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  1. 01
    by Valéria Bruni Tedeschi • 2018 - 02h08
    Valéria Bruni Tedeschi  •  Riccardo Scamarcio  •  Pierre Arditi  •  Marisa Borini  •  Yolande Moreau  •  Valeria Golino  •  Noémie Lvovsky  •  Bruno Raffaelli  •  Oumy Bruni Garrel  •  Laurent Stocker

    On the French Riviera, in a beautiful bourgeois house, Anna, who had come to see Celia, her adopted daughter, had to deal with her fresh break-up with Luca, her husband. Desperate, she hides the news from her hosts and tries to concentrate on her next film, inspired by a tragic loss...

  2. 02
    by Safy Nebbou • 2019 - 01h41
    Juliette Binoche  •  François Civil  •  Guillaume Gouix  •  Charles Berling  •  Nicole Garcia  •  Jules Houplain  •  Claude Perron  •  Marie-Ange Casta

    Claire, in her fifties, wants to know if Ludo, her young lover, is cheating on her. To achieve this, she creates a false profile on social networks. Her avatar is named after Clara, a sublime 24-year-old young woman. Alex, Ludo's best friend, discovers the profile and immediately falls under the spell...

  3. 03
    Sâdhu • by Gaël Métroz • 2012 - 01h30
    Suraj Baba

    In Hindi, Sâdhu means he who is in search of truth. To this end, the bespectacled sâdhu Suraj Baba has spent eight years at 3200 meters in a cave at the source of the Ganges. But peace is hard to find. And so he decides to go on a pilgrimage to Kumbhamela. He soon realizes he can't have anyone imposing a code of conduct on him. In search of himself, he makes his way to the sacred lakes...

  4. 04
    by Marcel Gisler • 2018 - 01h59
    Max Hubacher  •  Aaron Altaras  •  Jessy Moravec  •  Jürg Plüss  •  Doro Müggler

    For the first time in his life Mario, a young footballer, falls in love with Leon, a new striker from Germany. But in the team, rumors begin to circulate on their relationship and Mario sees his career compromised to join a first division club.

  5. 05
    by Fredi M. Murer • 2006 - 02h00
    Fabrizio Borsani  •  Teo Gheorghiu  •  Bruno Ganz  •  Julika Jenkins  •  Urs Jucker  •  Eleni Haupt  •  Kristina Lykowa  •  Tamara Scarpellini  •  Daniel Rohr  •  Norbert Schwientek

    The film tells the story of a highly-gifted boy whose parents have demanding and ambitious plans for him - they want him to become a pianist. However, one day the boy, Vitus, is no longer willing to comply with his parents' plans and ambitions because he wants to follow his own star

  6. 06
    by Olivier Assayas • 2018 - 01h47
    Guillaume Canet  •  Juliette Binoche  •  Vincent Macaigne  •  Nora Hamzawi  •  Christa Théret  •  Pascal Greggory  •  Lionel Dray  •  Sigrid Bouaziz  •  Laurent Poitrenaux  •  Nicolas Bouchaud  •  Antoine Reinartz  •  Violaine Gilibert

    Alain, a renowned publisher, regularly publishes the novels of his friend Leonard. Friends of long standing, they regularly see each other with their respective wives: Selena, an actress in a television series, and Valerie, an assistant to a politician. When Alain refused Leonard's manuscript, the relations between the two couples became more complicated...

  7. 07
    by Rémi Bezançon • 2019 - 01h41
    Fabrice Luchini  •  Camille Cottin  •  Alice Isaaz  •  Bastien Bouillon  •  Josiane Stoléru  •  Astrid Whettnall  •  Marc Fraize  •  Marie-Christine Orry  •  Florence Muller  •  Vincent Winterhalter

    A literary critic receives an extraordinary book and for him, it is obvious: there is imposture. Henri Pick, a Breton pizzaiolo who died two years earlier, cannot have written this masterpiece. He meets the writer's daughter, who decides to investigate with him...

