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  1. 01
    by Petra Volpe • 2016 - 01h36
    Marie Leuenberger  •  Max Simonischek  •  Bettina Stucky  •  Rachel Braunschweig  •  Sibylle Brunner  •  Marta Zoffoli

  2. 02
    Jean-Pierre Bacri  •  Gilles Lellouche  •  Eye Haidara  •  Jean-Paul Rouve  •  Vincent Macaigne  •  Benjamin Lavernhe  •  Suzanne Clément  •  Judith Chemla  •  William Lebghil  •  Kevin Azaïs

    The reception is to take place in a sumptuous 17th century leisure castle and its beautiful park and the music to be supplied by an excellent DJ. The rich arrogant bridegroom demands that everything go according to plan. Max assures him that will be the case but what he fails to tell him is that his team is not absolutely above reproach. For instance, Etienne, a second-rate entertainer...

  3. 03
    by Robert Guédiguian • 2017 - 01h47
    Ariane Ascaride  •  Jean-Pierre Darroussin  •  Gérard Meylan  •  Jacques Boudet  •  Anaïs Demoustier  •  Robinson Stévenin  •  Fred Ulysse  •  Diouc Koma  •  Yann Trégouët  •  Geneviève Mnich

  4. 04
    by Ursula Meier • 2007 - 01h37
    Isabelle Huppert  •  Olivier Gourmet  •  Madeleine Budd  •  Kacey Mottet Klein  •  Adélaïde Leroux

    A family live in a house next to an abandoned highway. They have been living for 10 years close to the highway and believe that it will not be used. One day without warning, construction workers begin to upgrade the road and the highway becomes open to traffic. Instead of leaving the house, they continue to live there. This becomes more complicated as the highway becomes increasingly used.

  5. 05
    by Albert Dupontel • 2017 - 01h57
    Nahuel Perez Biscayart  •  Albert Dupontel  •  Laurent Lafitte  •  Niels Arestrup  •  Héloïse Balster  •  Emilie Dequenne  •  Mélanie Thierry  •  Philippe Uchan  •  Michel Vuillermoz  •  Kyan Khojandi

    These two men have nothing in common but the war. Lieutenant Pradelle, by ordering a senseless assault, destroys their lives while binding them as companions in misfortune. On the ruins of the carnage of WWI, condemned to live, the two attempt to survive.

  6. 06
    by Emmanuel Finkiel • 2017 - 02h06
    Mélanie Thierry  •  Benoît Magimel  •  Benjamin Biolay  •  Shulamit Adar  •  Emmanuel Bourdieu  •  Gregoire Leprince-ringuet  •  Patrick Lizana  •  Anne-Lise Heimburger  •  Joanna Grudzinska

    His young wife Marguerite Duras, writer and resistant, is torn by the anguish of not having news of her and her secret affair with her comrade Dyonis. She meets a French agent working at the Gestapo, Pierre Rabier, and, ready to do anything to find her husband, puts himself to the test of an ambiguous relationship with this troubled man, only to be able to help him.

  7. 07
    by Jim Jarmusch • 2016 - 01h55
    Adam Driver  •  Golshifteh Farahani  •  Method Man  •  William Jackson Harper  •  Chasten Harmon  •  Barry Shabaka Henley  •  Rizwan Manji

  8. 08
    by Sou Abadi • 2017 - 01h38
    Félix Moati  •  Camélia Jordana  •  William Lebghil  •  Anne Alvaro  •  Oscar Copp  •  Laurent Delbecque

    The two are set to spend a few months in New York interning at the United Nations, but those plans quickly unravel when Leila's brother, Mahmoud, returns from an extended trip to the Middle East as a full-blown Islamist replete with beard, prayer beads and a desire to quell his sister's profane Western ways.

  9. 09
    by Philippe Falardeau • 2011 - 01h34
    Fellag  •  Sophie Nélisse  •  Émilien Néron  •  Danielle Proulx  •  Brigitte Poupart  •  Louis Champagne  •  Jules Philip  •  Francine Ruel  •  Sophie Sanscartier  •  Seddik Benslimane  •  Marie-eve Beauregard

    Bashir Lazhar, un immigrant algérien, est embauché pour remplacer une enseignante du primaire morte tragiquement. Alors que la classe amorce un long processus de guérison, personne à l'école ne soupçonne le passé douloureux de Bashir, qui risque l’expulsion du pays à tout moment.

