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Le Grand Chemin
Le Grand Chemin




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It’s the summer of 1959, and for nine-year-old Louis, (Antoine Hubert), it hasn’t got off to the best of starts. While his mother goes through the last stages of her pregnancy, Louis is left in the care of family friends, Pelo (Richard Bohringer) and Marcelle (Anémone), a couple who’s relationship has been gradually breaking down since the death of their son. Torn between both of them, Pelo with his tenderness that’s slightly rough around the edges, and Marcelle’s love that’s full of frustration, Louis starts to learn his first hard truths about adult life. Confused as to how he’s supposed to fit in with two emotionally unstable people, he finds a sense of normality and a way to live through it with Martine, (Vanessa Guedj), the ten-year- old girl who lives next door.
Year of production 1986
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Le Grand Chemin