  8. 08
    by Louis-Julien Petit • 2018 - 01h42
    Audrey Lamy  •  Corinne Masiero  •  Noémie Lvovsky  •  Déborah Lukumuena  •  Sarah Suco  •  Brigitte Sy  •  Pablo Pauly  •  Quentin Faure  •  Patricia Mouchon  •  Khoukha Boukherbache  •  Bérangère Toural  •  Patricia Guery

    Following a municipal decision, Envol, SDF Women's Shelter, will close. There are only three months left for social workers to reintegrate at any cost the women they care for: falsification, pistons, lies... From now on, everything is allowed!

  9. 09
  10. 10
    Le Meraviglie • by Alice Rohrwacher • 2013 - 02h01
    Alba Rohrwacher  •  Sam Louwyck  •  Monica Bellucci  •  Maria Alexandra Lungu  •  Luis Huilca Logroño  •  Eva Morrow  •  Maris Stella Morrow  •  Sabine Timoteo  •  Agnese Graziani  •  Margarethe Tiesel  •  Andre M. Hennicke  •  Carlo Tarmati

    A family of beekeepers living in the Tuscan countryside finds their household disrupted by the simultaneous arrival of a silently troubled teenage boy and a reality TV show intent on showcasing the family.

  11. 11
    Pane e tulipani • by Silvio Soldini • 2000 - 01h45
    Licia Maglietta  •  Bruno Ganz  •  Giuseppe Battiston  •  Marina Massironi  •  Antonio Catania

    Left behind on the motorway by the coach in which her family was travelling to Paestum, Rosalba decides without giving the matter much thought to offer herself a little holiday in Venice. Wandering around the streets of Mestre to satisfy her curiosity, but with nothing in her stomach since the morning, Rosalba ends up in a strange restaurant with a strange waiter.

  12. 12
    The Hateful 8 • by Quentin Tarantino • 2014 - 03h07
    Samuel L. Jackson  •  Kurt Russell  •  Jennifer Jason Leigh  •  Bruce Dern  •  Tim Roth  •  Michael Madsen  •  Walton Goggins  •  Zoë Bell  •  James Parks

    Some time after the Civil War, a stagecoach hurtles through the wintry Wyoming landscape. Bounty hunter John Ruth and his fugitive captive Daisy Domergue race towards the town of Red Rock, where Ruth will bring Daisy to justice. Along the road, they encounter Major Marquis Warren and Chris Mannix.

  13. 13
    La grande bellezza • by Paolo Sorrentino • 2012 - 02h22
    Toni Servillo  •  Carlo Verdone  •  Carlo Buccirosso  •  Sabrina Ferilli  •  Iaia Forte  •  Pamela Villoresi  •  Galatea Ranzi  •  Franco Graziosi

    As a writer known for one book he wrote several decades ago, Jep Gambardella makes a living writing art reviews for a cultural magazine. He drags his cynicism around with him through the deserted streets of Rome at night, returning home after decadent parties. But he can't stand the life in between, haunted as he is by memories of his first love, who he finds out has disappeared...

  14. 14
    Irrational Man • by Woody Allen • 2015 - 01h35
    Joaquin Phoenix  •  Emma Stone  •  Parker Posey  •  Ben Rosenfield  •  Jamie Blackley  •  David Aaron Baker

    A new philosophy professor arrives on a small town campus near Newport, Rhode Island. His name, Abe Lucas. His reputation : bad. Abe is said to be a womanizer and an alcoholic. But what people do not know is that he is a disillusioned idealist. Until he finds a will to live by committing an existential act.

