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  • Genesis 2.0 • de Christian Frei • Switzerland - 2018 - 01h53m00

  • Marija • de Michael Koch • Switzerland - 2016 - 01h40m00
    Margarita Breitkreiz  •  Georg Friedrich

  • de Georges Schwizgebel • Switzerland - 1977 - 00h06m00

  • de Mirjam von Arx • Switzerland • United States - 2012 - 01h27m00

    Evangelical Christians are calling out for a second sexual revolution: chastity. As a counter-movement of the attitudes and practices of today's culture, one in six girls in the US has vowed to remain 'unsoiled' until marriage.

  • de Luc Peter • Switzerland • Germany • Russia - 2000 - 00h50m00

    It features five of the residents, whose memories evoke the world of the artist under the communist system, while on a more intimate level they provide rare first-hand glimpses of the rapidly changing world of Russia throughout the 20th century. At the same time the film gives an inside view of this unusual home and its residents in their everyday lives.

  • de Bruno Deville • Switzerland - 2012 - 00h26m00
    Roland Vouilloz  •  Julia Perazzini  •  Marina Golovine  •  Jean-Luc Borgeat  •  Danae Destraz  •  Gabriele Bazzichi  •  Frédéric Mudry  •  Antonio Buil  •  Lionel Fresard  •  Jean-Marc Morel  •  Monica Budde  •  Caroline Gasser  •  Bernard Kordylas

    The arrival of business coach, Sophie Bingle, arouses strong reactions, especially in Novak. For Oscar, the idea that Evelyne could marry Jérôme seems unbearable. However, Jérôme hides an embarrassing secret from his future wife. Meanwhile, Melody complicates things...

  • de Hugo Gélin • Switzerland • France - 2016 - 01h55m00
    Omar Sy  •  Clémence Poésy  •  Gloria Colston  •  Antoine Bertrand  •  Ashley Walters  •  Clémentine Célarié

    Samuel parties hard in the Marseille area of France and is awoken one morning by a woman carrying a baby she claims is his. She drives off leaving him with a wailing infant; he gives chase to London where he finds work and raises Gloria by himself.

  • de Seong-yun Oh • Austria • Switzerland • Germany - 2011 - 01h29m00
    So-ri Moon  •  Seung-ho Yoo  •  Sang-hyun Kim  •  Min-sik Choi  •  Jeon Sook-Kyeong  •  Cheol-min Park

    Liefi decides to leave her cage and flee into the wild. For an inexperienced hen wandering like this, dangers lurk around every corner. On her way, Liefi meets a dangerous weasel. Fortunately, he turns out to be a "walker" who leads the other wild animals. Liefi sees him as a white knight and falls desperately in love with him. .

  • de Nicolas Wadimoff • Switzerland - 2016 - 01h32m00
    Jean Ziegler

    In 1964, Jean Ziegler was asked by Che Guevara to fight the "capitalist Monster". Former collaborator of Kofi Annan, professor and writer, Ziegler's books still act as a manifesto to left-wing intelligentsia.

  • de Nicolas Wadimoff • Switzerland - 2012 - 01h30m00
    Antonio Buil  •  Laurent Capelluto  •  Stipe Erceg  •  Karine Guignard  •  Natacha Koutchoumov  •  Nuno Lopes  •  Michael Neuenschwander

    In April 1978, members of “Groupe Autonome Révolutionnaire” (GAR) rob a major bank in Zurich with the aim of bringing to light the covert ties between the Swiss financial system and dictatorships in Latin America. Wanting to secure concrete evidence, they film the entire operation. Although the bank director confesses to GAR, the Paraguayan mediator refuses to cooperate.

  • de Sonja Schenkel • Switzerland - 2009 - 00h58m00

    Globalization makes us long for roots and Saudade is a feeling that describes this longing, this nostalgia. We feel Saudade because we love. In this film, we go on a journey to explore the "Saudades do Brasil". We follow mariners as they cross the ocean from Europe back home to Brazil. Then, we peer into a hidden convent near Rio de Janeiro.

