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Category : Films (2)
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  • El tiempo nublado • de Arami Ullon • Switzerland • Paraguay - 2014 - 01h32m00

  • 7 Cajas • de Juan Carlos Maneglia Tana Schembori • Paraguay - 2012 - 01h45m00
    Celso Franco  •  Víctor Sosa  •  Lali Gonzalez  •  Nico García  •  Paletita  •  Manu Portillo  •  Mario Toñanez  •  Nelly Davalos

    Víctor, a 17 year old wheelbarrow leader, dreams of becoming famous, often absorbed by the TV in the appliance store in the Municipal Market. He receives an unusual proposal, to carry 7 boxes of unknown content, in exchange for a torn half of a $ 100 bill. He will get the other half when he finishes the job. Víctor, who has never seen this much money, has no idea how much it really is.