  15. 15
    by Ludovic Bernard • 2018 - 01h46
    Lambert Wilson  •  Kristin Scott Thomas  •  Jules Benchetrit  •  Karidja Touré  •  Elsa Lepoivre  •  André Marcon  •  Michel Jonasz  •  Xavier Guelfi  •  Télésphore Teunou  •  Vanessa David  •  Milo Mazé  •  Louise Labeque  •  Gaspard Meier-Chaurand  •  Alexandre Brik

    The music is the secret of Mathieu Malinski, a subject about which he dare not speak in its suburb where it lagging behind with his friends. While a small burglaries that he made with the latter leads to the doors of the prison, Pierre Geitner, Director of the National Conservatory of Music in fate in exchange for hours of general interest. But Pierre has a any other idea in mind.

  16. 16
    by Kleber Mendonça Filho • 2016 - 02h22
    Sonia Braga  •  Maeve Jinkings  •  Irandhir Santos  •  Humberto Carrão  •  Zoraide Coleto  •  Fernando Teixeira

  17. 17
    by Petra Volpe • 2016 - 01h36
    Marie Leuenberger  •  Max Simonischek  •  Bettina Stucky  •  Rachel Braunschweig  •  Sibylle Brunner  •  Marta Zoffoli

  18. 18
    Napszállta • by László Nemes • 2018 - 02h22
    Juli Jakab  •  Vlad Ivanov  •  Evelin Dobos  •  Marcin Czarnik  •  Judit Bárdos  •  Balazs Czukor  •  Christian Harting  •  Levente Molnar

    1913, in the heart of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Irisz Leiter returns to Budapest after spending his childhood in an orphanage. His dream of working in the famous hat shop, once owned by his parents, was brutally shattered by Oszkar Brill, the new owner. When Irisz learns that she has a brother of whom she knows nothing, she seeks to clarify the mysteries of her past.

  19. 19
    La French • by Cédric Jimenez • 2014 - 02h15
    Jean Dujardin  •  Gilles Lellouche  •  Céline Sallette  •  Mélanie Doutey  •  Benoît Magimel  •  Guillaume Gouix  •  Bruno Todeschini  •  Feodor Atkine

    1970s Marseille is ruled by a brutal drug gang importing morphine from Turkey, transforming it and exporting heroin to New York, called la French. The gang, led by the cold-hearted Gaètan Tany Zampa, is rounding up its incomes with extortion and robbings...

  20. 20
    Edouard Baer  •  Gaspard Gagnol  •  Audrey Tautou  •  Jean-Pierre Marielle  •  Jackie Berroyer

  21. 21
    by Lionel Baier • 2013 - 01h28
    Valérie Donzelli  •  Michel Vuillermoz  •  Jean-Stéphane Bron  •  Patrick Lapp  •  Francisco Belard  •  Patricia André  •  Adrien Barazzone  •  Paul Riniker

    In 1974, the general manager of the Swiss-French radio is exhorted by a federal councilor to report less on Switzerland's bad news and more about what's going well. He sends a team of reporters but the team ends up in the middle of Portugal's Carnation Revolution, which spells the end of the dictatorship.

  22. 22
    L'Enquête • by Vincent Garenq • 2014 - 01h46
    Gilles Lellouche  •  Charles Berling  •  Laurent Capelluto  •  Florence Loiret-Caille  •  Christian Kmiotek  •  Gregoire Bonnet  •  Eric Naggar  •  Hervé Falloux  •  Laurent D'Olce  •  Thomas Séraphine

    Journalist Denis Robert sparked a storm in the world of European finance by denouncing the murky operations of banking firm Clearstream. His quest to reveal the truth behind a secret world of shadowy multinational banking puts him in contact with an ever-expanding anti-corruption investigation carried out by Judge Renaud Van Ruymbeke.

