical treatment where she is given anabolic steroids ("Stromba") by her trainer. Her performance increases but later discovers the negative effect of taking the steroids, causing her to stop using them.