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United Kingdom

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Chris is a caravan fan and aspiring writer who takes his girlfriend Tina on a road trip, much to the chagrin of Tina's mother, who has never forgiven Tina for the death of their dog "Poppy". At their first stop, a tramway museum (filmed at Crich Tramway Village, the home of the National Tramway Museum), Chris confronts a man who is littering, and the man refuses to pick up his rubbish. When they get back to their car, Chris runs him over and kills him, which upsets the couple but they continue onward on their trip. Chris claims that the death was an accident, but his smirk—visible to the camera but not to Tina—in the immediate aftermath makes it clear it was deliberate.
Themes Funny , Fiction , Black humour , Confusion , Travel
Year of production 2012
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