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Madame Bovary

United Kingdom

Running time


In mid-1800s Normandy, France, farmer's daughter Emma leaves the convent where she was educated and marries a young doctor, Charles Bovary. With high hopes for a fulfilling and romantic future like the ones she reads about in novels, Emma leaves her childhood home and loving father, moving to the small town of Yonville where Charles has based his practice. While Charles loves his new wife, he is consumed by his work and is out of the house all day visiting patients. During their brief daily time together, Emma is bored and repulsed by his talk of ailments and dull business affairs, and Charles is all but oblivious to her ennui. Emma soon befriends a young clerk, Leon Dupuis, who shares her romantic frame of mind and disdain for provincial Yonville...
Themes Female director , Couple , Womanhood , Loosing oneself
Year of production 2014
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Madame Bovary