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Ill Manors
Ill Manors
by Ben Drew (2012)



United Kingdom

Running time


In a city controlled by guns, gangs and the illegal drug trade, an unseen war is raging. It is a turf war fought between rival dealers and the city’s armed police units as they battle to clean up the blood-filled streets. As the pavements become a battleground, one man tries to break the cycle of violence but ends up going head to head with some of the most vicious criminals that inhabit this brutal underworld. Gripping, bullet-paced and utterly unmissable, the incendiary new film from Ben Drew is a breathtaking thrill ride that will blow you away.
Themes Gang , Housing projects , Crime , Intertwined lives , Drugs , Cops and robbers , Youth , Crisis , Fight
Year of production 2012
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Ill Manors