  10. 10
    Sâdhu • by Gaël Métroz • 2012 - 01h30
    Suraj Baba

    In Hindi, Sâdhu means he who is in search of truth. To this end, the bespectacled sâdhu Suraj Baba has spent eight years at 3200 meters in a cave at the source of the Ganges. But peace is hard to find. And so he decides to go on a pilgrimage to Kumbhamela. He soon realizes he can't have anyone imposing a code of conduct on him. In search of himself, he makes his way to the sacred lakes...

  11. 11
    by Xavier Dolan • 2013 - 02h20
    Anne Dorval  •  Suzanne Clément  •  Antoine-Olivier Pilon  •  Patrick Huard  •  Alexandre Goyette  •  Michèle Lituac  •  Viviane Pacal  •  Natalie Hamel-Roy

    After an incident in which he seriously wounds a friend, Steve is sent home from the correction center where he's been for a few years. The reunion with his mother Diane is stormy, and they clash brutally even as they both share an intense bond. Then they meet their neighbor Kyla, a former teacher, who is feeling suffocated by her family and helps the two find a balance… [out in VOD on 18/3/2015]

  12. 12
    Paula - Mein Leben soll ein Fest sein • by Christian Schwochow • 2016 - 02h03
    Carla Juri  •  Albrecht Schuch  •  Roxane Duran  •  Joel Basman  •  Stanley Weber

  13. 13
    by Lucien Jean-Baptiste • 2016 - 01h35
    Lucien Jean-Baptiste  •  Aïssa Maïga  •  Zabou Breitman  •  Vincent Elbaz  •  Delphine Théodore  •  Marie-Sohna Condé  •  Bass Dhem  •  Marius Benchenafi

    There is only one thing left to complete the happiness of Paul and Sali: a child. Because they can’t have one of their own, they take steps to adopt. After a long wait, the couple learns that their request has finally been approved and that a baby is waiting for them: Benjamin, 6 months old, white, blond, with blue eyes.

  14. 14
    by Woody Allen • 2017 - 01h41
    Jim Belushi  •  Juno Temple  •  Kate Winslet  •  Justin Timberlake  •  Max Casella  •  Jack Gore  •  David Krumholtz  •  Robert C. Kirk  •  Tommy Nohilly  •  Tony Sirico  •  Steven R. Schirripa

  15. 15
    by Raoul Peck • 2017 - 01h58
    August Diehl  •  Vicky Krieps  •  Stefan Konarske  •  Olivier Gourmet  •  Alexander Scheer  •  Hannah Steele  •  Hans-Uwe Bauer  •  Michael Brandner  •  Ivan Franek

    26 year-old Karl Marx embarks with his wife, Jenny, on the road to exile. In 1844 Paris, he meets Friedrich Engels, an industrialist's son, who investigated the sordid birth of the British working-class. Engels, the dandy, provides the last piece of the puzzle to the young Karl Marx's new vision of the world. Together, between censorship and the police's repression, riots and political upheavals..

  16. 16
    by Ursula Meier • 2011 - 01h37
    Léa Seydoux  •  Kacey Mottet Klein  •  Martin Compston  •  Gillian Anderson  •  Jean-François Stévenin  •  Yann Trégouët  •  Gabin Lefebvre  •  Dilon Ademi

    Simon lives in a luxury Swiss ski resort. While his older sister drifts in and out of jobs and relationships, Simon tries to provide for the two of them. Every day, he takes the lift up to the opulent ski world above, stealing equipment from rich tourists to resell to the local kids down in the valley. Things get complicated when he forms a partnership with a crooked British seasonal worker ...

  17. 17
    by Michele Placido • 2009 - 01h45
    Riccardo Scamarcio  •  Jasmine Trinca  •  Laura Morante  •  Michele Placido  •  Luca Argentero  •  Massimo Popolizio  •  Alessandra Acciai  •  Marco Iermanò  •  Marco Brenno  •  Federica Vincenti  •  Dajana Roncione

    1968, Rome. Pendant la révolte des étudiants, un policier, passionné de théâtre, accepte d’infiltrer sous couverture de révolutionnaire le mouvement contestataire. Il tombe alors amoureux de Laura, une jeune étudiante idéaliste.