  23. 23
    by Terence Davies • 2010 - 01h38
    Rachel Weisz  •  Tom Hiddleston  •  Simon Russell Beale  •  Ann Mitchell  •  Jolyon Coy  •  Karl Johnson  •  Harry Hadden-Paton  •  Sarah Kants  •  Barbara Jefford  •  Nicholas Amer  •  Oliver Ford Davies

    Hester Collyer (Rachel Weisz), a forty-year old woman, has left a privileged life with her husband, Sir William Collyer (Simon Russell Beale) in order to live with a young ex-RAF pilot, Freddie Page (Tom Hiddleston). But Hester and Freddie's relationship is characterised by drunken rows; though their love-life is passionate - they have little in common.

  24. 24
    by Claude Barras • 2015 - 01h06
    Gaspard Schlatter  •  Sixtine Murat  •  Paulin Jaccoud  •  Michel Vuillermoz  •  Paul Ribera  •  Estelle Hennard  •  Elliot Sanchez  •  Lou Wick

  25. 25
    Genesis 2.0 • by Christian Frei • 2018 - 01h53

  26. 26
    Mine Vaganti • by Ferzan Özpetek • 2010 - 01h50
    Riccardo Scamarcio  •  Nicole Grimaudo  •  Alessandro Preziosi  •  Carmine Recano  •  Ennio Fantastichini

    On his way home to Lecce from Rome, where he pretends to go to business school while he actually writes novel he hopes will one day be published, Tommaso decides to out himself to his rich family during a lunch to be attended by associates of his father, who runs a thriving pasta business. Just as he's about to reveal that he's gay, his brother pipes up with the same news...

  27. 27
    by Geneviève Lefebvre • 1986 - 01h30
    Guillemette Grobon  •  Alida Valli  •  Marie-Christine Barrault  •  Anna Miklas  •  Gilles Segal  •  Marie Pillet  •  Melissa Brown  •  Michel Favory  •  Julian Negulesco  •  Michel Siksik  •  Pierre Forget

    Three women must deal with the shifting of affections and romance in their lives, a shift that comes with new jealousies and commitments. The eldest, Bacha, has a deep relationship with young fashion designer Manuela, a relationship that comes into jeopardy when the beautiful Claude comes on the scene and threatens the bond between Bacha and Manuela.

  28. 28
    by Olivier Marchal • 2017 - 01h44
    Benoît Magimel  •  Idir Chender  •  Gringe  •  Laura Smet  •  Michaël Youn  •  Dani  •  Patrick Catalifo  •  Gérard Depardieu

    Danger of losing his business, Anthony Roca, an ordinary man, develops a scam that will become the heist of the century. Overtaken by the crime, he will have to deal with betrayal, murder and settling.

  29. 29
    by Jim Jarmusch • 2016 - 01h55
    Adam Driver  •  Golshifteh Farahani  •  Method Man  •  William Jackson Harper  •  Chasten Harmon  •  Barry Shabaka Henley  •  Rizwan Manji

  30. 30
    by Nadine Labaki • 2006 - 01h35
    Nadine Labaki  •  Yasmine Al Masri  •  Joanna Moukarzel  •  Gisèle Aouad  •  Siham Haddad  •  Aziza Semaan  •  Fatme Safa  •  Dimitri Stancofski  •  Fadia Stella  •  Ismaïl Antar

    Five women of different ages and religions regularly meet in a central Beirut beauty salon: a Muslim about to marry, a salon assistant who slowly discovers she has homosexual tendencies, an older woman having a hard time with menopause, an old lady who daydreams of memories of the French officer whom she loved, and the owner of the salon, who is having an affair with a married man.

  31. 31
    Schellen Ursli • by Xavier Koller • 2015 - 01h40
    Jonas Hartmann  •  Julia Jeker  •  Peter Jecklin  •  Herbert Leiser  •  Sarah Sophia Meyer  •  Laurin Michael  •  Leonardo Nigro

    The end of summer in the idyllic Engadine. Ursli helps out his parents who work hard in a mountain pasture. A deep friendship binds Ursli and Seraina, who, like him, spends the summer in a nearby house...

