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Brief Reunion

Drama, Thriller


United States

Running time


Aaron Clark's comfortable life in the bucolic New England countryside is shattered by the unexpected arrival of former classmate Teddy who accuses him of business improprieties and cover-ups, with unforeseen consequences. Be careful who you let play in your virtual sandbox – even if they’re old friends. Aaron Clark has it all: financial security, a beautiful wife, and a close-knit circle of old friends. But this cozy life is shattered by the arrival of Teddy, former classmate and proverbial snake. Teddy worms his way back into their lives, ‘befriends’ Aaron’s wife and hijacks Aaron’s 40th birthday surprise. He systematically stalks them — at home, at work, and in cyberspace. Bitter over Aaron’s success, Teddy pries into his business affairs and hints at improprieties, threatening extortion and revenge. He relentlessly pushes, until Aaron snaps. And suddenly the question on everyone’s mind: Is Aaron really the man he appears to be? Or is it true that “Nobody really knows anybody, least of all themselves?” This deep, dark question goes at the heart of human nature, and in Brief Reunion, finds some disturbing and even fatal answers.
Themes Shelter , Ambiguity , Friendship , Learning , Money , Gang , Rural life , Change , Fall , Confessions , Couple , Crime , Intertwined lives , Ripple effect , Childhood , Togetherness , Summer , Strange , Exile , Family , Womanhood , Fiction , Madness , Forest , Brother , Lost illusions , Worry , Intimacy , Youth , Justice , Absurd , Crisis , Wealth , Psychology , Social , Freedom , Fight , Manipulation , Lies , Nature , Obsession , Everyday neuroses , Province , Everyday life , Encounter , Homecoming , Reunion , Romance , Secrets , Separation , Loosing oneself , Making mistakes , Memories , Suspense , Taboo , Betrayal , Transformation , Confusion , Revenge , Car
Year of production 2011
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Brief Reunion