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Rust and Bone
De rouille et d'os

Drama, Romance


Belgium, France

Running time


Ali, an unemployed father in his mid 20s, arrives in Antibes, southern France, to look for work to support his young son, Sam. Ali gets a job as a bouncer in a nightclub but still keeps his passion burning for kick boxing. On a usual evening in the night club, Ali meets Stéphanie Ménochet and escorts her safely to her home after she is injured in a brawl at the club. She works at a local marine tourist park where she suffers a tragic accident during a show and wakes up in the hospital to realize that her legs have been amputated. Ali meets a guy at work who informs him about a kick boxing fixture he can make money from. Stéphanie, now in a wheelchair, is terminally depressed and gives Ali a call. Over a period of time, Ali and Stéphanie spend a lot of time together and get involved in casual sex every now and then, while Ali hooks up with other women as well, being honest about it with Stéphanie. Stéphanie starts to accompany Ali to the kick boxing matches and a symbiosis forms between them.
Themes Actor/Actress , Money , Belgium , Couple , Intertwined lives , Childhood , Womanhood , Lost illusions , Intimacy , Fight , Sex , Sport
Year of production 2012
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Rust and Bone