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Michel Viala, le bruit de mon silence
Michel Viala, le bruit de mon silence

Comedy, Romance


Switzerland, France

Running time


Michel Viala is one of the most well-known living authors from French-speaking Switzerland who has strongly influenced its literature, theatre, and film. Viala is an author, actor and painter and has worked as co-screenwriter on the film “L’invitation” by Claude Goretta. His career is impressive. Although he has constantly had to fight against his demons, alcohol, the street and the Legion, he has always emerged miraculously from the depths into which he had sunk. Viala’s work is unclassifiable, free, disturbing. In the chaos of his current crises, it acquires a new energy.
Themes Money , Crime , Funny , Cops and robbers , Mountains , Nature , Encounter , Romance , On the road
Year of production 2012
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Michel Viala, le bruit de mon silence