  18. 18
    by Gaël Métroz • 2009 - 00h53

    At the Pakistan-Afghan border, the last pagan Kalash 3000 live surrounded by the Muslim community and the Afghan refugees. Among them, Najiba, a young woman must choose between converting to Islam, joining the modern world or enabling her tradition to continue.

  19. 19
    Jagten • by Thomas Vinterberg • 2011 - 01h51
    Mads Mikkelsen  •  Thomas Bo Larsen  •  Annika Wedderkopp  •  Lasse Fogelstrøm  •  Susse Wold  •  Anne-Louise Hassing  •  Lars Ranthe  •  Alexandra Rapaport  •  Ole Dupont  •  Katrine Brygmann  •  Daniel Engstrup  •  Thomas Vinterberg

    The Hunt is a Danish drama with Mads Mikkelsen. The story is set in a Danish village, and follows a man who becomes the target of mass hysteria after being wrongly accused of sexually assaulting a child. The film competed at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival where Mikkelsen won the Best Actor Award.The film has been selected as the Danish entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards.

  20. 20
    by Nicole Garcia • 2016 - 01h56
    Marion Cotillard  •  Louis Garrel  •  Alex Brendemühl  •  Brigitte Roüan  •  Victoire du Bois  •  Aloïse Sauvage

  21. 21
    by Nicolas Philibert • 2002 - 01h39

    In filming the day-to-day life of a village school master - at once moving and difficult - from a village in the Auverge region, film director Nicolas Philibert has presented the public with a remarkable and moving documentary which, for once, makes us want to return to school.

  22. 22
    by Lionel Baier • 2008 - 01h29
    Robin Harsch  •  Natacha Koutchoumov  •  Elodie Weber  •  Georges-Henri Dépraz  •  Brigitte Jordan  •  Olivia Csiky Trnka  •  Bulle Ogier  •  Ursula Meier

    Psychological drama about a young, inexperienced film reviewer who falls for the charms of a well-established female colleague. A challenging look at the essence of film critique as well as an erotic encounter between two unequals.

  23. 23
    by Catherine Breillat • 1979 - 01h34
    Dominique Laffin  •  Joe Dallesandro  •  Bertrand Bonvoisin  •  Marie-Hélène Breillat  •  Gérard Lanvin  •  Bruno Devoldere  •  Dominique Basquin  •  Hubert Drac  •  Anouk Grinberg

    Solange, une jeune femme de 25 ans, metteur en scène et mère d'une petite fille, vit avec son mari avec qui elle ne fait plus l'amour qu'épisodiquement. Bien que très attachée par ailleurs à un acteur bisexuel, elle continue à multiplier les expériences amoureuses, refusant délibérément les conventions de l'âge adulte, et préférant une vie faite d'aventures sans lendemain...

  24. 24
    The Sea Of Trees • by Gus Van Sant • 2015 - 01h50
    Matthew McConaughey  •  Ken Watanabe  •  Naomi Watts  •  Katie Aselton  •  Jordan Gavaris  •  James Saito

    Arthur Brennan treks into Aokigahara, known as The Sea of Trees, a mysterious dense forest at the base of Japan's Mount Fuji where people go to commit suicide. On his journey to the suicide forest, he encounters Takumi Nakamura, a Japanese man who has lost his way after attempting suicide.

  25. 25
  26. 26
    Mine Vaganti • by Ferzan Ozpetek • 2010 - 01h50
    Riccardo Scamarcio  •  Nicole Grimaudo  •  Alessandro Preziosi  •  Carmine Recano  •  Ennio Fantastichini

    On his way home to Lecce from Rome, where he pretends to go to business school while he actually writes novel he hopes will one day be published, Tommaso decides to out himself to his rich family during a lunch to be attended by associates of his father, who runs a thriving pasta business. Just as he's about to reveal that he's gay, his brother pipes up with the same news...

