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  1. 01
    by Guillaume Canet • 2019 - 02h15
    Marion Cotillard  •  Benoît Magimel  •  François Cluzet  •  Valérie Bonneton  •  Jean Dujardin  •  Pascale Arbillot  •  Clémentine Baert  •  Laurent Lafitte  •  Gilles Lellouche  •  José Garcia

    Concerned, Max went to his house by the sea to recharge his batteries. His group of friends, whom he hasn't seen for more than 3 years, arrives by surprise to celebrate his birthday! The surprise is complete but the welcome is much less so... Max then sinks into a comedy of happiness that sounds false, and that will put the group in unexpected situations.

  2. 02
    by Valéria Bruni-Tedeschi • 2012 - 01h44
    Valéria Bruni-Tedeschi  •  Louis Garrel  •  Filippo Timi  •  Xavier Beauvois  •  Marisa Bruni Tedeschi  •  Céline Sallette  •  André Wilms  •  Marie Rivière  •  Pippo Delbono  •  Silvio Orlando  •  Bernard Nissile  •  Gérard Falce

    Young Ludovic plays at acting without much conviction. Not far from the set, he meets Louise, who is 20 years older than him. She is a former actress come to deal with the sale of the family villa, the last jewel in the crown of an industrial empire squandered by her mother. Her brother Nathan still lives there, suffering from AIDS.

  3. 03
    by Safy Nebbou • 2019 - 01h41
    Juliette Binoche  •  François Civil  •  Guillaume Gouix  •  Charles Berling  •  Nicole Garcia  •  Jules Houplain  •  Claude Perron  •  Marie-Ange Casta

    Claire, in her fifties, wants to know if Ludo, her young lover, is cheating on her. To achieve this, she creates a false profile on social networks. Her avatar is named after Clara, a sublime 24-year-old young woman. Alex, Ludo's best friend, discovers the profile and immediately falls under the spell...

  4. 04
    by Olivier Assayas • 2018 - 01h47
    Guillaume Canet  •  Juliette Binoche  •  Vincent Macaigne  •  Nora Hamzawi  •  Christa Théret  •  Pascal Greggory  •  Lionel Dray  •  Sigrid Bouaziz  •  Laurent Poitrenaux  •  Nicolas Bouchaud  •  Antoine Reinartz  •  Violaine Gilibert

    Alain, a renowned publisher, regularly publishes the novels of his friend Leonard. Friends of long standing, they regularly see each other with their respective wives: Selena, an actress in a television series, and Valerie, an assistant to a politician. When Alain refused Leonard's manuscript, the relations between the two couples became more complicated...

  5. 05
    by Antonin Baudry • 2018 - 01h55
    François Civil  •  Reda Kateb  •  Omar Sy  •  Mathieu Kassovitz  •  Paula Beer  •  Etienne Guillou-Kervern  •  Nicolas Van Beveren  •  Arthur Choisnet  •  Sylvain Loreau

    Nicknamed the Golden Ear, Chanteraide is able to recognize any submarine by the sound it emits. However, when on mission, he is mistaken and his mistake has serious consequences. The country is on alert and its comrades in arms are in danger...

  6. 06
    by Fredi M. Murer • 2006 - 02h00
    Fabrizio Borsani  •  Teo Gheorghiu  •  Bruno Ganz  •  Julika Jenkins  •  Urs Jucker  •  Eleni Haupt  •  Kristina Lykowa  •  Tamara Scarpellini  •  Daniel Rohr  •  Norbert Schwientek

    The film tells the story of a highly-gifted boy whose parents have demanding and ambitious plans for him - they want him to become a pianist. However, one day the boy, Vitus, is no longer willing to comply with his parents' plans and ambitions because he wants to follow his own star

  7. 07
    La grande bellezza • by Paolo Sorrentino • 2012 - 02h22
    Toni Servillo  •  Carlo Verdone  •  Carlo Buccirosso  •  Sabrina Ferilli  •  Iaia Forte  •  Pamela Villoresi  •  Galatea Ranzi  •  Franco Graziosi

    As a writer known for one book he wrote several decades ago, Jep Gambardella makes a living writing art reviews for a cultural magazine. He drags his cynicism around with him through the deserted streets of Rome at night, returning home after decadent parties. But he can't stand the life in between, haunted as he is by memories of his first love, who he finds out has disappeared...