  32. 32
    by Robin Campillo • 2017 - 02h21
    Nahuel Perez Biscayart  •  Arnaud Valois  •  Adèle Haenel  •  Antoine Reinartz  •  Aloïse Sauvage

  33. 33
    by Antoine Raimbault • 2018 - 01h50
    Marina Foïs  •  Olivier Gourmet  •  Laurent Lucas  •  Jean Benguigui  •  François Fehner  •  François Caron  •  Philippe Dormoy  •  Armande Boulanger  •  Philippe Uchan  •  Jean-Claude Leguay  •  Steve Tientcheu

    Since Nora attended the trial of Jacques Viguier, accused of the murder of his wife, she has been convinced of his innocence. Fearing a miscarriage of justice, she convinced a tenor of the bar to defend him for his second trial on appeal.

  34. 34
    by Frank Pavich • 2013 - 01h25
    Alejandro Jodorowsky  •  H.R. Giger  •  Michel Seydoux  •  Amanda Lear  •  Dan O'Bannon  •  Nicolas Winding Refn

    The story of cult film director Alejandro Jodorowsky's ambitious but ultimately doomed film adaptation of the seminal science fiction novel. "Jodorowsky's Dune" is an account of a film that was never made despite all the love that its makers poured into it, yet somehow it's warm and inspirational: a call to arms for dreamers everywhere.

  35. 35
    by Claude Berri • 2007 - 01h37
    Audrey Tautou  •  Guillaume Canet  •  Laurent Stocker  •  Françoise Bertin  •  Alain Sachs

    The fates of four people come together as they get to know each other, fall in love and live under the same roof. They learn to find strength in numbers, that together they can shed their sorrows and doubts and make their dreams come true.

  36. 36
    by Cécilia Rouaud • 2018 - 01h38
    Vanessa Paradis  •  Camille Cottin  •  Pierre Deladonchamps  •  Jean-Pierre Bacri  •  Chantal Lauby  •  Claudette Walker  •  Marc Ruchmann  •  Laurent Capelluto  •  Jean Aviat  •  Émilie Cazenave  •  Guilaine Londez  •  Sandra Nkaké  •  Rio Vega  •  Sadio Niakate  •  Bérangère McNeese

    Gabrielle, Elsa et Mao are brother and sisters but do not hang out. Ever. Their parents Pierre and Claudine, separated for a long time, have really done nothing to strengthen the bonds of the family - yet, at their grandfather's funeral, they are going to have to meet, and together answer the question: "What to do with grandma?"

  37. 37
    by Xavier Dolan • 2013 - 02h20
    Anne Dorval  •  Suzanne Clément  •  Antoine-Olivier Pilon  •  Patrick Huard  •  Alexandre Goyette  •  Michèle Lituac  •  Viviane Pacal  •  Natalie Hamel-Roy

    After an incident in which he seriously wounds a friend, Steve is sent home from the correction center where he's been for a few years. The reunion with his mother Diane is stormy, and they clash brutally even as they both share an intense bond. Then they meet their neighbor Kyla, a former teacher, who is feeling suffocated by her family and helps the two find a balance… [out in VOD on 18/3/2015]

  38. 38
    Bis ans ende der Träume • by Wilfried Meichtry • 2017 - 01h22

    How do we live our dreams and ideals? Swiss travel journalist Katharina von Arx and French photographer Freddy Drilhon, who came closer during a journey through the South Seas in the 1950s, put their dreams above reality.

  39. 39
    Leviafan • by Andrei Zvyagintsev • 2014 - 02h21
    Alexeï Serebriakov  •  Elena Lyadova  •  Vladimir Vdovitchenkov  •  Roman Madianov  •  Anna Oukolova  •  Alexeï Rozine  •  Sergueï Pokhodaev  •  Sergey Bachurskiy

    In a Russian coastal town, Kolya is forced to fight the corrupt mayor when he is told that his house will be demolished. He recruits a lawyer friend to help, but the man's arrival brings further misfortune for Kolya and his family.

