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  • Kebun binatang • de Edwin • Germany • Indonesia - 2012 - 01h36m00
    Ladya Cheryl  •  Nicholas Saputra  •  Adjie Nur Ahmad  •  Larysa Aurelya Raditya  •  Dave Lumenta  •  Abizars  •  Nitta Nazyra C. Noer  •  Budi Purbadi  •  Yasfi Hakim  •  Maman Ahadiat Safarman Effendi  •  Heidy Tristiana Triswan  •  Iwan Gunawan

    Abandoned by her father, Lana, grows up in a zoo under the guardianship of zookeepers and surrounded by the animals, cages and nature. The unexpected arrival of a charming illusionist changes everything. Lana falls in love with him and, for the first time ever, leaves the zoo. But her happiness is short-lived: during a performance, the illusionist disappears in a cloud of smoke.