  8. 08
    by Mathieu Amalric • 2017 - 01h37
    Jeanne Balibar  •  Mathieu Amalric  •  Vincent Peirani  •  Aurore Clément  •  Grégoire Colin

  9. 09
    by Petra Volpe • 2016 - 01h36
    Marie Leuenberger  •  Max Simonischek  •  Bettina Stucky  •  Rachel Braunschweig  •  Sibylle Brunner  •  Marta Zoffoli

  10. 10
    by Erwin Wagenhofer • 2012 - 01h53
    Andreas Schleicher  •  Ken Robinson  •  André Stern  •  Yang Dongping  •  Qu Pei  •  Pablo Pineda Ferrer  •  Gerald Hüther  •  Arno Stern

    From France to China, from Germany to USA, Alphabet calls into question an educational system completely focused on competition and quantitative results at the expenses of imaginative capacities. Taking experts in education as witnesses, such as Sir Ken Robinson, a PISA manager or Arno Stern, the director closes the trilogy that began with "We Feed the World" and "Let's Make Money".

  11. 11
    by Rémi Bezançon • 2019 - 01h41
    Fabrice Luchini  •  Camille Cottin  •  Alice Isaaz  •  Bastien Bouillon  •  Josiane Stoléru  •  Astrid Whettnall  •  Marc Fraize  •  Marie-Christine Orry  •  Florence Muller  •  Vincent Winterhalter

    A literary critic receives an extraordinary book and for him, it is obvious: there is imposture. Henri Pick, a Breton pizzaiolo who died two years earlier, cannot have written this masterpiece. He meets the writer's daughter, who decides to investigate with him...

  12. 12
    by Valéria Bruni Tedeschi • 2018 - 02h08
    Valéria Bruni Tedeschi  •  Riccardo Scamarcio  •  Pierre Arditi  •  Marisa Borini  •  Yolande Moreau  •  Valeria Golino  •  Noémie Lvovsky  •  Bruno Raffaelli  •  Oumy Bruni Garrel  •  Laurent Stocker

    On the French Riviera, in a beautiful bourgeois house, Anna, who had come to see Celia, her adopted daughter, had to deal with her fresh break-up with Luca, her husband. Desperate, she hides the news from her hosts and tries to concentrate on her next film, inspired by a tragic loss...

  13. 13
    by Alain Resnais • 2009 - 01h44
    Sabine Azéma  •  André Dussollier  •  Emmanuelle Devos  •  Mathieu Amalric  •  Anne Consigny  •  Michel Vuillermoz  •  Annie Cordy  •  Sara Forestier  •  Jean-Noël Brouté  •  Nicolas Duvauchelle  •  Roger Pierre  •  Rosine Cadoret  •  Vladimir Consigny  •  Edouard Baer  •  Dominique Rozan

    Marguerite Muir, an exuberant forty-something single woman, is mugged and her handbag stolen. A few hours later, Georges Palet finds her wallet by chance, lying at the foot of his car in the parking lot of the mall. This mysterious married man decides to meet Marguerite.

  14. 14
    by Antoine Raimbault • 2018 - 01h50
    Marina Foïs  •  Olivier Gourmet  •  Laurent Lucas  •  Jean Benguigui  •  François Fehner  •  François Caron  •  Philippe Dormoy  •  Armande Boulanger  •  Philippe Uchan  •  Jean-Claude Leguay  •  Steve Tientcheu

    Since Nora attended the trial of Jacques Viguier, accused of the murder of his wife, she has been convinced of his innocence. Fearing a miscarriage of justice, she convinced a tenor of the bar to defend him for his second trial on appeal.

  15. 15
    Nos Futurs • by Rémi Bezançon • 2015 - 01h37
    Pio Marmaï  •  Pierre Rochefort  •  Mélanie Bernier  •  Kyan Khojandi  •  Camille Cottin

    Yann Kerbec has a quiet life. Until the day the executive meets by chance Thomas, an old schoolmate who takes on a series of small jobs. Thomas, who still has some energy and recklessness of his youth, offers him to reconnect with their old schoolmates in order to held a great celebration.