  27. 27
    More Than Honey • by Markus Imhoof • 2011 - 01h31
    Fred Jaggi  •  Randolf Menzel  •  Fred Terry  •  Boris Baer  •  Joseph MacIlvaine  •  André Maritz  •  Robert Schneider  •  Eric Robinson  •  Elisabeth Schild  •  Tiffany Bate  •  Rodolfo Jaffe  •  Liane Singer  •  Heidrun Singer  •  John Miller  •  Zhao Su Zhang  •  Layne Pauly

    From a small beehive in the Swiss Alps to the huge almond fields tended by an agribusinessman in California (to whose ears the buzzing of bees is “like the sound of freshly printed money”), everyone is concerned by the decline in the population of hives. Which is why Markus Imhoof, grandson of a bee keeper, traveled around the globe with camera in hand.

  28. 28
    Paradies: Glaube • by Ulrich Seidl • 2012 - 01h55
    Maria Hofstätter  •  Natalya Baranova  •  Rene Rupnik  •  Daniel Hoesl  •  Dieter Masur  •  Trude Masur

    Anna Maria is a middle-aged Austrian woman. She doesn't feel alone; she has Jesus; she loves Jesus. She tries door to door, to bring God to the poor neighborhoods, which are occupied mostly by immigrants. Although her faith is strong, it is going to be challenged back home. Her crippled Muslim husband is back and demands a share of her love, who offers gladly only to Jesus.

  29. 29
    by , Bruno Bontzolakis • 2002 - 01h30
    Sarah Grappin  •  Manuel Blanc  •  Jean-Luc Bideau  •  Clovis Cornillac  •  Dominique Baeyens  •  Frédéric Videau  •  Nicolas Ducron

    Delphine a 25 ans. Elle est passionnée de natation et prépare avec engouement et assiduité son diplôme de maître nageur. Elle aime Laurent et vit avec lui chez le père de ce dernier, dans la Drôme Provençale. Au cours d'une compétition, elle rencontre David dont elle tombe amoureuse. Ce dernier obtient une mutation à Montélimar, où vit Delphine, pour se rapprocher d'elle...

  30. 30
    by Michel Leclerc • 2005 - 01h28
    Kad Merad  •  Elsa Zylberstein  •  Claude Brasseur  •  Patrick Chesnais  •  Lise Lamétrie  •  Vinciane Millereau  •  Jocelyne Desverchère  •  Sara Martins  •  Liliane Rovère  •  Husky Kihal  •  Jean-Pierre Monnier  •  Isabelle Petit-Jacques  •  François Toumarkine

    Paul is a dreamer, which does not help his situation at home. One day, Paul stumbles into an idea about a product he wants to patent. Not having the money for the registration, he turns into his father-in-law, who sees the possible profit from the production and marketing of the holder for grocery bags, which unknown to him, has already been in the market...

  31. 31
    Z'Alp • by • 2013 - 01h42

    Thomas Rickenmann’s documentary travels to the Alps to follow three families as they go through their summer rituals and traditions, the grueling climb up to the alps with their livestock and equipment to work the land, to make cheese and feed their cattle.

  32. 32
    by Mohamed Hamidi • 2015 - 01h31
    Fatsah Bouyahmed  •  Lambert Wilson  •  Jamel Debbouze  •  Julia Piaton  •  Hajar Masdouki  •  Abdellah Chakiri  •  Amal El Atrache  •  Miloud Khetib  •  Christian Ameri  •  Karina Marimon  •  Patrice Thibaud

    In a small village in Algeria, Fatah dreams of only one thing: going to the International Agriculture Show in Paris to show his cow Jacqueline there. After years of applying, Fatah is finally invited to attend the event and he convinces his village to help finance the trip.

  33. 33
    Révolution Silencieuse • by Lila Ribi • 2016 - 01h32

  34. 34
    by , Bettina Oberli • 2013 - 01h31
    Annemarie Düringer  •  Stefan Kurt  •  Nina Proll  •  Stanley Townsend

    André, obsessed with his mother's well-being, can't break away from her even as he falls for Steffi, the pretty saleswomen at the local sausage van. Charming scam artist Bill arrives from the States and wins over Louise as he starts to call her “mom”...