  • Chronique d'une bonne intention • de Alex Mayenfisch Claude Muret • Switzerland - 1999 - 00h51m00

    In 1997 unemployment soared to to new heights in Switzerland. One key concept was going to be used to fight this worrying trend: training. The authorities developed what they called active measures on the labour market. 11 unemployed people aged from 22 to 49 years were offered a six-month training program aimed at preparing them for a totally new job called an ecology officer.

  • de Luc Peter • Switzerland - 2000 - 00h42m00

    Record Player-Christian Marclay is a documentary about the musical work of Christian Marclay. Through scenes shot at his home, it shows and explains his work and techniques as well as his reflections about his art.

  • Draussen ist Sommer • de Friederike Jehn • Switzerland - 2012 - 01h36m00
    Maria-Victoria Dragus  •  Nicolette Krebitz  •  Wolfram Koch  •  Audrey Käthe von Scheele  •  Philippe Graber  •  Nalu Walder  •  Joel Basman  •  Verena Zimmermann  •  Gilles Tschudi  •  Ueli Jäggi  •  Ella Rumpf

    Wounded by the father's affair, a German family of five moves to Switzerland, hoping to reunite in an idyllic setting. But for his wife, 14-year-old Wanda and the rest of the kids, starting over in a foreign country is hard.

  • de Hatman • Switzerland - 2011 - 00h30m00

    It’s the year 3115. Life on Earth is nothing but a remote memory. Space ships cruise through the Universe with aboard the territories and population of the former French-speaking Cantons. John Bonvin is chief commander of VSS Couchepin. He and his crew are confronted with a terrible menace: the whole of the Canton of Valais has been covered with concrete – every inch, except for the vineyards...

  • Eine ruhige Jacke • de Ramòn Giger • Switzerland - 2010 - 01h14m00

  • Dawn • de Romed Wyder • Switzerland • Germany • Israel • United Kingdom - 2014 - 01h35m00
    Joel Basman  •  Moris Cohen  •  Sarah Adler  •  Liron Levo  •  Rami Heuberger  •  Jason Isaacs

    The story is set in Palestine in 1947, during the British mandate period. The Zionists are fighting for the establishment of a Jewish state. A member of the armed Jewish underground has been sentenced to death by the British authorities. In return, his comrades kidnap a British officer. During the whole night they are waiting together for the outcome of the negotiation.

  • Wo der Euphrat in die Sava mündet • de Andreas Muggli • Switzerland - 2016 - 00h15m00

  • de Greg Zglinski • Belgium • Switzerland • Poland - 2004 - 01h28m00
    Aurélien Recoing  •  Marie Matheron  •  Gabriela Muskala  •  Michel Voïta  •  Nathalie Boulin  •  Antonio Buil  •  Blerim Gjoci  •  Frédéric Landenberg  •  Roland Vouilloz  •  Jorge Lopez  •  Mufide Rrahmani  •  Jean-Marie Daunas  •  Bernard Kordylas  •  Visar Qusaj

    The desperate silent tragedy of Jean and Laure, still in shock at the loss of their little girl in a terrible barn fire, plunges the couple into a bleak endless winter of unspeakable grief. Laure is interned for a period to be treated in a clinic. Jean is left to face the harsh, cold and seemingly futile task of trying to eke out a living on the farm on his own.

  • Le Lac noir • de Victor Jaquier • Switzerland • France - 2011 - 00h20m00
    Céline Bolomey  •  Adrien De Van  •  Sébastien Gautier  •  Colin Collet

    Once upon a time, in an imaginary tale, the beautiful amnesic woman, Madeleine and Jean live alone at the edge of a dark mountain lake. One day, Jean catches a huge fish where he finds inside its belly a little boy sleeping. This event will change everything and may bring back Madeleine's memory.