  16. 16
    by Céline Sciamma • 2010 - 01h22
    Zoé Héran  •  Malonn Lévana  •  Sophie Cattani  •  Mathieu Demy  •  Jeanne Disson  •  Yohan Ventre  •  Noah Ventre  •  Cheyenne Lainé  •  Ryan Bonbeleri

    Laure,10 ans, est un garçon manqué. Arrivée dans un nouveau quartier, elle fait croire à Lisa et sa bande qu’elle est un garçon. Action ou vérité ? Action. L’été devient un grand terrain de jeu et Laure devient Michaël, un garçon comme les autres… Et Lisa d'en tomber amoureuse. Laure profite de sa nouvelle identité comme si l’été ne devait jamais finir...

  17. 17
    Sâdhu • by Gaël Métroz • 2012 - 01h30
    Suraj Baba

    In Hindi, Sâdhu means he who is in search of truth. To this end, the bespectacled sâdhu Suraj Baba has spent eight years at 3200 meters in a cave at the source of the Ganges. But peace is hard to find. And so he decides to go on a pilgrimage to Kumbhamela. He soon realizes he can't have anyone imposing a code of conduct on him. In search of himself, he makes his way to the sacred lakes...

  18. 18
    Before I Go to Sleep • by Rowan Joffé • 2014 - 01h32
    Nicole Kidman  •  Colin Firth  •  Mark Strong  •  Anne-Marie Duff  •  Ben Crompton  •  Dean-Charles Chapman

    Christine wakes up every morning with no memory of her life from her early twenties onwards. Christine receives treatment from Dr. Nasch, a neurologist at a local hospital who provides her a camera to record her thoughts and progress each day, and calls her every morning to remind her to watch the video in the camera. Soon, she starts to discover the truth around her.

  19. 19
    More Than Honey • by Markus Imhoof • 2011 - 01h31
    Fred Jaggi  •  Randolf Menzel  •  Fred Terry  •  Boris Baer  •  Joseph MacIlvaine  •  André Maritz  •  Robert Schneider  •  Eric Robinson  •  Elisabeth Schild  •  Tiffany Bate  •  Rodolfo Jaffe  •  Liane Singer  •  Heidrun Singer  •  John Miller  •  Zhao Su Zhang  •  Layne Pauly

    From a small beehive in the Swiss Alps to the huge almond fields tended by an agribusinessman in California (to whose ears the buzzing of bees is “like the sound of freshly printed money”), everyone is concerned by the decline in the population of hives. Which is why Markus Imhoof, grandson of a bee keeper, traveled around the globe with camera in hand.

  20. 20
    Andréa Bescond  •  Karin Viard  •  Clovis Cornillac  •  Pierre Deladonchamps  •  Grégory Montel  •  Carole Franck  •  Gringe  •  Ariane Ascaride  •  Cyrille Mairesse  •  Léonie Simaga

    Odette is a 8-yr-old girl who loves to dance and draw. Why should she distrust a friend of her parents' who offers to "tickle" her ? Once she has become an adult, Odette realizes she was abused, and immerses herself body and soul in her career as a dancer while trying to deal with her past.

  21. 21
    by Emmanuel Mouret • 2018 - 01h51
    Cécile de France  •  Edouard Baer  •  Alice Isaaz  •  Natalia Dontcheva  •  Laure Calamy

    Madam de La Pommeraye, a young widow removed from the world, assigns to the court of the marquis des Arcis, licentious notorious. After a few years of a happiness without flaw, she discovers that the Marquis is tired of their union. Madly in Love and terribly injured, she decides to take revenge on him with the complicity of Mademoiselle de Joncquières and its mother.

  22. 22
    Kyss Mig • by Alexandra-Therese Keining • 2011 - 01h45
    Ruth Vega Fernandez  •  Liv Mjönes  •  Krister Henriksson  •  Lena Endre  •  Joakim Natterqvist  •  Josefine Tengblad  •  Tom Ljungman  •  Björn Kjellman  •  Jan Goldring  •  Anna Nygren

    MIA (Ruth Vega Fernandez) and FRIDA (Liv Mjönes), both in their thirties, meet each other for the first time at their parents' engagement party. As Mia and Frida get to know one another, strong emotions begin to stir between them. Their relationship will turn everything upside down for everyone close to them with dramatic consequences.

  23. 23
    by Gaël Métroz • 2009 - 00h53

    At the Pakistan-Afghan border, the last pagan Kalash 3000 live surrounded by the Muslim community and the Afghan refugees. Among them, Najiba, a young woman must choose between converting to Islam, joining the modern world or enabling her tradition to continue.

