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  • Glaubenberg • de Thomas Imbach • Switzerland - 2018 - 01h53m00
    Zsofia Körös  •  Francis Meier  •  Milan Peschel  •  Bettina Stucky

  • La femme et le TGV • de Timo von Gunten • Switzerland - 2016 - 00h30m00
    Jane Birkin  •  Gilles Tschudi  •  Mathieu Bisson

  • de Lionel Baier • Switzerland - 2008 - 01h29m00
    Robin Harsch  •  Natacha Koutchoumov  •  Elodie Weber  •  Georges-Henri Dépraz  •  Brigitte Jordan  •  Olivia Csiky Trnka  •  Bulle Ogier  •  Ursula Meier

    Psychological drama about a young, inexperienced film reviewer who falls for the charms of a well-established female colleague. A challenging look at the essence of film critique as well as an erotic encounter between two unequals.

  • de Zoltan Horvath • Switzerland - 2002 - 00h12m00

  • de Luc Peter Stéphanie Barbey • Switzerland • France • Niger - 2007 - 01h23m00

    In Niger, where more than 80% of the population is illiterate, radio is the main means of mass communication. It entertains, educates, informs and helps provide a check on power. It is the FM revolution.

  • Rosie • de Marcel Gisler • Switzerland - 2013 - 01h46m00
    Sybille Brunner  •  Fabian Krüger  •  Judith Hofmann  •  Sebastian Ledesma

    Lorenz, a successful gay writer leaves Berlin after to take care of his mother who just had a stroke. Back in his home village in central Switzerland, in the turmoil of family difficulties, nothing is simple for Lorenz ... and it gets even more complicated when love comes knocking...

  • de Julien Rouyet • Switzerland - 2011 - 00h22m00
    Milo McMullen  •  Michel Voïta  •  Delphine Théodore  •  Baptiste Gilliéron

    Catherine lives a life of leisure in her father’s villa. One evening, her father comes back home with Laetitia, a young cosmetics saleswoman. Eventually, she moves in, bringing kindness and affection, and benefiting from this new and cosy life. Catherine gradually loses the influence she had over her dad. She then attempts to get rid of Laetitia in order to regain her privileges.

  • de Peter Luisi • Switzerland - 2014 - 01h34m00
    Esther Gemsch  •  Klaus Wildbolz  •  Alexandra Prusa

    In order to win the respect of her friends and family, divorced housewife Sabine decides to perform Wilhelm Tell with a group of Asylum seekers in the Swiss mountains... Public's prize in Locarno 2014

  • Bill - Das absolute Augenmass • de Erich Schmid • Switzerland - 2008 - 01h34m00
    Max Bill  •  Angela Thomas  •  Gottfried Honegger  •  Jakob Bill

    The film about Max Bill (1908-1994) moves between the dynamic fields of art, aesthetics and politics. Max Bill was probably the most important swiss artist of the 20th century and the most famous student to come out of the legendary Bauhaus in Dessau.

  • de Pablo Larraín • Switzerland • Chile - 2016 - 01h48m00
    Luis Gnecco  •  Gael García Bernal  •  Mercedes Morán  •  Diego Muñoz  •  Pablo Derqui  •  Emilio Gutiérrez Caba  •  Jaime Vadell  •  Alfredo Castro

  • de Benjamin Heisenberg • Switzerland - 2010 - 01h30m00
    Andreas Lust  •  Franziska Weisz  •  Florian Wotruba  •  Johann Bednar  •  Markus Schleinzer  •  Peter Vilnai  •  Max Edelbacher

    While in prison, Johann Rettenberger begins to train seriously, and when he gets out his enthusiasm for exercise knows no bounds. So he runs marathons instead of looking for a job or an apartment, but he still gets his greatest kick robbing banks. For a while he gets away with it, but when his identity is revealed his talent for running is really put to the test.

  • de Fulvio Bernasconi Patrick Oberli • Switzerland • France - 2012 - 00h52m00

    Behind the scenes, in the shadow of spotlights, an invisible match is played, that could mean the end of one of the most popular sports: football. This movie disentangles the web woven by European and Asian Mafias in order to control football matches all over the world with the aim of increasing their benefits and laundering their illegally obtained money.