  35. 35
    La famille Bélier • by Eric Lartigau • 2014 - 01h46
    Karin Viard  •  François Damiens  •  Louane Emera  •  Luca Gelberg  •  Eric Elmosnino  •  Roxane Duran  •  Ilian Bergala  •  Mar Sodupe  •  Stephan Wojtowicz

    The Béliers are ordinary people: Rodolphe and Gigi are married, have two children and run their farm for a living. Ordinary people? Well, almost... since three of them, Dad, Mum and their son Quentin, are deaf. Which is not the case of the boy's big sister, Paula. And not only can she speak but her music teacher scouts her beautiful voice as well.

  36. 36
    Wadjda • by Haifaa Al-Mansour • 2012 - 01h38
    Waad Mohammed  •  Reem Abdullah  •  Abdullrahman Al Gohani  •  Ahd  •  Sultan Al Assaf  •  Alanoud Sajini  •  Rafa Al Sanea  •  Dana Abdullilah  •  Rehab Ahmed  •  Mohammed Albahry  •  Mariam Alghamdi  •  Ali Algorbani  •  Sara Aljaber  •  Mohammed Alkhozain  •  Mariam Alkhozaim  •  Ibrahim Almozael  •  Saud Alotibi  •  Faoziah Alyaaqop  •  Noura Faisal  •  Sami Hazim  •  Talal Loay  •  Ahmad Noman  •  Saud Olojayvan  •  Nouf Saad  •  Alanoud Sajini  •  Dima Sajini  •  Tahany Yusef  •  Mohammed Zahir

    Every day Wadjda passes a toy store window showing a beautiful green bicycle. Although it is forbidden for girls to ride bicycles, Wadja concocts a plan to earn enough money to afford the bike. She takes part in a Koran competition and with her slyness and cunning mind she tries to find a way to rise above her fellow competitors to make her most cherished dream come true... the green bicycle.

  37. 37
    by Coline Serreau • 1985 - 01h40
    Michel Boujenah  •  André Dussollier  •  Roland Giraud  •  Marthe Villalonga  •  Dominique Lavanant  •  Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu  •  Annick Alane  •  Mathé Souverbie  •  Cécile Vassort  •  Gabriel Jabbour  •  Marianne Basler  •  Christian Bouillette  •  Gilles Cohen  •  Josine Comellas

    "Un copain déposera un colis et passera le reprendre plus tard". Tel est le message laissé par Jacques, avant son départ pour le Japon, à ses deux compères Pierre et Michel avec lesquels il partage un luxueux appartement. Comme prévu, le colis arrive et à la stupéfaction générale, il s'agit d'un bébé... Adieu liberté et aventures sans lendemain.

  38. 38
    by Oliver Stone • 2016 - 02h15
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt  •  Melissa Leo  •  Nicolas Cage  •  Rhys Ifans  •  Tom Wilkinson  •  Shailene Woodley  •  Zachary Quinto  •  Timothy Olyphant

  39. 39
    La Giovinezza • by Paolo Sorrentino • 2015 - 01h58
    Michael Caine  •  Harvey Keitel  •  Rachel Weisz  •  Ed Stoppard  •  Paul Dano  •  Jane Fonda

  40. 40
    by Gérard Pautonnier • 2016 - 01h26
    Jean-Pierre Bacri  •  Arthur Dupont  •  Olivier Gourmet  •  Feodor Atkine  •  Marie Berto  •  Philippe Duquesne  •  Sam Karmann  •  Alix Bekaert  •  Clara Bekaert  •  Françoise Oriane  •  Simon André  •  Wim Willaert

    Looking at that lonely street in that Godforsaken town lost in the middle of nowhere, you would not say this is Christmas. Of course it is snowy and the cold is biting but where is the joy of Yule? Not in the Chinese restaurant where the (non Asian) owner keeps serving sake to the local barfly and to two or three other loners pretending to feel fine.

