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Beautiful Bitch
Beautiful Bitch




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Enticed into Germany by a corrupt ex-policeman under the promise that she will earn the money needed to help out her younger brother, a Bucharest teen becomes hopelessly entangled with a young group of pickpockets in this downbeat drama from director Martin-Theo Krieger. Bica is a fifteen year old girl who is better known on the streets by the nickname "Bitch." Approached by crooked former lawman named Cristu with an offer to raise the money her family so desperately needs, Bica travels to Germany only to discover that she will not be working a legitimate job, but instead inducted into a clandestine pickpocketing organization. One day, while out on the rounds, Bica meets friendly teenager Milka and begins to ponder what it might be like to live a "normal" life. When Cristu discovers that his latest catch might be gravitating away from a life of crime, however, he quickly resorts to violence as a means of controlling the frightened young Bica.
Year of production 2007
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Beautiful Bitch