  • Le garçon s'appelait Apache • de Stéphane Goël • Switzerland - 1995 - 00h53m00

    The building of a huge astronomical observatory on Mount Graham, in south-eastern Arizona has been strongly opposed by the San Carlos Apaches. To them, Mt. Graham is sacred land. The Apaches particularly resent the fact that the Catholic Church is involved in the building of this observatory.

  • de Marcel Barelli • Switzerland - 2011 - 00h07m00

    This animated documentary film tells in a satirical manner how the bearded vulture became extinct in the Swiss Alps because it was erroneously considered to be dangerous. Above all, however, the film teaches us a great deal about a distinct image of foreigners portrayed in Swiss politics. Mais ce film ne nous raconte pas que cette histoire...

  • de Basil Da Cunha • Switzerland - 2012 - 00h30m00
    José Pedro Gomes  •  Dorin Dragos  •  Carlos Marques  •  Antonio Silva Moura  •  Vitor Cabral

    Ze, a 50-year-old alcoholic, works in the Port of Lisbon where he loads and unloads containers. Ze never left his neighbourhood and is hiding his savings so that one day he'll be able to board one of the huge cruise ships he sees everyday. When his jealous wife steals his money, Ze will do everything to fulfil his dream.

  • de Pierre-Adrian Irlé Valentin Rotelli • Switzerland • France • Japan • United States - 2010 - 01h29m00
    Isabelle Caillat  •  Toshi Toda  •  Travis Shakespeare  •  Olga Rosin

    Two journeys, two stories… four lives. In Japan, Nakata sets out on the road to resign from his job. He meets Ellen, a mysterious young woman looking to get out of Tokyo. On the other side of the ocean Ellen’s brother, Ben, is headed north along the California coast. He picks up Sarah, who’s hitchhiking from Las Vegas searching for a new life.

  • Le poison - le crime de Maracon • de Stéphane Goël • Switzerland - 2003 - 00h54m00

    Now aged over 90, police officer Pahud still has not recovered. Neither has the rest of the population of Semsales, a small Swiss village, which seems similar to any other village in the region...except that it still bears the marks of a collective trauma dating back more than 50 years. Two young women, Hélène Monnard and Marie-Thérèse Bovey, were murdered but the case was never solved.

  • Garçon Stupide • de Lionel Baier • Switzerland - 2004 - 01h34m00
    Pierre Chatagny  •  Rui Pedro Alves  •  Natacha Koutchoumov

    By day, he works in a chocolate factory, and by night he indulges his sexual desires, one after the other. But one day, he decides to do something exceptional, something ‘really new’. He’s not yet sure what this will be but he already starts saving money by reducing his food intake – popping stomach pills to suppress his appetite.

  • de Lena von Döhren • Switzerland - 2012 - 00h04m00

    A puff of wind, and the yellow leaf is off on its journey through the white winter forest. In a merry chase, the young bird also takes to the air. ◆ Audience Award at Filmfestival Solothurn 2013 and Nomination for SWISS QUARTZ 2013 ◆Special Prize, Int. Animation Festival, Hiroshima - 2012 ◆Children's Choice Award Bronze,Int. Short film Festival and Market, Sapporo - 2012

  • de Maren Ade • Switzerland • Germany • Romania - 2016 - 02h42m00
    Peter Simonischek  •  Sandra Huller  •  Michael Wittenborn  •  Lucy Russell  •  Thomas Loibl  •  Trystan Pütter  •  Hadewych Minis  •  Ingrid Bisu  •  Vlad Ivanov  •  Victoria Cocias

  • de • Switzerland - 2014 - 01h33m00
    Dani Arnold  •  Jacques Grandjean  •  Werner Munter  •  Stephan Siegrist

    With Jacques Grandjean, we strain to reach alpine crystals in brittle rock on sheer rock faces. On the north face of the Gross Ruchen, we hear extreme climber Dani Arnold cursing in the windstorm. We accompany Stefan Siegrist on his expedition to Makalu’s western pillar in Nepal. Werner Munter, more than 70 years old, is still searching for new routes in the remotest areas of Val d’Hérens.

  • Sur les traces des pharaons noirs • de Stéphane Goël • Switzerland - 2005 - 00h52m00

    Charles Bonnet, is one of Europe’s leading archeologists. He has been combing through the sands of northern Sudan for 40 years. His work has exposed the importance of the Nubian civilisation, the black pharaohs, and of Kerma, the first capital of the great Nubian empire. The major findings made by him and his team have enabled the Sudanese population to rediscover some of its national identity.