  41. 41
    by Mohammed Soudani • 2014 - 01h30
    Fausto Sciarappa  •  Giorgia Würth  •  Carlos Leal  •  Ignazio Oliva  •  Leonardo Nigro  •  Diego Gaffuri  •  Simona Bernasconi  •  Gaia Parisi  •  Roberta Fossile  •  David Frizzo  •  Giuseppe Stanga  •  Yari Copt  •  Vito Gravante  •  Massimiliano Zampetti  •  Enzo Scanzi

    Inspired by real events which took place in Ticino in the early 2000s, Oro Verde is the story of Mario and his seedy gang, who are considering the heist of the century: stealing a huge quantity of cannabis which was confiscated by the police and stashed in a military warehouse, leaving ordinary hay in its place. They hope the plan will turn their lives around…

  42. 42
    The Silver Linings Playbook • by David O Russell • 2012 - 02h02
    Bradley Cooper  •  Jennifer Lawrence  •  Robert De Niro  •  Jacki Weaver  •  Chris Tucker  •  Anupam Kher  •  John Ortiz  •  Shea Whigham  •  Julia Stiles

    After a stint in a mental institution, former teacher Pat Solitano moves back in with his parents and tries to reconcile with his ex-wife. Things get more challenging when Pat meets Tiffany, a mysterious girl with problems of her own.

  43. 43
    by Valérie Lemercier • 2016 - 01h35
    Valérie Lemercier  •  Patrick Timsit  •  Hélène Vincent  •  Philippe Laudenbach  •  Denis Podalydès  •  Nadège Beausson-Diagne  •  Marie Petiot  •  Anna Lemarchand

  44. 44
    by Josiane Balasko • 1995 - 01h44
    Victoria Abril  •  Josiane Balasko  •  Alain Chabat  •  Catherine Hiegel  •  Ticky Holgado

    Laurent is the local estate agent, a job that offers easy opportunties for his womanising. His wife beautiful wife Loli looks after his home and two children unaware of his many affairs. However, their world is turned upside down by the arrival of Marijo, an itinerant lesbian whose minivan breaks down nearby.

  45. 45
    All Good Things • by Andrew Jarecki • 2010 - 01h37
    Ryan Gosling  •  Kirsten Dunst  •  Frank Langella  •  Philip Baker Hall  •  Lily Rabe  •  Diane Venora  •  Kristen Wiig

    A love story and murder mystery based on the most notorious unsolved murder case in New York history. The original screenplay uses newly discovered facts, court records and speculation as the foundation for a story of family, obsession, love and loss.

  46. 46
    by Paco León • 2016 - 01h42
    Natalia de Molina  •  Álex García  •  Candela Peña

    Under Madrid's scorching summer sun, ordinary couples with real passion and the unquenchable desire to love and be loved, share the same irrepressible urge to investigate their own sexuality through five intertwined stories.

  47. 47
    Anna Bäbi Jowäger • by , Franz Schnyder • 1960 - 02h00
    Margrit Winter  •  Ruedi Walter  •  Margrit Rainer  •  Peter Brogle

    Die resolute Bäuerin Anne Bäbi Jowäger hat einen Hang zum Okkulten. Als ihr Sohn Jakobli schwer erkrankt und um sein Augenlicht fürchten muss, besorgt sie sich beim Wunderheiler Vehhansli ein Elixir, anstatt den richtigen Doktor zu holen.

  48. 48
    Una Mujer Fantástica • by Sebastián Lelio • 2016 - 01h44
    Daniela Vega  •  Francisco Reyes  •  Luis Gnecco  •  Aline Küppenheim  •  Nicolás Saavedra  •  Amparo Noguera  •  Trinidad González  •  Alejandro Goic  •  Nestor Cantillana  •  Antonia Zegers  •  Sergio Hernández

  49. 49
    Searching for Sugar Man • by Malik Bendjelloul • 2011 - 01h26
    Sixto Rodriguez  •  Stephen 'Sugar' Segerman  •  Clarence Avant  •  Willem Möller

    In the early 70s, Sixto Rodriguez was a Detroit folksinger who had a short-lived recording career with only two well received but non-selling albums. Unknown to Rodriguez, his musical story continued in South Africa where he became a pop music icon and inspiration for generations. Long rumored there to be dead by suicide, a few fans in the 1990s decided to seek out the truth of their hero's fate.