  24. 24
    The Salt of the Earth • by Juliano Ribeiro Salgado , Wim Wenders • 2015 - 01h50
    Sebastião Salgado  •  Wim Wenders  •  Juliano Ribeiro Salgado

  25. 25
    Raving Iran • by Sue Meures • 2016 - 01h24

  26. 26
    by Xavier Legrand • 2017 - 01h32
    Denis Ménochet  •  Léa Drucker  •  Thomas Gioria  •  Mathilde Auneveux  •  Mathieu Saïkaly  •  Florence Janas  •  Saadia Bentaïeb  •  Sophie Pincemaille  •  Emilie Incerti-Formentini

    Le couple Besson divorce. Pour protéger son fils d'un père qu'elle accuse de violences, Miriam en demande la garde exclusive. La juge en charge du dossier accorde une garde partagée au père qu'elle considère bafoué. Pris en otage entre ses parents, Julien va tout faire pour empêcher que le pire n'arrive.

  27. 27
    Pane e tulipani • by Silvio Soldini • 2000 - 01h45
    Licia Maglietta  •  Bruno Ganz  •  Giuseppe Battiston  •  Marina Massironi  •  Antonio Catania

    Left behind on the motorway by the coach in which her family was travelling to Paestum, Rosalba decides without giving the matter much thought to offer herself a little holiday in Venice. Wandering around the streets of Mestre to satisfy her curiosity, but with nothing in her stomach since the morning, Rosalba ends up in a strange restaurant with a strange waiter.

  28. 28
    by Céline Sciamma • 2014 - 01h52
    Karidja Touré  •  Marietou Touré  •  Assa Sylla  •  Lindsay Karamoh  •  Idrissa Diabaté  •  Cyril Mendy  •  Simina Soumaré  •  Djibril Guèye

    Oppressed by her family setting, dead-end school prospects and the boys law in the neighborhood, Marieme 16 starts a new life after meeting a group of 3 free-spirited girls. She changes her name, her dress code, and quits school to be accepted in the gang, hoping that this will be a way to freedom.

  29. 29
    by Albert Dupontel • 2017 - 01h57
    Nahuel Perez Biscayart  •  Albert Dupontel  •  Laurent Lafitte  •  Niels Arestrup  •  Héloïse Balster  •  Emilie Dequenne  •  Mélanie Thierry  •  Philippe Uchan  •  Michel Vuillermoz  •  Kyan Khojandi

    These two men have nothing in common but the war. Lieutenant Pradelle, by ordering a senseless assault, destroys their lives while binding them as companions in misfortune. On the ruins of the carnage of WWI, condemned to live, the two attempt to survive.

  30. 30
    by Olivier Masset-Depasse • 2018 - 01h37
    Veerle Baetens  •  Anne Coesens  •  Mehdi Nebbou  •  Arieh Worthalter  •  Jules Lefebvres  •  Luan Adam

    In the 1960s, Alice and Celine were the best friends in the world, as were their sons Maxime and Théo. Their complicity is unfailing until one day a tragic accident disrupts their lives. Friendship is followed by guilt, harmony by paranoia and complicity by suspicion.

  31. 31
    Jean-Pierre Bacri  •  Gilles Lellouche  •  Eye Haidara  •  Jean-Paul Rouve  •  Vincent Macaigne  •  Benjamin Lavernhe  •  Suzanne Clément  •  Judith Chemla  •  William Lebghil  •  Kevin Azaïs

    The reception is to take place in a sumptuous 17th century leisure castle and its beautiful park and the music to be supplied by an excellent DJ. The rich arrogant bridegroom demands that everything go according to plan. Max assures him that will be the case but what he fails to tell him is that his team is not absolutely above reproach. For instance, Etienne, a second-rate entertainer...

  32. 32
    Mine Vaganti • by Ferzan Özpetek • 2010 - 01h50
    Riccardo Scamarcio  •  Nicole Grimaudo  •  Alessandro Preziosi  •  Carmine Recano  •  Ennio Fantastichini

    On his way home to Lecce from Rome, where he pretends to go to business school while he actually writes novel he hopes will one day be published, Tommaso decides to out himself to his rich family during a lunch to be attended by associates of his father, who runs a thriving pasta business. Just as he's about to reveal that he's gay, his brother pipes up with the same news...