  • de Stina Werenfels • Switzerland - 2003 - 01h25m00
    Bettina Stucky  •  Stefan Kurt  •  Pablo Aguilar  •  Max Rüdlinger  •  Ursula Andermatt  •  Sibylle Courvoisier  •  Hugo Bigi

    Marilyn, a reluctant, overweight hairdresser, is in danger of being suffocated by her eventless life. The salon lacks customers and her unhappy affair with the village macho stops her seeing her true talent: Marilyn can sing! Marilyn Meier has a hard time of it.

  • Hard(ys) life • de Rolf Lyssy • Switzerland - 2009 - 01h06m00
    Hardy Hepp  •  Polo Hofer

    Looks in the life of a mouth craftsman. Hardy Hepp - husband, head of a family, painter, writer, philosopher, musician, composer, arranger, Singer - Songwriter, amateur gardner... A thoroughbred's survivor par excellence.

  • de Pascal Forney • Switzerland • France - 2008 - 00h20m00
    Alexandre De Marco  •  Jean-Claude Dreyfus  •  Didier Flamand  •  Benoît Allemane

    A long time ago Vincent lived in a remote valley whose name no one knew. Vincent is a magician who does the number with the sawed-in-half woman every evening. He doesn't know how the trick works so the neighbourhood gradually turns into a graveyard.

  • de Bruno Deville • Switzerland - 2012 - 00h26m00
    Roland Vouilloz  •  Julia Perazzini  •  Marina Golovine  •  Jean-Luc Borgeat  •  Danae Destraz  •  Gabriele Bazzichi  •  Frédéric Mudry  •  Antonio Buil  •  Lionel Fresard  •  Jean-Marc Morel  •  Monica Budde  •  Caroline Gasser  •  Bernard Kordylas

    Whilst Oscar has Melody’s class visit the road, the police arrive to investigate the trafficking of toxic barrels. Therefore the proposed revolutionary machine designed by Raymond Debonneville receives no attention. Meanwhile, Tina still does not know how she can take care of her only child.

  • de Sanford McCoy • Switzerland - 2009 - 00h11m00
    Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

    An introverted middle-aged woman learns that she is sick and must radically change her way of life without fully understanding the nature of her illness. Faced with an intimate and profound fear in a world where images never lie.

  • Elder Jackson • de Robin Erard • Switzerland • United Kingdom • United States - 2010 - 00h26m00
    Sid Phoenix  •  Amelia Clay  •  Frank Simms  •  Michel Voïta

    A Mormon missionary, Jacob Jackson has a very disciplined regime, with his evangelising and life in a community. His encounter with Kathy, also a member of the Church, will overturn this routine pattern. Caught between his desires and pressures from the hierarchy, Jacob finally reveals his true self.

  • Heidi • de Luigi Comencini • Switzerland - 1952 - 01h36m00
    Elsbeth Sigmund  •  Heinrich Gretler  •  Thomas Klameth  •  Elsie Attenhofer  •  Isa Günther

    When her guardians die, Heidi must live in the mountains with her grandfather, Alm-Uncle, who does not like people. He slowly changes and becomes more caring because of Heidi. Then, Heidi must move to Frankfurt, Germany to be the friend of Clara, a girl who is sick and cannot walk. Clara’s grandmother encourages Heidi to learn to read, and she also learns about God...

  • de Bruno Deville • Belgium • Switzerland - 2013 - 01h24m00
    Swann Arlaud  •  Julie Ferrier  •  David Thielemans  •  François Hadji-Lazaro  •  Lisa Harder  •  Amélie Peterli  •  Thémis Pauwels  •  Dodi Mbemba

    Fluffy is the nickname of Kevin, a 12 years old kid already weights 100 kilos (220.46 lb). If he keeps devours fries, pastries and ice cream everyday, he's gonna have heart attack sooner or later unless he decides to change his diet to turn around and stop eating junk food.

  • de Bruno Deville • Switzerland - 2012 - 00h26m00
    Roland Vouilloz  •  Julia Perazzini  •  Marina Golovine  •  Jean-Luc Borgeat  •  Danae Destraz  •  Gabriele Bazzichi  •  Frédéric Mudry  •  Antonio Buil  •  Lionel Fresard  •  Jean-Marc Morel  •  Monica Budde  •  Caroline Gasser  •  Bernard Kordylas

    Oscar drives a garbage truck for the road works of a small town and leads a pleasant life. He has the woman he loves, an intelligent daughter, and his best friend for a boss! But one day, without him even noticing it, everything comes undone when Tina, a young delinquent, lands in his section.

