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La Grande Bellezza
La grande bellezza

Comedy, Drama, Romance



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As a writer known for one book he wrote several decades ago, Jep Gambardella makes a living writing art reviews for a cultural magazine. He drags his cynicism and misanthropy around with him through the deserted streets of Rome at night, returning home in the small hours after sumptuously decadent parties given by a crowd of rich people, who serially try to outdo one another by upping the finery each time. Appreciated for his charm and quick wit, he lives for the parties but can't stand the life in between, haunted as he is by memories of his first love, who he finds out has disappeared...
Themes Abandonment , Alcohol , Friendship , Money , Artist , Change , Fall , Cinema , Italian-style comedy , Funny , Womanhood , Fiction , Madness , Lost illusions , Crisis , Italy , Metamorphosis , Night , Dream , Repertory , Everyday neuroses , Politics , Quest for identity , Religion , Reunion , Seduction , Loosing oneself , Sex , Memories , City
Year of production 2012
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La Grande Bellezza