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  • L'usine • de Alex Mayenfisch • Switzerland - 2005 - 00h48m00

    In spring, 2002, a factory of textile industry closed its doors and dismisses 140 staying employees. She was not able to resist the globalization of an activity which gradually moved towards countries where the workforce is less expensive. This particular context offers the opportunity to develop under an original shape a documentary with historic character.

  • de Jean-Stéphane Bron • Switzerland • France - 2016 - 01h50m00
    Stéphane Lissner  •  Mikhail Timoshenko  •  Fanny Gorse  •  Philippe Jordan  •  Benjamin Millepied  •  Ursula Naccache  •  Bryn Terfel

  • de Grand Corps Malade Mehdi Idir • Switzerland • France - 2016 - 01h50m00
    Pablo Pauly  •  Soufiane Guerrab  •  Moussa Mansaly  •  Nailia Harzoune  •  Franck Falise  •  Yannick Renier  •  Jason Divengele

    After a catastrophic accident, Ben is sent to a physiotherapy center to learn how to live with his injuries. After some of the patients become friends with him, they all work together to find the strength to live again.

  • L'Expérience Blocher • de Jean-Stéphane Bron • Switzerland - 2013 - 01h40m00
    Christoph Blocher

    Fall 2011. Christoph Blocher is on the campaign trail, working toward a victory for his rightwing. The story of Switzerland’s most controversial political leader. It also chronicles the face-to-face encounter between a filmmaker and a man of power, through a year of exclusive, up-close interviews and access to his private life.

  • de Pablo Trapero • Argentina • Switzerland - 2015 - 01h50m00
    Guillermo Francella  •  Peter Lanzani

  • Erlkönig • de Georges Schwizgebel • Switzerland - 2015 - 00h16m00

  • Prud'hommes • de Stéphane Goël • Switzerland - 2009 - 01h25m00

    Thousands of labour disputes are handled every year by a specific body: the labour court, which was established in the 19th century to settle disputes between employees and employers. Paradoxically, despite being increasingly in demand and, hence, often inundated with work, the labour court remains little known and hardly ever appears in the media.

  • de Andrea Štaka • Switzerland - 2014 - 01h23m00

    1993: after the Siege of Dubrovnik. 14-year-old Linda has moved back to Croatia from Switzerland with her dad. Her new best friend Eta takes her up to the forest above the city. The two girls become entangled in an obsessive, sexually charged game of swapping identities that leads to a fatal fall. The following morning Linda comes back alone; slowly she begins to take Eta’s place in her family.

  • de Lionel Baier • Switzerland • Poland - 2006 - 01h45m00
    Natacha Koutchoumov  •  Alicja Bachleda-Curus  •  Lionel Baier  •  Stéphane Rentznik  •  Bernabé Rico  •  Lech Dyblik  •  Anne-Lise Tobagi  •  Barbara Dembinska  •  Michal Rudnicki  •  Luc Andrié

    Lionel is a happy gay man with a great career and an open-minded family that accepts his loyal lover, Serge. But things start to unravel when he meets a pretty Polish immigrant who is about to be deported and decides to marry her.

  • Bonus Summer Academy 2013 • de LeKino * • Switzerland - 2013 - 00h13m00

  • de Anne Fontaine • Switzerland • France - 2015 - 01h55m00
    Lou de Laâge  •  Vincent Macaigne  •  Agata Buzek  •  Agata Kulesza  •  Joanna Kulig  •  Eliza Rycembel  •  Anna Próchniak  •  Katarzyna Dabrowska  •  Joana Fertacz  •  Mira Maludzinska  •  Pascal Elso  •  Thomas Coumans  •  Dorota Kuduk  •  Klara Bielawka

  • de Bruno Deville • Switzerland - 2012 - 00h26m00
    Roland Vouilloz  •  Julia Perazzini  •  Marina Golovine  •  Jean-Luc Borgeat  •  Danae Destraz  •  Gabriele Bazzichi  •  Frédéric Mudry  •  Antonio Buil  •  Lionel Fresard  •  Jean-Marc Morel  •  Monica Budde  •  Caroline Gasser  •  Bernard Kordylas

    Oscar finds himself behind bars without being able to redeem himself in the eyes of his daughter. All assemble to get him out of there, starting with Tina and Evelyn who are convinced of his innocence. Will Raymond Debonneville help to apprehend the culprit?