  33. 33
    A casa tutti bene • by Gabriele Muccino • 2017 - 01h45
    Stefano Accorsi  •  Carolina Crescentini  •  Elena Cucci  •  Tea Falco  •  Stefania Sandrelli  •  Pierfrancesco Favino  •  Claudia Gerini  •  Massimo Ghini  •  Gianfelice Imparato  •  Ivano Marescotti  •  Giulia Michelini  •  Sandra Milo  •  Giampaolo Morelli  •  Renato Raimondi

    A big family that like any other one includes relatives that see each other often and others that rarely meet, reunite to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of grandma Alba and grandpa Pietro in a big Villa, on the island they moved to. Because of weather conditions they all remain stranded on the island and the idyll between them seems to be over.

  34. 34
    by Thomas Vinterberg • 2018 - 01h58
    Matthias Schoenaerts  •  Léa Seydoux  •  Colin Firth  •  Max Von Sydow  •  Josse De Pauw  •  Eva van der Gucht

    The film follows the 2000 K-141 Kursk submarine disaster and the governmental negligence that followed. As the sailors fight for survival, their families desperately battle political obstacles and impossible odds to save them.

  35. 35
    M • by Sara Forestier • 2016 - 01h40
    Sara Forestier  •  Redouanne Harjane  •  Jean-Pierre Léaud  •  Liv Andren  •  Nicolas Vaude  •  Djura  •  Guillaume Verdier  •  Rania  •  Maryne Cayon  •  Rocca  •  Nessbeal

    Lila and Mo meet at a bus stop. Lila has a paralyzing speech impediment. Mo is chatty and exuberant. Lila is preparing for her exams. Mo illegally races cars for a living. Opposites attract, and they fall in love. But Mo carries a secret burden.

  36. 36

    Les Règles du jeu immerses into the world of the playoffs with the team of Geneva ice hockey team: Genève-Servette Hockey Club. This documentary was made in order to share with the audience what is the real life of a professional hockey team.

  37. 37
    by Ava DuVernay • 2014 - 02h08
    David Oyelowo  •  Tom Wilkinson  •  Carmen Ejogo  •  Giovanni Ribisi  •  Common  •  Lorraine Toussaint  •  Alessandro Nivola  •  Cuba Gooding Jr.  •  Tim Roth  •  Oprah Winfrey

    The unforgettable true story chronicles the tumultuous three-month period in 1965, when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. led a dangerous campaign to secure equal voting rights in the face of violent opposition. The epic march from Selma to Montgomery culminated in President Johnson signing the Voting Rights Act of 1965, one of the most significant victories for the civil rights movement.

  38. 38
    Schellen Ursli • by Xavier Koller • 2015 - 01h40
    Jonas Hartmann  •  Julia Jeker  •  Peter Jecklin  •  Herbert Leiser  •  Sarah Sophia Meyer  •  Laurin Michael  •  Leonardo Nigro

    The end of summer in the idyllic Engadine. Ursli helps out his parents who work hard in a mountain pasture. A deep friendship binds Ursli and Seraina, who, like him, spends the summer in a nearby house...

  39. 39
    by Lorraine Levy • 2017 - 01h53
    Omar Sy  •  Ana Girardot  •  Alex Lutz  •  Sabine Azéma  •  Pascal Elbé  •  Audrey Dana  •  Michel Vuillermoz  •  Christian Hecq  •  Rufus

    It will make the villagers believe that they are not as healthy as they might think. It is thus that he will find in each one an imaginary symptom, or not, and thus will be able to exercise his profession lucratively. Under his seductive looks and after gaining the confidence of the village, Knock is on the verge of achieving his ends.

  40. 40
    by Erwin Wagenhofer • 2008 - 01h47
    Terry Le Sueur  •  Mark Mobius  •  John Perkins  •  K. Sujatha Raaju  •  Werner Rügemer  •  Hermann Scheer  •  Anton Schneider  •  Martin Walker

    Erwin Wagenhofer and Lisa Ganser analyze and show who pays for the profits gained by investors in the international financial system. They visit investment objects, financial services providers, critics and victims around the world.