  • de Vincent Pluss • Switzerland - 2002 - 00h26m00

    A sensual, fluid, hypnotic exploration of a “human sculpture”: the bodies of five dancers pass, cross, follow, intertwine with each other. A video of dance, adaptation of choreographer Gilles Jobin’s “The Moebius Strip”.

  • de Eileen Hofer • Switzerland - 2009 - 00h15m00
    Patricia Nammour  •  Nasri Sayegh

    War is imminent, but pregnant Nour refuses to admit it. Her husband, more rational, persuades her to leave. Convinced they will be able to return shortly, they bring with them only the bare necessities. Little do they know that they are leaving behind the fond memories of a paradise lost. The dramatic reconstruction of a key day in the life of a couple who has since emigrated.

  • La Bonne Conduite • de Jean-Stéphane Bron • Switzerland - 1999 - 01h00m00

    This is the story of five encounters, both tragic and funny, which all take place in one car in a driving school. Five couples who are brought together via their attempts to get their licence, but divided by nationality and sometimes skin colour.

  • de Pierre Morath Nicholas J. Peart • Burkina Faso • Benin • Switzerland • Ghana • Togo - 2006 - 01h18m00

    Documentary which tries to demonstrate that the football and politics make only one. It deals with the geopolitics of the football, and more exactly within the framework of the selection of the team of Togo in the world.

  • Mon frère se marie • de Jean-Stéphane Bron • Switzerland - 2006 - 01h34m00
    Aurore Clément  •  Jean-Luc Bideau  •  Cyril Troley  •  Delphine Chuillot  •  Quoc Dung Nguyen  •  Man Thu  •  Thanh An  •  Michèle Rohrbach  •  Matthieu Poirot-Delpech

    Vinh, a Vietnamese refugee, was adopted 20 years earlier by a Swiss family and is now about to get married. His Vietnamese mother seizes this opportunity to finally meet the family that loved and raised her son. The unexpected visit of Mrs Nguyen is going to cause some agitation to the family. Enjoy this fragile comedy of happiness.

  • de Daniel Schweizer • Switzerland - 2009 - 01h16m00

    Today an incredible sanitary and ecological disaster is taking place in the heart of the Amazonia in an overseas department of France, on the border between Suriman and French Guyana. «Dirty Paradise» shares the story of a thousand Indians who are trying to survive the devastation caused by 10, 000 illegal gold-seekers who hide in the forests.

  • de Elena Hazanov Jean Liermier • Switzerland - 2010 - 01h15m00
    Alexandra Tiedemann  •  François Nadin  •  Joan Mompart  •  Dominique Gubser

    Silvia wishes to get to know the young man, proposed by her father as future husband, before marrying him. So, with the consent of her father, she decides to disguise herself so as to be able to find out about this person, proposed for her but whom she does not know. For a time, she changes places with her servant Lisette.

  • Les gymnastes • de Gilles Monnat • Switzerland - 2014 - 00h52m00

    Every six years, tens of thousands of gymnasts gather on the occasion of the Federal Gymnastics Festival to celebrate their sport, their values and the national cohesion. The film follows four bands during the months of preparation and training that precede this great gathering in Biel.

  • de Claude Barras • Switzerland • France - 2015 - 01h06m00
    Gaspard Schlatter  •  Sixtine Murat  •  Paulin Jaccoud  •  Michel Vuillermoz  •  Paul Ribera  •  Estelle Hennard  •  Elliot Sanchez  •  Lou Wick

  • Return to Goree • de Pierre-Yves Borgeaud • Switzerland • France • Luxembourg • Senegal • Swaziland - 2007 - 01h48m00

    The musical road movie, tells of African singer Youssou N'Dour's epic journey following the trail left by slaves and by the jazz music they invented. Youssou N'Dour's challenge is to bring back to Africa a jazz repertoire and to sing those tunes in Goree, the island that today symbolizes the slave trade and stands to commemorate its victims.