  40. 40
    by James Marsh • 2011 - 01h41
    Andrea Riseborough  •  Clive Owen  •  Aidan Gillen  •  Domhnall Gleeson  •  Brid Brennan  •  Stuart Graham  •  Martin McCann  •  Gillian Anderson  •  David Wilmot  •  Bradley Burke  •  David Kendellen  •  Jamie Scott

    Single mother Collette McVeigh is a Republican living in Belfast with her mother and hardliner IRA brothers. When she is arrested for her part in an aborted IRA bomb plot in London, an MI5 officer (Mac) offers her a choice: lose everything and go to prison for 25 years or return to Belfast to spy on her own family.

  41. 41
    by Arnaud Desplechin • 1990 - 00h57
    Emmanuelle Devos  •  Marianne Denicourt  •  Emmanuel Salinger  •  Thibault de Montalembert  •  Roch Leibovici  •  Laurence Côte  •  Nicolas Koretzky  •  Louis-Do de Lencquesaing  •  Hélène Roussel  •  Eric Bonicatto  •  Bernard Ballet  •  Elisabeth Maby  •  Suzanne Waters  •  Nita Klein  •  Suzel Goffre  •  Georges Rucki  •  André Cellier  •  Grégori Baquet  •  Laurent Schilling  •  Benoit Brione

    A family gathers in its provincial house as one of the cousin, Patrick, is between life and death after having attempted suicide. While Patrick is at the hospital, family and guests try to live together.

  42. 42
    Joel Basman  •  Nikki Rappl  •  Bastian Wurbs  •  Anna Unterberger

    Valentin is angry: bound to a wheelchair after a snowboarding accident, he seeks to avenge his fate by holding up a petrol station. Full of enthusiasm, the two "dumbheads" Lukas and Titus offer to serve as his accomplices. In the process, Valentin discovers that although his allies are indeed somewhat challenged, they are anything but daft – and true friends can actually pull off such a thing.

  43. 43
    by Abdellatif Kechiche • 2017 - 02h56
    Shaïn Boumedine  •  Ophélie Bau  •  Salim Kechiouche  •  Lou Luttiau  •  Alexia Chardard  •  Hafsia Herzi  •  Delinda Kechiche  •  Kamel Saadi  •  Hatika Karaoui  •  Meleinda Elasfour  •  Hamid Rahmi  •  Roméo de Lacour

    Amin, an aspiring screenwriter and photographer, returns to his hometown, a fishing village in the south of France, after living a year in Paris. He spends his time hopping from beach to beach and from bar to bar, finding his childhood friends and chasing new encounters.

  44. 44
    Wuthering Heights • by Andrea Arnold • 2011 - 02h09
    Kaya Scodelario  •  James Howson  •  Solomon Glave  •  Shannon Beer  •  Steve Evets  •  Oliver Milburn  •  Paul Hilton  •  Simone Jackson  •  Shawn Lee  •  Amy Wren  •  Nichola Burley  •  James Northcote  •  Jonny Powell  •  Paul Murphy  •  Eve Coverley  •  Emma Ropner  •  Michael Hughes

    A poor boy of unknown origins is rescued from poverty and taken in by the Earnshaw family where he develops an intense relationship with his young foster sister, Cathy. Based on the classic novel by Emily Bronte.

  45. 45
    by Arash T. Riahi • 2013 - 01h51

    Everyday Rebellion is a story about the richness of peaceful protest, acted out everyday by passionate people from Spain, Iran, Syria, Ukraine, USA, UK and Serbia. These methods are inventive, funny and sometimes even aggressive. And the activists of nonviolence are feared because they are rapidly changing the world and challenging dictatorships as well as global corporations.

  46. 46
    We feed the world • by Erwin Wagenhofer • 2005 - 01h36
    Peter Brabeck  •  Jean Ziegler  •  Karl Otrok

    People today have been sensitized to the issues and most want to know where the meat, fish, vegetables and fruit one their plates are coming from. Austrian documentary filmmaker Erwin Wagenhofer went in search of food from France and Spain to Romania, from Brazil to Switzerland.