  • de Francis Reusser • Switzerland • France - 1998 - 01h30m00
    Marion Cotillard  •  Yann Trégouët  •  François Marthouret  •  Antoine Basler

    In the winter of 1797-98, the troops of Napoleon and their revolutionary allies in the Pays de Vaud occupy the latter and begin preparations for a military offensive which will hasten the fall of Berne. On the far side of the snow-blocked passes of their protective mountains, those who reject the ideas of the Enlightenment begins to organise resistance.

  • de Marcel Schüpbach • Switzerland • France • Hungary • Luxembourg • Serbia • United States • Yugoslavia - 2006 - 01h35m00
    Carla Del Ponte

    At the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, one woman fights for justice and the extradition of the last remaining war criminals on the run. Their names are Ratko Mladic, Radovan Karadzic and Ante Gotovina, wartime leaders of Bosnian Serbs. Her name is Carla Del Ponte, the Swiss-born, chain-smoking chief prosecutor.

  • de Peter Bardehle Sebastian Lindemann • Switzerland - 2013 - 01h34m00

    The Alps seen from above. This film highlights the diversity of a breath-taking landscape and natural habitat that has experienced profound changes over time. Its mountains were once on the ground of a sea. Nowadays the Alps have become a paradise for trekkers and winter sports.

  • de Georges Schwizgebel • Switzerland - 1998 - 00h07m00

  • Lester • de Pascal Forney • Switzerland • France - 2010 - 00h07m00
    Carlos Leal  •  Florence Rivero  •  Marc Thill  •  Anne Thorens

    Lester, a vampire, gets into a girl's appartment to suck her blood. Woken up by this strange visitor, she will find herself involved in a game in which only he seems to know the rules. What about you? What do you know about vampires?

  • de Anna Luif • Switzerland - 2003 - 01h22m00
    Muriel Neukom  •  Andreas Eberle  •  Lena Sabine Berg  •  Jann Preuss  •  Lena Reichmuth

    Sandra is new to the neighbourhood and she‘s shy. The girls in her class don‘t make it easy for her either. She doesn‘t fit into the cool clique around Nadja and Isa at all. But when she meets 14-year-old Mike who lives in the house across the street, all her problems seem to be forgotten. She falls head over heels in love with him.

  • de Belinda Sallin • Switzerland - 2014 - 01h35m00
    H.R. Giger

    Throughout his life, HR Giger had inhabited the world of the uncanny, a dark universe on the brink of many an abyss. It was the only way this amiable, modest and humorous man was able to keep his fears in check.

  • de Vincent Pluss • Switzerland - 2008 - 01h30m00
    Céline Bolomey  •  Gabriel Bonnefoy  •  Frédéric Landenberg

  • de Philippe Lioret • Switzerland • France - 2011 - 02h00m00
    Vincent Lindon  •  Marie Gillain  •  Amandine Dewasmes  •  Yannick Renier  •  Pascale Arbillot  •  Laure Duthilleul  •  Isabelle Renauld  •  Emmanuel Courcol  •  Lena Crespo  •  Oriane Solomon  •  Filip Peeters  •  Eric Naggar  •  ANNA-BELLA DREYFUS  •  THOMAS BOINET

    Moved by the plight of the mother of her daughter's school friend, a young judge facing an incurable disease teams up with an older colleague in order to fight against financial companies that exploit the poor.