  41. 41
    by Robin Campillo • 2017 - 02h21
    Nahuel Perez Biscayart  •  Arnaud Valois  •  Adèle Haenel  •  Antoine Reinartz  •  Aloïse Sauvage

  42. 42
    Paulette • by Jérôme Enrico • 2013 - 01h27
    Bernadette Lafont  •  Carmen Maura  •  Dominique Lavanant  •  Françoise Bertin  •  André Penvern  •  Ismaël Dramé  •  Axelle Laffont  •  Paco Boublard

    Paulette a xenophobic old lady lives alone in a banlieue and her pension is too small to get along. But she hears there is much money to be made in dealing cannabis. She visits a known criminal named Vito and asks him for work. Instead of just distributing sheer cannabis she starts to sell cakes and biscuits spiced with cannabis. Soon there is a huge demand for her elaborate pastries.

  43. 43
    Paradies: Liebe • by Ulrich Seidl • 2013 - 02h00
    Margarethe Tiesel  •  Peter Kazungu  •  Inge Maux  •  Dunja Sowinetz  •  Helen Brugat  •  Gabriel Mwarua  •  Carlos Mkutano

    On the beaches of Kenya they're known as "Sugar Mamas" -- European women who seek out African boys selling love to earn a living. Teresa, a 50-year-old Austrian, travels to this vacation paradise. She goes from one Beach Boy to the next, from one disappointment to the next and finally she must recognize: On the beaches of Kenya love is a business.

  44. 44
    by Luc Jacquet • 2013 - 01h18
    Francis Hallé

    Luc Jacquet guides the audience through the equatorial forest far off the beaten path. He takes the camera in closely to discover tiny seedlings that will eventually become the next forest in five decades. Immobile but very alive, the forest must implement strategies and illusions to meet the challenge of its environment in order to make it through a lifecycle that lasts many decades...

  45. 45
    by Xavier Dolan • 2013 - 02h20
    Anne Dorval  •  Suzanne Clément  •  Antoine-Olivier Pilon  •  Patrick Huard  •  Alexandre Goyette  •  Michèle Lituac  •  Viviane Pacal  •  Natalie Hamel-Roy

    After an incident in which he seriously wounds a friend, Steve is sent home from the correction center where he's been for a few years. The reunion with his mother Diane is stormy, and they clash brutally even as they both share an intense bond. Then they meet their neighbor Kyla, a former teacher, who is feeling suffocated by her family and helps the two find a balance… [out in VOD on 18/3/2015]

  46. 46
    by Nicolas Vanier • 2012 - 01h38
    Félix Bossuet  •  Tchéky Karyo  •  Margaux Châtelier  •  Dimitri Storoge  •  Andreas Pietschmann  •  Urbain Cancelier  •  Mehdi El Glaoui  •  Paloma Palma  •  Karine Adrover  •  Loïc Varraut  •  Jan Oliver Schroeder  •  Andrée Damant  •  Tom Sommerlatte

    In 1943, in the French Alps, the orphan Sébastien lives in a small village with his grandfather César, who is a shepherd, and his aunt Angélina, who is a baker. Sébastien misses his mother and believes she has traveled to America. He expects to get a watch with compass as a gift from her.

  47. 47
    La peur tue l’amour – traces de coming-out • by Patrick Carpentier • 2003 - 01h15

  48. 48
    Bis ans ende der Träume • by Wilfried Meichtry • 2017 - 01h22

    How do we live our dreams and ideals? Swiss travel journalist Katharina von Arx and French photographer Freddy Drilhon, who came closer during a journey through the South Seas in the 1950s, put their dreams above reality.

  49. 49
    Féminin - Masculin • by Sadaf Foroughi • 2007 - 00h09

    Farahnaz Shiri is the first female bus driver in Tehran. In Iran Women should enter buses from the back door and should sit or stay in a limited zone at the end of the buses. But in Mrs. Shiri’s bus everything is vice-versa. Mrs. Shiri is struggling to prove herself in this society and resisting a series of injustices that she faces as a woman in the Iranian society.

  50. 50
    by Ursula Meier • 2011 - 01h37
    Léa Seydoux  •  Kacey Mottet Klein  •  Martin Compston  •  Gillian Anderson  •  Jean-François Stévenin  •  Yann Trégouët  •  Gabin Lefebvre  •  Dilon Ademi

    Simon lives in a luxury Swiss ski resort. While his older sister drifts in and out of jobs and relationships, Simon tries to provide for the two of them. Every day, he takes the lift up to the opulent ski world above, stealing equipment from rich tourists to resell to the local kids down in the valley. Things get complicated when he forms a partnership with a crooked British seasonal worker ...