  47. 47
    by Jean-Stéphane Bron • 2010 - 01h38

    On January 11th, 2008, hired by the City of Cleveland, lawyer Josh Cohen and his team filed a lawsuit against 21 banks, which they held accountable for the wave of foreclosures that had left their city in ruins. Since then, the bankers on Wall Street have been fighting by with all available means to avoid going to court…

  48. 48
    وهلّأ لوين؟ • by Nadine Labaki • 2011 - 01h50
    Claude Baz Moussawbaa  •  Leyla Hakim  •  Nadine Labaki  •  Ali Haidar  •  Antoinette Noufaily  •  Julian Farhat  •  Kevin Abboud  •  Yvonne Maalouf  •  Petra Saghbini  •  Mostafa Al Sakka  •  Sasseen Kawzally  •  Caroline Labaki  •  Anjo Rihane  •  Mohammad Akil  •  Gisèle Smeden

    Christians and Muslims lived peacefully together for years in this small Lebanese village, but animosities begin to build among the men as a result of slights and misunderstandings. The women of the village conspire to avert sectarian strife though a series of harebrained plans, none of which succeeds in slowing down the escalating spiral of violence.

  49. 49
    La famille Bélier • by Eric Lartigau • 2014 - 01h46
    Karin Viard  •  François Damiens  •  Louane Emera  •  Luca Gelberg  •  Eric Elmosnino  •  Roxane Duran  •  Ilian Bergala  •  Mar Sodupe  •  Stephan Wojtowicz

    The Béliers are ordinary people: Rodolphe and Gigi are married, have two children and run their farm for a living. Ordinary people? Well, almost... since three of them, Dad, Mum and their son Quentin, are deaf. Which is not the case of the boy's big sister, Paula. And not only can she speak but her music teacher scouts her beautiful voice as well.

  50. 50
    by Sophie Reine • 2016 - 01h38
    Gustave Kervern  •  Camille Cottin  •  Héloïse Dugas  •  Franck Gastambide  •  Fanie Zanini  •  Thomas Guy

  51. 51
    Freeheld • by Peter Sollett • 2015 - 01h43
    Julianne Moore  •  Ellen Page  •  Michael Shannon  •  Steve Carell  •  Luke Grimes  •  Gabriel Luna  •  Skipp Sudduth  •  Anthony DeSando  •  William Sadler  •  Josh Charles  •  Kevin O'Rourke  •  Tom McGowan  •  Dennis Boutsikaris  •  Adam LeFevre  •  Jeannine Kaspar  •  Mary Birdsong  •  Kelly Deadmon  •  Traci Hovel

  52. 52
    by Ursula Meier • 2007 - 01h37
    Isabelle Huppert  •  Olivier Gourmet  •  Madeleine Budd  •  Kacey Mottet Klein  •  Adélaïde Leroux

    A family live in a house next to an abandoned highway. They have been living for 10 years close to the highway and believe that it will not be used. One day without warning, construction workers begin to upgrade the road and the highway becomes open to traffic. Instead of leaving the house, they continue to live there. This becomes more complicated as the highway becomes increasingly used.

  53. 53
    by Pedro Almodóvar • 2005 - 02h01
    Penélope Cruz  •  Carmen Maura  •  Lola Dueñas  •  Blanca Portillo  •  Yohana Cobo  •  Chus Lampreave  •  Antonio de la Torre  •  Carlos Blanco  •  María Isabel Díaz  •  Neus Sanz

    Un soir en rentrant du travail, Raimunda tombe sur le cadavre de son mari, tué par leur fille alors qu'il essayait de la violer. Elle met tout en œuvre pour couvrir l'adolescente. Il faut d'abord trouver un endroit où mettre le corps... Prix d'interprétation à Cannes pour les six actrices principales du film.