  • de Katalin Gödrös • Switzerland - 2010 - 01h30m00
    Ursina Lardi  •  Joel Basman  •  Peter Jecklin  •  Sarah Horvath  •  Jeroen Willems  •  Luisa Sappelt  •  Mira Elisa Goeres  •  Lilian Fritz  •  Stéphane Maeder

    Not long ago she was just a little girl. Now Lilli has become a young woman. She insists on locking the bathroom door. And her father avoids romping with Lilli like he does with her younger sister. Her mother attempts to understand. These developmental changes confuse Lilli as she vacillates emotionally between a need for love and aggression.

  • de Marcel Gisler • Switzerland • Germany - 2018 - 01h59m00
    Max Hubacher  •  Aaron Altaras  •  Jessy Moravec  •  Jürg Plüss  •  Doro Müggler

    For the first time in his life Mario, a young footballer, falls in love with Leon, a new striker from Germany. But in the team, rumors begin to circulate on their relationship and Mario sees his career compromised to join a first division club.

  • In 3 Tagen bist du tot • de Andreas Prochaska • Switzerland - 2006 - 01h37m00
    Sabrina Reiter  •  Julia Rosa Stöckl  •  Laurence Rupp  •  Michael Steinocher  •  Nadja Vogel  •  Julian Sharp  •  Andreas Kiendl  •  Amelie Jarolim  •  Susi Stach  •  Karl Fischer  •  Michou Friesz

    "In 3 days you're dead!" At first, Nina and her clique think this SMS is just a stupid joke. But no one is laughing when Nina's boyfriend is found tied to a concrete block at the bottom of a lake the next day. When another member of the group is savagely attacked everyone is paralyzed with dread. They're all on the murderers list. But why?

  • de Andrew Kotting • Switzerland - 2009 - 01h40m00
    Capucine Aubriot  •  Manon Aubriot  •  Aurélia Petit  •  Xavier Tchili  •  Jacob Auzanneau  •  Adélaïde Leroux  •  Jean-Luc Bideau

    Part nightmare, part fantasy, "Ivul" tells the tale of Alex, who bizarrely moves out onto the roof of his house and refuses to come down after a false abuse accusation. From there, he watches the family he loves, but can't live with, as it destroys itself from the inside out.

  • de Pierre Morath • Switzerland • France - 2010 - 01h25m00

    Hockey Season 2009-2010. Against everyone's expectations, the club Geneva-Servette plays the final match against Bern. How was that possible? Through the voices of the players and the staff, the movie retells the epic rise of the Servette eagles during the unbelievable season 2009-2010.

  • Pas les flics, pas les noirs, pas les blancs • de Ursula Meier • Switzerland - 2002 - 01h12m00

  • 78 Tours • de Georges Schwizgebel • Switzerland - 1985 - 00h04m00

  • de Elika Rezaee • Switzerland - 2011 - 00h17m00
    Leila Osali  •  Mahyar Pourhesabi  •  Anahita Hemmati

    One morning like any other, a young couple is getting ready to go to work. He takes the car, and she takes a taxi because he does not wait for her. They meet up by chance a little while later, when they really were not thinking about each other anymore.

  • de Curt Truninger • Switzerland • Germany • United States - 2001 - 01h34m00
    Helen Baxendale  •  Tim Dutton  •  Guylaine St-Onge  •  Susan Haskell  •  Lynne Cormack

    Julie, a young woman who lacks self-confidence lives in a world of her own, absorbed by an idealised memory of her husband, killed in an accident. Alex, a young writer, is attempting in vain to repeat the success of his first book. As nothing seems to work anymore he sees no other way out than suicide. About to shoot himself near an isolated cliff, Alex is disturbed by Julie's cries for help.

  • Vape Wave • de Jan Kounen • Switzerland - 2016 - 01h28m00
    Antoine Basler  •  Carole Brana  •  Jan Kounen

  • de Bettina Oberli • Switzerland • Germany - 2013 - 01h31m00
    Annemarie Düringer  •  Stefan Kurt  •  Nina Proll  •  Stanley Townsend

    André, obsessed with his mother's well-being, can't break away from her even as he falls for Steffi, the pretty saleswomen at the local sausage van. Charming scam artist Bill arrives from the States and wins over Louise as he starts to call her “mom”...