  50. 50
    by Raymond Depardon • 2016 - 01h27

    By French law, anyone admitted into the hospital without their consent must be seen by a judge within 12 days. That judge must decide whether these psychiatric hospital patients can be allowed back into society.

  51. 51
    L'Expérience Blocher • by Jean-Stéphane Bron • 2013 - 01h40
    Christoph Blocher

    Fall 2011. Christoph Blocher is on the campaign trail, working toward a victory for his rightwing. The story of Switzerland’s most controversial political leader. It also chronicles the face-to-face encounter between a filmmaker and a man of power, through a year of exclusive, up-close interviews and access to his private life.

  52. 52
    by Pedro Almodóvar • 2013 - 01h30
    Antonio Banderas  •  Penélope Cruz  •  Antonio de la Torre  •  Carlos Areces  •  Javier Cámara  •  Miguel Ángel Silvestre  •  Hugo Silva  •  Marie-Françoise Hans

    A technical failure has endangered the lives of the people on board Peninsula Flight 2549. The flight attendants and the chief steward are atypical, baroque characters who, in the face of danger, try to forget their own personal problems and devote themselves body and soul to the task of making the flight as enjoyable as possible for the passengers, while they wait for a solution.

  53. 53
    Dabba • by Ritesh Batra • 2012 - 01h44
    Irrfan Khan  •  Nimrat Kaur  •  Nawazuddin Siddiqui  •  Denzil Smith  •  Bharati Achrekar  •  Nakul Vaid  •  Yashvi Puneet Nagar  •  Lillete Dubey

    A mistaken delivery in Mumbai's famously efficient lunchbox delivery system connects a young housewife to an older man in the dusk of his life as they build a fantasy world together through notes in the lunchbox.

  54. 54
    by Tonie Marshall • 2017 - 01h50
    Emmanuelle Devos  •  Suzanne Clément  •  Richard Berry  •  Benjamin Biolay  •  Sami Frey  •  Francine Bergé  •  Anne Azoulay  •  John Lynch  •  Bernard Verley  •  Jérôme Deschamps

    A high executive is asked if she'd like to be the first female CEO in a water company, ruled by the government. But she'll not be the only one running for the job. She'll face some hard and dirty competition.

  55. 55
    by Todd Haynes • 2015 - 01h58
    Cate Blanchett  •  Rooney Mara  •  Kyle Chandler  •  Jake Lacy  •  Sarah Paulson

    In an adaptation of Patricia Highsmith's seminal novel The Price of Salt, "Carol" follows two women from very different backgrounds who find themselves in an unexpected love affair in 1950s New York. As conventional norms of the time challenge their undeniable attraction, an honest story emerges to reveal the resilience of the heart in the face of change.

  56. 56
    by Julie Delpy • 2015 - 01h49
    Julie Delpy  •  Dany Boon  •  Vincent Lacoste  •  Karin Viard

  57. 57
    by Anne Le Ny • 2017 - 01h30
    Miou-Miou  •  Julia Piaton  •  Baptiste Lecaplain  •  Margot Bancilhon  •  Alice Belaïdi  •  Yannick Landrein  •  Anémone  •  François Morel

  58. 58
    Un cuento chino • by Sebastián Borensztein • 2011 - 01h33
    Ricardo Darín  •  Ignacio Huang  •  Muriel Santa Ana  •  Enric Cambray  •  Iván Romanelli  •  Vivian El Jaber  •  Javier Pinto

    In China, Jun watches his fiancé die in front of him, crushed by a horse fallen from the sky. On the other side of the world in Buenos Aires, Roberto, an anal retentive hardware store owner who lives a very ordered life, loves to collect strange stories from the newspapers

  59. 59
    by Rémi Chayé • 2015 - 01h20
    Christa Théret  •  Feodor Atkine  •  Thomas Sagols  •  Rémi Caillebot  •  Audrey Sable  •  Fabien Briche  •  Bruno Magne

  60. 60
    by Eric Lavaine • 2015 - 01h37
    Josiane Balasko  •  Alexandra Lamy  •  Mathilde Seigner  •  Philippe Lefebvre  •  Jérôme Commandeur  •  Cécile Rebboah  •  Didier Flamand