  54. 54
    Hoje eu quero voltar sozinho • by Daniel Ribeiro • 2013 - 01h36
    Ghilherme Lobo  •  Fabio Audi  •  Tess Amorim  •  Lucia Romano  •  Eucir De Souza  •  Maria Selma Egrei  •  Isabella Guasco  •  Victor Filgueiras  •  Pedro Carvalho

    Leonardo is a blind teenager searching for independence. His everyday life, the relationship with his best friend, Giovana, and the way he sees the world change completely with the arrival of Gabriel.

  55. 55
    by Anne Fontaine • 2017 - 01h55
    Finnegan Oldfield  •  Grégory Gadebois  •  Vincent Macaigne  •  Catherine Salée  •  Jules Porier  •  Catherine Mouchet  •  Charles Berling  •  Isabelle Huppert  •  Sharif Andoura  •  India Hair  •  Luna Lou  •  Yannick Morzelle  •  Lorenzo Lefebvre

    Martin Clément, born Marvin Bijou, fled. He fled his little village in the Vosges. He fled his family, the tyranny of his father, the resignation of his mother. He fled the intolerance and rejection, the bullying to which he was exposed all that made him a "different" boy, to become an actor ...

  56. 56
    by Stephen Frears • 2006 - 01h43
    Helen Mirren  •  James Cromwell  •  Alex Jennings  •  Roger Allam  •  Sylvia Syms

    Diana the 'People's Princess' has died in a car accident in Paris. The Queen and her family decide that for the best, they should remain hidden behind the closed doors of Balmoral Castle. The heartbroken public do not understand and request that the Queen comforts her people. This also puts pressure on newly elected Tony Blair, who constantly tries to convince the monarchy to address the public.

  57. 57
    Die Letzte Chance • by Leopold Lindtberg • 1945 - 01h53
    Lazar Wechsler  •  Ewart G. Morrison  •  John Hoy  •  Ray Reagan  •  Luisa Rossi  •  Guiseppe Galeati  •  Romano Calò  •  Leopold Biberti  •  Sigfrit Steiner  •  Emil Gerber  •  Therese Giehse  •  Robert Schwarz  •  Germaine Tournier  •  Berthe Sakhnowsky

    Escaping a Nazi prison train in war-torn Italy, an American and a British soldier set out for the Swiss border and find themselves leading a multi-national party of refugees for the Italian underground.

  58. 58
    by Julie Bertuccelli • 2018 - 01h34
    Catherine Deneuve  •  Chiara Mastroianni  •  Alice Taglioni  •  Laure Calamy  •  Samir Guesmi  •  Olivier Rabourdin  •  Johan Leysen  •  Colomba Giovanni  •  Simon Thomas  •  Mona Goinard  •  Joseph Flammer

    In Verderonne, a small village in the Oise, it's the first day of summer and Claire Darling wakes up convinced to live her last day - She then decides to empty her house and brade everything without distinction, Tiffany lamps to the collection clock. The objects so loved echo her tragic and flamboyant life. This last madness brings back Mary, her daughter, whom she has not seen for 20 years.

  59. 59
    by Eva Husson • 2015 - 01h38
    Finnegan Oldfield  •  Marilyn Lima  •  Lorenzo Lefebvre  •  Daisy Broom  •  Fred Hotier

  60. 60
    Los Abrazos Rotos • by Pedro Almodóvar • 2009 - 02h07
    Penélope Cruz  •  Lluís Homar  •  Blanca Portillo  •  José Luis Gómez  •  Rubén Ochandiano  •  Tamar Novas  •  Ángela Molina

    Passion, obsession, wealth, jealousy, family, guilt, and creativity. In Madrid, Harry Caine is a blind screenwriter, assisted by Judit and her son Diego. The past comes rushing in when Harry learns of the death of Ernesto Martel, a wealthy businessman...