  51. 51
    by Gilles Legrand • 2018 - 01h43
    Agnès Jaoui  •  Alban Ivanov  •  Tim Seyfi  •  Claire Sermonne  •  Michèle Moretti  •  Philippe Torreton  •  Eric Viellard  •  Didier Bénureau  •  Martine Schambacher  •  Chantal Yam  •  Romeo Hustiac  •  Giedré  •  Saliha Bala  •  Nuno Roque

    A 50-year-old who is over-invested in humanitarian work is competing in the social center where she works. She will then embark her students in literacy class, with the help of a pretty foolish monitor, on the dangerous road of the code of the road.

  52. 52
    Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy • by Tomas Alfredson • 2011 - 02h07
    Gary Oldman  •  Colin Firth  •  Tom Hardy  •  Mark Strong  •  Benedict Cumberbatch  •  Ciaran Hinds

    Based on the classic novel of the same name, the international thriller is set at the height of the Cold War years of the mid-20th Century. George Smiley (Gary Oldman), a disgraced British spy, is rehired in secret by his government .

  53. 53
    by Stephen Frears • 2009 - 01h49
    Roger Allam  •  Gemma Arterton  •  Tamsin Greig  •  Jessica Barden  •  Bill Camp  •  Dominic Cooper  •  Luke Evans  •  Charlotte Christie

  54. 54
    La Giovinezza • by Paolo Sorrentino • 2015 - 01h58
    Michael Caine  •  Harvey Keitel  •  Rachel Weisz  •  Ed Stoppard  •  Paul Dano  •  Jane Fonda

  55. 55
    The Leisure Seeker • by Paolo Virzi • 2017 - 01h52
    Helen Mirren  •  Donald Sutherland  •  Christian Mckay  •  Janel Moloney  •  Dana Ivey  •  Dick Gregory

    A runaway couple go on an unforgettable journey in the faithful old RV they call The Leisure Seeker, traveling from Boston to The Ernest Hemingway Home in Key West. They recapture their passion for life and their love for each other on a road trip that provides revelation and surprise right up to the very end.

  56. 56
    Révolution Silencieuse • by Lila Ribi • 2016 - 01h32

  57. 57
    by Lionel Baier • 2013 - 01h28
    Valérie Donzelli  •  Michel Vuillermoz  •  Jean-Stéphane Bron  •  Patrick Lapp  •  Francisco Belard  •  Patricia André  •  Adrien Barazzone  •  Paul Riniker

    In 1974, the general manager of the Swiss-French radio is exhorted by a federal councilor to report less on Switzerland's bad news and more about what's going well. He sends a team of reporters but the team ends up in the middle of Portugal's Carnation Revolution, which spells the end of the dictatorship.

  58. 58
    by Didier Bivel • 2001 - 01h26
    Aymen Saïdi  •  Ibrahim Koma  •  Bernard Blancan  •  Hiam Abbass  •  Florence Loiret-Caille  •  Hawa Yakaré Sissoko  •  Lilly-Fleur Pointeaux  •  Nabil El Bouhairi  •  Rochelle Redfield  •  Makan Fofana  •  Marie-Philomène Nga

    Two boys growing up in an urban ghetto are sick of seeing and hearing about luxurious and expensive holidays that they have no chance of ever going on. For once they want to be heading off into the glamorous sun, and so they decide to do something about it, hatching a plan to stowaway to an exotic island.

  59. 59
    La tortue rouge • by Michael Dudok de Wit • 2016 - 01h20
    Emmanuel Garijo  •  Barbara Beretta  •  Tom Hudson  •  Baptiste Goy  •  Axel Devillers

  60. 60
    by Ursula Meier • 2007 - 01h37
    Isabelle Huppert  •  Olivier Gourmet  •  Madeleine Budd  •  Kacey Mottet Klein  •  Adélaïde Leroux

    A family live in a house next to an abandoned highway. They have been living for 10 years close to the highway and believe that it will not be used. One day without warning, construction workers begin to upgrade the road and the highway becomes open to traffic. Instead of leaving the house, they continue to live there. This becomes more complicated as the highway becomes increasingly used.