  • de Sabine Bally • Switzerland - 2010 - 00h52m00

    A Portrait of Dr. Hofmann, a man best known as the father of LSD. The film describes the relationship between the chemist and his drug, shows the position he took during his lifetime, and the difference paths stemming from his initial discovery...

  • de Luc Peter • Switzerland • Spain • France • United Kingdom - 2004 - 01h03m00

    For over ten years, La Ribot had toured the world with amazing choreography, mixing dance," live art "provocative nudity and humor. This documentary directed by Luc Peter is an intimate portrait of this incredible artist.

  • de Georges Schwizgebel • Switzerland - 1992 - 00h05m00

  • Bonus Open Doors 2013 • de LeKino * • Switzerland - 2013 - 00h08m00

  • Per Ulysse • de Giovanni Cioni • Switzerland - 2012 - 01h30m00

    Marginalised members of Italian society gather in a meeting and welcome centre. They have experienced drugs, prison and homelessness. Talking about their existence, singing and living life, they show that humanity is not lost. A visionary, poetic film referencing the masters of Italian cinema such as Pasolini and Bellocchio. A vibrant work that puts the sadness of the world to song.

  • Luftbusiness (Life for sale) • de Dominique De Rivaz • Switzerland • Luxembourg - 2008 - 01h29m00
    Tómas Lemarquis  •  Dominique Janne  •  Joel Basman

    Looking for easy money, three young dropouts auction themselves on the internet. One sells his future, one sells his past. The third sells his soul. What starts off as an unlikely trick turns into a nightmare when they discover they've sold their very existences. And there are no refunds.

  • Blind date à la Juive • de Anaëlle Morf • Switzerland - 2015 - 00h16m00

  • de Jean-Stéphane Bron • Switzerland - 2010 - 01h38m00

    On January 11th, 2008, hired by the City of Cleveland, lawyer Josh Cohen and his team filed a lawsuit against 21 banks, which they held accountable for the wave of foreclosures that had left their city in ruins. Since then, the bankers on Wall Street have been fighting by with all available means to avoid going to court…

  • de Manuel von Stürler • Switzerland - 2012 - 01h30m00
    Pascal Eguisier  •  Carole Noblanc  •  Jean-Paul Peguiron

    An ode to life under the stars and the beauty of winter in expressive panorama shots: Diametric opposites, Pascal and Carole travel with a herd of sheep, four dogs and their donkeys through the wintery landscape of Switzerland. In search of fresh grass, they travel over 600km during four months.

  • de Walter Deuber • Switzerland • Italy - 2005 - 01h36m00
    Bibiana Beglau  •  Mathias Gnädinger  •  Giuseppe Cederna  •  Jean Pierre Cornu  •  Stefan Kollmuss  •  Tanja Onorato  •  Carla Mignosi  •  Salvo Marotta  •  Yves Raeber  •  Suly Röthlisberger  •  Pippo Pollina

    A love tragedy. A father in search of forgiveness revisits places, emotions, mistakes from the past and in the process finds meaning and deliverance from paralysing rigidity. Instead of constantly focusing on his daughter's death, he finally gets in touch with her life. Viktor Looser has been living in the past for a decade. He can't get over the death of his daughter Anna and her two children.

  • de Eileen Hofer • Azerbaijan • Switzerland - 2012 - 01h20m00
    Narmina Aghamalieva  •  Namik Aghamaliyev  •  Vagif Aghamaliyev  •  Sabina Aghamaliyeva

    After their parents’ divorce, Sabina had to move to Switzerland with her mother, while Narmina stayed with her father in Baku. Five years later Sabina returns to Azerbaijan to live with her father. But he intends to remarry and has not yet told his daughters. At the same time, Narmina is preparing her farewell to her boyfriend Kerim, who has enlisted for one year of military service.

  • Révolution Silencieuse • de Lila Ribi • Switzerland - 2016 - 01h32m00

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