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Kalash - the last infidels of Pakistan
Kalash - the last infidels of Pakistan



Switzerland, Pakistan

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In a remote valley at the Pakistan-Afghan border, the last three thousand pagan Kalash live surrounded by the Muslim community and the Afghan refugees. At the announcement of the winter solstice, they pray, sing and dance for the rebirth of the seasons and their culture. Among them, the young Najiba realizes she has become a woman and starts to be aware of the increasing dangers that threaten her community. This spring, the Taliban have passed the gates of her village. As she leaves her carefree childhood behind, Najiba is at the turning point of Kalash history. She must choose between converting to Islam, embracing the modern world or allowing her traditions to continue. With this choice, her generation could put an end to the eternal return of the seasons, for so long sanctified by the Kalash.
Themes Education , Childhood , Manifesto , Exile , Family , Womanhood , Immigration , Islam , Justice , Freedom , Religion
Year of production 2009
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Kalash - the last infidels of Pakistan