  • Un juif pour l'exemple • de Jacob Berger • Switzerland - 2016 - 01h13m00
    Bruno Ganz  •  André Wilms

  • de Marc Décosterd • Switzerland - 2012 - 01h12m00
    Renaud Berger  •  Caroline Althaus  •  Marc Décosterd  •  Yannick Merlin  •  Jean Winiger  •  Marie-Aude Guignard  •  Yannick Rosset  •  Virginie Meisterhans

    Erwan is back, he has settled down with his girlfriend Sandra and is done with guns and crime. He now lives peacefully with Sandra, they have a child together. When his friend Harry gets out of prison, Erwan will soon be tempted by one last heist - for the fun of it and to get some college money for his young boy, Gordon.

  • Pink Noise • de Jessica Tavernaro Roman Frei • Switzerland - 2016 - 00h12m00

  • de Georges Schwizgebel • Switzerland - 1974 - 00h03m00

  • de Ritesh Batra • Switzerland - 2011 - 00h11m00
    Mai Abozeed  •  Alaa Ezzat

    After two years together, Alaa and Mai encounter the first big crisis in their relationship in a café in Cairo. In this city, always changing and always relentless, the old and the new clash and anything might be possible.

  • de Gabriel Le Bomin • Switzerland • France - 2010 - 02h15m00
    Laura Smet  •  Charles Berling  •  Marc-André Grondin  •  Grégori Derangère  •  Dominique Reymond  •  Francis Perrin  •  Gabriele Bazzichi  •  Dominique Favre-Bulle  •  Gaspar Boesch

    Everything starts where other films end: with a marriage. For Sam, it is already the beginning of the end but he doesn't know it yet. His sister, Lise, marries Henri, a successful Genevan auctioneer in his fifties. She is 25, Sam a little younger, he is her best man. His hand shakes at the time of signing the marriage certificate...

  • de Bruno Deville • Switzerland - 2012 - 00h26m00
    Roland Vouilloz  •  Julia Perazzini  •  Marina Golovine  •  Jean-Luc Borgeat  •  Danae Destraz  •  Gabriele Bazzichi  •  Frédéric Mudry  •  Antonio Buil  •  Lionel Fresard  •  Jean-Marc Morel  •  Monica Budde  •  Caroline Gasser  •  Bernard Kordylas

    Melody, currently staying with Oscar for awhile, has ideas about her father and Tina. Oscar becomes increasingly concerned with Novak’s nightlife patterns. Tina arrives at the end of her "contract" and risks having to leave her new family...

  • Fragments du Paradis • de Stéphane Goël • Switzerland - 2015 - 01h25m00

  • de Rinaldo Marasco Jérôme Piguet • Switzerland - 2011 - 00h52m00
    Michel Corboz

    Johann Sebastian Bach’s Mass in B Minor is hailed as one of the most monumental works in classical music. Rehearsals, recordings and performances of the piece provide insight into the working methods of a man who has abandoned the beaten track of customary interpretation of Baroque music: Michel Corboz.

  • Der Erfinder • de Kurt Gloor • Switzerland - 1980 - 01h36m00
    Bruno Ganz  •  Walo Lüönd  •  Verena Peter  •  Mathias Gnädinger  •  Inigo Gallo  •  Margrit Rainer  •  Olivier Diggelmann  •  Babett Arens

    Jakob is an obsessive inventor who lives in a Swiss village in the early years of the twentieth century. With the exception of his friend Otti (Lüönd), who thinks Jakob is a genius, his neighbors dismiss him as a harmless eccentric. One day, Jakob invents a vehicle that would run not on roads but rather on its own treads, a development that could revolutionize the local farming industry.

  • de Adrienne Bovet • Switzerland • France - 2011 - 00h11m00
    Géraldine Bagnout  •  Prune Beuchat  •  Valentin Rossier  •  Zuriel De Pesluan  •  Simon Guélat

    Carnival in a small town: Margaux, Louisa and Théo are getting ready for a night out. They put on their costumes, drink too much. A night like so many others… But on the next morning, their lives will have changed forever.

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