  • de Jens Schanze • Switzerland • Germany - 2015 - 01h37m00

  • Die Letzte Chance • de Leopold Lindtberg • Switzerland • Great Britain • Italy • United States - 1945 - 01h53m00
    Lazar Wechsler  •  Ewart G. Morrison  •  John Hoy  •  Ray Reagan  •  Luisa Rossi  •  Guiseppe Galeati  •  Romano Calò  •  Leopold Biberti  •  Sigfrit Steiner  •  Emil Gerber  •  Therese Giehse  •  Robert Schwarz  •  Germaine Tournier  •  Berthe Sakhnowsky

    Escaping a Nazi prison train in war-torn Italy, an American and a British soldier set out for the Swiss border and find themselves leading a multi-national party of refugees for the Italian underground.

  • Chronicle of a Forgotten Death • de Pierre Morath • Switzerland • France - 2012 - 01h02m00

    For 28 months the dead man lay on the sofa in his studio in the centre of Geneva. His family, his neighbours, and his friends thought he was either travelling or in convalescence.The film examines how a man could be so forgotten.

  • de Fredi M. Murer • Switzerland - 2006 - 02h00m00
    Fabrizio Borsani  •  Teo Gheorghiu  •  Bruno Ganz  •  Julika Jenkins  •  Urs Jucker  •  Eleni Haupt  •  Kristina Lykowa  •  Tamara Scarpellini  •  Daniel Rohr  •  Norbert Schwientek

    The film tells the story of a highly-gifted boy whose parents have demanding and ambitious plans for him - they want him to become a pianist. However, one day the boy, Vitus, is no longer willing to comply with his parents' plans and ambitions because he wants to follow his own star

  • de Daniel Calderon • Switzerland • France • Morocco • United States - 2002 - 00h52m00

    The film paints a fascinating portrait of Tanger's hedonistic heyday, with archival material and vivid first-hand accounts from contemporaries like the reknowned Moroccan writer Mohamed Choukri. Calderon's film succeeds in evoking the mystery and magic of Tanger's past without ignoring its future

  • de LeKino * • Switzerland - 2013 - 00h07m00

  • 7000 bornes une frontière • de Alex Mayenfisch • Switzerland - 2013 - 00h52m00

    We cross it regularly but we rarely linger there. In Switzerland, the border is never very distant (rarely at more than one hour of road). The country is small, without outlet on the sea and the interweaving with the nearby countries omnipresent. This movie proposes a raid along this imaginary line.

  • El Olivo • de Icíar Bollaín • Switzerland • Spain - 2016 - 01h40m00
    Anna Castillo  •  Javier Gutiérrez  •  Pep Ambròs  •  Manuel Cucala  •  Miguel Angel Aladren

  • de Anne Deluz Béatrice Guelpa • Switzerland - 2008 - 00h50m00

    From “Tupperware”parties to “Fuckerware” ones! Or how the sex toy got rid of its vulgar image and sex taboos. Through three portraits, with delicacy, a lot of humor but also with precision, the film offers a contemporary and surprising vision of these objects of pleasures. This documentary depicts the effects of trivializing these objects and gives cause to reflect on one's own intimacy.

  • Katzenball • de Veronika Minder • Switzerland - 2004 - 01h31m00
    Heidi Oberli  •  Liva Tresch  •  Lilian Naef  •  Johanna Berends  •  Ursula Rodel  •  Samira Zingaro

    The past 70 years in Switzerland as told from the perspective of a hidden minority: the history – and personal accounts – of lesbians, their relationships and international networks, their search for an identity and for meeting places. A narrative of their political struggle, masquerades and subculture in this country.

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